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Tubebuddy Black Friday Deal 2024: Get 40% Flat Discount

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The most anticipated shopping season of the year, Black Friday, is just around the corner, and if you’re in the business of YouTube, this could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are not only thinking about turkey and festivities but also seizing the opportunity to grab incredible deals.

And guess what? TubeBuddy, the go-to toolkit for YouTube creators, is joining the Black Friday extravaganza with fantastic offers and discounts that can turbocharge your channel’s growth.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the exciting world of TubeBuddy’s Black Friday Deal and show you have you can save the most of your money-

Deal Time: November 27, 2024- November 29, 2024

What is Tubebuddy?

What is Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy is an amazing tool for anyone looking to maximize their YouTube marketing efforts.

As a YouTube SEO tool, TubeBuddy provides valuable insights and features that can greatly enhance your overall YouTube strategy.

With TubeBuddy, you have access to a wide range of tools and resources to help you optimize your YouTube videos and channel.

Not only does TubeBuddy help with YouTube SEO, but it also offers automation features that can save you time and effort.

You can schedule and automate various tasks, such as publishing videos, sharing content on social media platforms, and managing your YouTube comments, all from one convenient dashboard.

In addition to its automation capabilities, TubeBuddy also provides comprehensive video analytics.

You can track your video’s performance, monitor your channel growth, and gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and engagement.

Its suite of tools and features makes it the go-to platform for optimizing your YouTube videos, automating tasks, and analyzing your video performance.

So, if you’re serious about YouTube marketing, TubeBuddy is an invaluable resource that can help you achieve your goals.

How to Get Tubebuddy Black Friday Deal

Tubebuddy Black Friday Deal

To get the TubeBuddy Black Friday deal, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:  Visit the TubeBuddy website and navigate to the “Pricing” page.

Tubebuddy Pricing Plan

Step 2:   You will be redirected to a page where you can choose your preferred plan. TubeBuddy offers a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets. Select the plan that best suits your requirements and click on the “Select” button.

Sign up for Tubebuddy using gmail

Step 3: Enter the Coupon Code provided by the FacileWay. Use the YEAR40 for the annual subscription and ALL40 for all kinds of licenses to get a 40% Instant discount. 

Enter the Tubebuddy Coupon of Black Friday

Step 4: On the checkout page, enter your payment and billing information. TubeBuddy accepts major credit cards as well as PayPal for convenient payment options.

Tubebuddy Payment information

Final Step:  Review your order to ensure accuracy, and then click on the “Complete Purchase” button to finalize your Black Friday deal.

It’s important to note that the TubeBuddy Black Friday deal is only available for a limited time, so it’s the perfect opportunity to grab this powerful SEO tool at a discounted price.

Tubebuddy Features

Tubebuddy Key features

The key Features of Tubebuddy are explained below-

  • Keyword Explorer: Research and identify keywords for video optimization.
  • SEO Studio: Offers keyword suggestions, competition analysis, and on-page SEO recommendations.
  • Video Tags: Simplifies tag selection for better video visibility.
  • Click Magnet: Analyzes click-through rates and enhances viewer engagement.
  • Channel Growth: Integrates tools for keyword research, SEO, and audience engagement.
  • Auto Translator: Translates video elements into multiple languages for a global audience.
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with video elements for audience preferences.
  • Retention Analyzer: Provides insights for improving viewer engagement.
  • Suggested Shorts: Identifies opportunities for YouTube Shorts content.
  • Search Insights: Offers analytics to refine video optimization strategies.
  • Productivity: Streamlines bulk video processing for efficient content creation.
  • Bulk Processing: Simplifies management tasks for multiple videos.
  • Video SEO: Optimizes metadata for better visibility.
  • Promotion: Aids in sharing, collaboration management, and audience expansion.
  • Data & Research: Provides channel performance insights for informed decisions.

Tubebuddy Regular Pricing 

Tubebuddy Pricing Plan

Tubebuddy offers two pricing plans. Here is a brief description of the Tubebuddy regular plans-

1. Pro Plan – $4.99/Month

 Are you a budding YouTube creator eager to jumpstart your channel’s growth? TubeBuddy’s Pro Plan, priced at just $4.99 is the ideal choice.

With this plan, you gain access to a suite of tools designed to enhance your search optimization, making your videos more discoverable.

While it provides limited access to video engagement tools, you’ll still benefit from a wealth of resources, including guides, insider tips, and valuable information.

