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Serpstat Black Friday Deal 2024→{Get 40% OFF on All Plans Will Be Live Soon}

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Serpstat is offering a huge discount this year. From Black Friday to White Christmas, you can grab the biggest discount of the year.

This year they are offering a 40% discount on all plans! Grab the deal before it ends!

Serpstat Black Friday Sale at a glance:

  • Deal type: Black Friday/White Christmas
  • Discount: 40%
  • Coupon code: Not required
  • Deal time: Live till 17th December 2024

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What is Serpstat?

Serpstat Black Friday Deal

Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO tool that lets you perform competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit tools, rank tracking, clustering, and more.

This SEO tool is used by marketers, agencies, SaaS companies, eCommerce brands, and other business owners to increase their search engine visibility.

There is a large database used by SerpStat. Keywords with long tails / low volume tend to be less competitive. This tool outperforms the majority of other tools and is also cheaper than best-in-class options like AHREF and SemRush. The competitive analysis provided by SerpStat is also excellent.

There are various SEO tools provided by SERP, including SEO on-site and off-site, keyword research, competition analysis, and other SEO-related activities.

My preference is to separate keywords according to groups and tags within the projects. This tool offers checklists for tasks that need to be completed and is well organized.

It’s hard to find anything to complain about. It takes care of technical audits, keyword research, competition research, and much more. It offers excellent backlink tracking and auditing tools, as well as keyword tracking.

Serpstat Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2024 Details

Purchase Serpstat with a 40% discount on any pricing plan and improve your digital presence
Make your coming year full of amazing growth and profits by subscribing for 6 or 12 months.
Become more visible with Serpstat.

PlansRegular PriceBlack Friday PriceDiscountVisit
Standard$149/Month$89/Month 40% Visit
Advance$299/Month$179/Month 40% Visit
Enterprise$499/Month$299/Month 40% Visit
Serpstat cyber Monday deal Chart

The Serpstat deal is available on Cyber Monday if you missed the Black Friday Deal.

Serpstat offers four plans: lite, standard, advanced, and enterprise. You can also try it for free.

If you sign up for annual billing on regular days, you will receive a 20% discount, a 10% discount for 6 months, and a 5% discount for 3 months.

Serpstat SEO tool in more detail in the chart:

PlansPricePer Day Search ReportPer Day Results ReportPer Day Backlinks Report
Serpstat features

How To Get Serpstat Black Friday Deals/Cyber Monday Sale Offer 2024

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting Serpstat Black Friday offer”

Step 1: Go to this special link. You will be landed on the Serpstat homepage.

Step 2: Now select your desired pricing plan.

Serpstat Black Friday Deal

Step 3: Choose the subscription duration. Go for the longest period to save more money.

Final step: Enter your account information and complete the final payment.

Why You Should Grab Serpstat Black Friday Offer?

These are some amazing reasons you should grab this SEO tool:

1. Competitor analysis

You can easily compare the performance of your site with the key SEO metrics of your competitors. Identify the features they use to promote their sites.

Serpstat provides you with the top search engine results for each keyword or keyphrase as well as keyword difficulty results.

It also shows you other useful data, such as the number of Facebook shares for each page, and the potential traffic score for each website. 

You can check both organic and paid search results to see who your main competitors are. 

You can check the performance of your competitors by searching their domains. This will show you how the domain you are researching is doing in terms of visibility, traffic drops, and ranking changes, which can help you compare your own campaigns.

The keywords that your competitors rank for can also be viewed, so you can compare them with your own, and see where you are losing out. 

You can add any domains you wish to monitor to your monitored ‘projects’ section within your dashboard. By monitoring your campaigns regularly, you will know when anything changes and how well they are performing. 

2. Expanded semantics

The semantic core can be collected in a few clicks using Serpstat. The keywords you lack and the queries that will drive more traffic they tell you.

3. Site/Page Audit

A quick analysis of a website or page for errors and malware. Your rankings will be affected if something is wrong with your site, and you will be given recommendations for fixing it.

This feature allows you to analyze your page in-depth or any other page you choose. It is important to identify and fix any issues as soon as possible in order to ensure that your on-page SEO is optimized. 

