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GoHighLevel Free Trial 2024>Extended 42-Day Free Trial

GoHighLevel Free Trial is available for 14 days. But many bloggers are claiming that they are offering a 30-Day Free Trial and you know what that’s true. But you have to extend it after claiming your 14-day free trial first. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • GoHighLevel offers a 14-day free trial that can be extended later 
  • There is no money-back guarantee 
  • You will need a credit card to start your promotional trial

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel Free Trial

GoHighLevel is a revolutionary platform with a built-in workflow builder that is designed specifically for digital marketing agencies. 

As the first-ever all-in-one platform of its kind, GoHighLevel offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency by consolidating various marketing and CRM systems into a single, cohesive solution.

You can easily create and manage their marketing strategies from one centralized location with features such as campaign builders, sales funnels, and email campaigns.

The best feature of GoHighLevel is its dedicated focus on agency operations which makes it the go-to white-label marketing CRM for digital marketing agencies.

How To Get GoHighLevel 42-Day Free Trial

GoHighlevel is offering a 14-day free trial for now. So, it’s not possible to get a GoHighLevel 30-day free trial for you. 

If you want to extend your trial, all you need to do is get their 14-day trial period and ask their support team for the extended trial before the cancellation of the free trial. 

Then they will allow you another special 30-day free trial for you. That means you can enjoy a 42-day free trial in total! 

Isn’t it amazing?

How to claim regular GoHighLevel 14-day Free Trial

Getting the GoHighLevel trial is very straightforward. All you need to simply follow the following steps-

Step 1: Go to this exclusive link (affiliate link) and you will land on the dedicated landing of the GoHighLevel Free Trial page. 

GoHighLevel Trial Landing Page

Step 2: Now enter your business details like your business name, email address and mobile number. Now Click on the “Go to the next” button for the next step. 

Enter your business details

Step 3: Choose the GoHighLevel Plan that suits your business. After choosing your desired pricing plan, enter your payment information. 

GoHighLevel Free Trial

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed the GoHighLevel free trial! 

You won’t be charged today. After 14 days, GoHighLevel will bill your card unless you cancel before the trial ends. Their payment process is secure.

How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost After Trial Expiration?

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

After the extended GoHighLevel trial expires, your charge will depend on the pricing plan you choose. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Starter Plan ($97 per month):
    • Essential features and seamless functionality
    • Tools for lead capture and nurturing
    • Full online booking and website builder
    • Unlimited clients and three sub-accounts
    • Advanced Analytics Dashboard included
  2. Unlimited Plan ($297 per month):
    • All features from the Starter plan
    • API access for seamless integration
    • Unlimited sub-accounts and branded desktop app
    • Ideal for businesses seeking scalability and customization

Both plans offer:

  • White Label Option: Present the platform as your own
  • Referral Payments: Earn rewards for bringing in new users
  • Trial Extension Options: Extend your trial period if needed
  • Cancellation Process: Simple and hassle-free
  • Thousands of Agencies: Trusted by numerous businesses worldwide

Choose the plan that suits your business needs and take advantage of GoHighLevel’s all-in-one marketing and CRM system, encompassing direct response marketing, email marketing automation, and advanced marketing funnels.

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Why you should get a GoHighLevel Free Trial?

GoHighLevel Recommendation

Here are the top 5 reasons I recommend to grab the GoHighLevel Trial period-

1. All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform

GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive all-in-one platform that integrates various marketing activities into a single solution. It takes care of everything you need to grow your business from lead generation to email marketing campaigns everything will be at your fingertips.  

2. Workflow Builder

You can easily create customized workflows for your marketing goals using the workflow builder. This allows for seamless automation and optimization of your marketing processes.

3. Leads Into Customers

GoHighLevel’s focus on converting leads into customers ensures that your sales teams have the tools they need to effectively nurture leads and drive revenue.  You will get features like lead management and sales pipelines that you can use to maximize your conversion rates and generate unlimited amounts of revenue.

4. Trial Extension Options

GoHighLevel offers trial extension options. It helps you to explore the platform further and fully evaluate its capabilities. If you need more time to test specific features or assess their suitability for your business, the trial extension allows for a comprehensive evaluation.

5. Easy Signup Process

Getting started with the GoHighLevel Free Trial is simple and straightforward. You can sign up and access the platform’s powerful features, including the high-level Pro SaaS Plan and the agency plan with just a few clicks.


GoHighLevel stands out as an all-in-one digital marketing software tool best for business owners. It typically offers a 14-day free trial, bloggers may claim to provide a 30-day trial, which can indeed be obtained by extending the initial trial period.

For those interested in extending their trial period, the process is straightforward: simply request an extension from the support team before the initial trial ends. This can lead to a special 30-day free trial, providing a total trial period of 42 days.

Upon trial expiration, you can choose between the Agency Starter and the highest-tier plan. Both plans require providing credit card details and entering a binding contract, ensuring a commitment to the platform.

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