And here’s a special perk for creators with under 1,000 subscribers – use the “RisingStarBuddy” coupon during checkout to enjoy a 50% discount, making this plan even more budget-friendly.

  • Access to search optimization features
  • Limited access to video engagement tools
  • Guides, insider tips, info, and more

2. Legend Plan – $31.50/Month

For creators who are serious about data-driven decisions and expanding their YouTube reach, TubeBuddy’s Legend Plan, priced at $31.50, offers a powerful toolkit. T

This plan includes all the features of the Pro plan and more. You’ll have access to over 50 tools and features that empower you to optimize and manage your channel effectively.

Conduct unlimited search rank optimization and tracking to ensure your videos rank prominently in search results.

Perform video A/B tests and generate optimized titles to boost content performance.

Leverage predictive analytics and competitor scorecards to outperform your rivals, and enjoy unlimited access to all of TubeBuddy’s AI features.

  • All features in Pro, PLUS
  • Access to all 50+ tools & features
  • Unlimited search rank optimization and tracking
  • Video A/B tests and title generators
  • Predictive analytics and competitor scorecard
  • Unlimited access to all of our AI features

TubeBuddy Black Friday Pricing Plan

Tubebuddy Black Friday Discount

Here’s a TubeBuddy Black Friday Pricing with a 40% discount applied to each plan, along with the amount saved on a monthly and yearly basis:

PlanOriginal PriceBlack Friday Price (40% off)Monthly SavingsYearly Savings

Why You Should Get Tubebuddy Black Friday Deal

Tubebuddy Recommendations

Here are the top 5 Reasons you should grab the Tubebuddy Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deal-

1. Cost Savings

Tubebuddy Black Friday offers significant discounts on their subscriptions or related services during this time. You can save a lot of money during the session. It’s offering a 40% flat discount. That is a huge discount!

2. Enhanced Features:

TubeBuddy offers some amazing features that help you optimize your YouTube channel and grow your subscribers.

Availing of a Black Friday deal could grant you access to premium features at a reduced cost, which can significantly boost the quality of your YouTube content.

3. Increased Productivity

The platform’s tools can simplify many tasks related to managing and expanding your YouTube channel. By seizing a Black Friday deal, you may not only save money but also time, thus increasing your overall productivity.

4. Competitive Edge

In the competitive world of online content creation, TubeBuddy can be your secret weapon.

Having these tools at a discounted price through a Black Friday deal can help you stand out and compete effectively in a crowded space.

5. Educational Resources

TubeBuddy often provides valuable educational resources, including tutorials and guides, to assist creators in maximizing their potential.

Accessing these resources through a Black Friday deal can be a valuable asset in improving the quality of your content.

FAQs Related to Tubebuddy Black Friday Deal

Here are some FAQs related to Tubebuddy you should know-

1. Is TubeBuddy free to use?

Yes, TubeBuddy offers a free version that provides access to a set of basic tools and features. While it’s a limited version, it can be a great starting point for content creators who want to get a feel for what TubeBuddy offers without any cost with lifetime free access.

2. Is TubeBuddy good?

TubeBuddy is widely considered an excellent tool for YouTube content creators. You can conduct keyword research, SEO suggestions, video management tools, and more.

3. Is TubeBuddy worth it?

If you’re serious about growing your YouTube channel, optimizing your content, and saving time on various tasks, TubeBuddy’s paid plans can be well worth the investment.

4. Can TubeBuddy delete your videos?

No, TubeBuddy does not have the capability to delete your videos. It primarily serves as a toolkit for optimizing, managing, and growing your YouTube channel. You, as the channel owner, have full control over video deletion.

5. What does TubeBuddy do?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension and platform that provides a suite of tools and features that will help you optimize your YouTube Content, grow your channels, and streamline various tasks related to video management and SEO on YouTube.


With TubeBuddy coupon codes and discount codes on Black Friday, you can access these incredible resources at a fraction of the usual cost, making it the perfect time to enhance your YouTube presence.

This Black Friday, TubeBuddy is offering huge discounts, providing you with the biggest discount percentage you’ll find all year.

If you’re looking for affordable prices and cheap monthly prices, this is the moment to seize.

These sale prices not only help you stay competitive but also allow you to invest in your channel’s future, potentially turning your passion into a source of passive income.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to optimize your content, increase productivity, and propel your YouTube channel to new heights with TubeBuddy’s exceptional tools and resources. 

Act now, explore TubeBuddy’s Black Friday deals with coupon codes and discount codes, and unlock the full potential of your YouTube channel at unbeatable prices.

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