Serpstat Site Audit

You can identify your competitor’s downfalls by looking at their domains and using them as opportunities to get ahead of them. 

It gives you a score, and then you can fix broken links, duplicate content, page loading speed, images, missing pages, and more, right away. 

Find the keywords for which your domain is not ranked on the pages of the competitors who receive the most traffic.

5. Track your positions in search results

Keep track of your positions in paid and organic search results for your site and those of your competitors. Keep track of your market share.

The unique algorithm of Serpstat analyses search engine results pages (SERPs) and saves the top 100 domains for each saved keyword.

Serpstat Rank Tracker

If you give each member of your team their own login for reporting, you can easily share your SEO and PPC projects. It is also possible to automate the reporting process if you wish to save time.

You can learn from the leaders in your niche by evaluating which areas they are succeeding in and how you can beat them. 

Control the quality of your site’s backlinks and find new sites to link to by analyzing the link mass of your competitors.

A Serpstat tool is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze backlinks to any URL within a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

It is possible to use this tool to monitor not just your own website, but you can also monitor the websites of your competitors to see where their backlinks are coming from and where their traffic is coming from.

Serpstat Backlink analysis

You will also find in the report a quality score for each referring domain so that you can find out which one is the most reliable source and avoid any potential penalty that Google might impose on you.

7. Keyword Clustering

Create keyword groups for each category of the site, each product group, and each page.

8. Text analysis of site content

Analyze the text and determine how words are distributed in the title, header, and body of your website based on competitor analysis.

As part of the related keywords tool, you will be able to enhance your content by including other keywords that people are searching for that are relevant to your brand and can enhance your content as a whole.

 The best way to determine the popularity of your content is to track how many shares it gets on Facebook so that you can see how popular it is in comparison to what your competitors are creating. 

You will find that there is a domain-by-domain comparison tool that can be used directly to compare your domain with one of your competitors’ domains, side by side.

You can take it a step further if you wish by batch-comparing up to 200 domains with the batch analysis tool at once if you wish.

 The goal of this type of analysis is to provide you with a detailed list of all of your competitors’ SEO and PPC efforts in order for you to analyze and utilize the information in your own SEO and PPC strategy. 

9. Process automation with API

Without using the Serpstat interface, you can get large amounts of data directly into your CRM system or corporate tools.

10. Keyword Research

Serpstat’s keyword research tool helps you find the keywords that perform best in Google for your SEO and PPC campaigns.

The search tool asks for you to enter a keyword, and it returns a list of organic keywords or key phrases around it. It allows you to choose words that have a lower keyword difficulty, but still have a high volume of monthly searches. 

Serpstat Keyword Research Tool

You can use Serpstat’s keyword research tool to find the best keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. As people search for questions or phrases related to your product or service, long-tail keywords can be an effective way to get traffic. 

You can get international data if you want. By selecting a country, you can search for your keywords. A complete list of Serpstat’s database countries is provided in all major languages.

A graph shows the changes in your keyword rankings over the past year, as well as the trends for each keyword. You can plan your campaigns around seasonal fluctuations, such as holidays, with this method. 

FAQs: Serpstat Black Friday Deals 2024

Here are some FAQs that may arise before getting Serpstat in your mind:

1. What is Serpstat?

It is a growth hacking tool that is perfect for SEO, PPC, and content marketers. With it, you can analyze backlinks, track rankings, and conduct site audits.

2. What is the size of the Serpstat keyword database?

Serpstat’s keyword database is very large. The USA database currently has 5.34 billion keywords. Its database is smaller than Ahrefs or SEMrush, however.

3. How often does Serpstat update its data?

Keywords and data are updated frequently. Updates do not occur every day. High-volume keywords will be updated more frequently than low-volume keywords.

4. What are the differences between SERPstat and Ahrefs?

SEMrush and Ahrefs are cheaper alternatives to Serpstat. Serpstat lags behind SEMRush and Ahrefs in terms of its database and indexation.

5. What countries does Serpstat cover?

Serpstat displays data for 230 Google databases and 9 Yandex databases at the moment.


If you are looking for this top-rated SEO tool at a cheaper rate, Black Friday is the perfect time for that.

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Grab the Serpstat Black Friday Sale now and save a lot of money.

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