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Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2021- Up to 85% Discount!

Are you looking for Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2021?

You are at the right place!

FacileWay has brought to you the highest Liquid Web Black Friday Deal of the year for you! You can grab an 85% discount on VPS hosting plan & a 60% discount on dedicated hosting plans.

Now let’s dive deeper to know more about Liquid Web-

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web Landing page

The company was founded by Jim Geiger in 1997 and provides managed web hosting services. Their data centers are located in Lansing, Michigan.

Liquid Web has more than 30,000 clients in over 150 countries, and it has been named one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies for 9 consecutive years.

Despite being around since 1997, they only introduced their managed WordPress hosting packages at the WordCamp US convention in 2015.

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Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2021 In Details

Here is the Liquid Web Black Friday Deal in more detail:

1. Liquid Web Black Friday Deal For VPS Plan

Liquid Web Black Friday Deal
  • Deal: Starting at $12/mo, prepaid 6-month introductory term; 
  • Discount: Up to 85% Off
  • Dates: 22 November, 2021 – 30 November, 2021
  • Coupon Code: No coupon code required 
  • Special link: Visit Liquid Web Black Friday Deal Page

2. Liquid Web Black Friday Deal For Dedicated Server

Liquid Web Black Friday Deal
  • Deal: Get 60% off for an additional 4 months, and then the server renews for $99/month (50% off). 
  • Dates: 22 November, 2021 – 30 November, 2021
  • Coupon Code: No coupon code required 
  • Special link: Visit Liquid Web Black Friday Deal Page

How To Get Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2021

Liquid Web Black Friday Deal

Here is the step by step guide of grabbing Liquid Web Black Friday Deal:

Step 1: If you are thinking of getting VPS hosting plan, go to this special link. You will be landed on the Liquid Web Black Friday Deal page.

Step 2: Now choose your hosting plan according to your hosting need.

Step 3: Now create your account using your name and email address.

Final Step: Complete your payment using a credit card/PayPal.

That’s all!

Special Note: To grab the dedicated plans use this special link to grab your discount!

Types of Hosting Services

If you’re looking for more than shared hosting, Liquid Web is a great option. The following is how Liquid Web’s shared hosting differs from other hosting services:

1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Plans

Liquid Web VPS Landing Page

Shared plans and VPS plans are very similar. Both use physical servers for hosting multiple websites. The main difference is the increased performance offered by a VPS plan.

There is a strict delineation between the sites hosted on a VPS server, as opposed to shared hosting plans, which offer a pool of resources that any site on that server can use, whereas a VPS server offers dedicated resources that can only be used by your site.

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2. Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web Dedicated Hosting

You can have a dedicated server if it’s entirely dedicated to serving your site. Dedicated servers give you complete control over your website’s specific configuration and setup – as opposed to more limited plans that place restrictions on the software you can use.

The most important benefit to these hosting options is that they are the most secure and performant, which is ideal if you are handling sensitive information on a heavily trafficked website.

VPS plans (and sometimes shared hosting plans) are great for securing your site, but dedicated servers are best for both performance and security.

Visit to Save 60% on Liquid Web Black Friday Sale for Dedicated Plan

3. Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting by Liquid Web

Cloud hosting refers to hosting your site on a distributed network of servers. As with any distributed network, the specifics vary.

But with cloud hosting, you enjoy the benefits of redundancy and failover. This ensures that your site will continue to be accessible if one or more parts of the network fail.

Do You Need Specialty Hosting?

It’s both true and false. You may not get all the features you need to set up a secure online shop, especially if you plan to run an e-commerce store. A shared plan may not be able to provide the resources you need due to your traffic levels.

Performance might be the last thing on your mind when you get started with your online storefront.

However, if you plan on growing, you may want to consider the fact that heavy traffic could lead to performance issues that could lead to loss of profit.

In this case, you will need a solution that can handle your site both now and in the future.

Why Should You Grab Liquid Web Black Friday Deal?

The following are some of the main reasons why I recommend Liquid Web over other web hosts. 

1. Direct access to the server

You do not typically get full server access with the majority of the hosting providers available on the market.

It is crucial that if you are a developer, you have full access to the server. Liquid Web offers you complete server access.

2. Best Support

Liquid Web values its customers, unlike other hosting providers. This means you’ll receive excellent support whenever you need it.

3. No Traffic Limits

Your hosting company may have a limit on the number of views your site gets. This is not the case with Liquid Web.

Liquid Web is a good option if you have a high-traffic website.

4. Higher Bandwidth

VPS plans from Liquid Web offers generous bandwidth of 10TB for a guaranteed lifetime price.

While other VPS providers offer up to 4GB bandwidth for almost the same price, other VPS providers offer only 2GB – 4GB.

Even if you pay between $80-$120 per month, most companies offer lesser bandwidth around 5G.

5. Easy Scalability

It is possible to upgrade or downgrade your managed VPS service with Liquid Web with minimal downtime.

6. DDoS Attack Protection

Your website is protected from DDoS attacks in real-time with Liquid Web’s Multi-level DDoS Protection.

7. Cloudflare CDN

In partnership with Cloudflare, Liquid Web will speed up your site by making your content accessible worldwide from servers located close to your visitors

8. Dedicated IP

VPS and dedicated servers from Liquid Web provide dedicated IP addresses to enhance the performance, speed, and security of your websites.

9. 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

Every single second, your dedicated server and VPS will have power and network access.

10. Fully Managed WordPress from Nexcess

They offer managed WordPress hosting that comes with a lot of useful features like One-Click Staging, Stencils for Rapid Site Creation, Instant Backups, Multi-layered Caching, Nexcess Owned Data Centers, etc.

11. Free Migrations

Every Liquid Web plan includes free WordPress migrations.

12. Money Back Guarantee

Every plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

FAQs: Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2021

Here are some FAQs you may need to know before buying Liquid Web hosting services:

1. Is LiquidWeb a Linux hosting provider?

LiquidWeb offers both Windows and Linux dedicated server and cloud virtual private server hosting options.

2. Does LiquidWeb support any OS?

LiquidWeb works with all 64-bit operating systems. Any custom OS can be installed on dedicated hosting.

3. Does LiquidWeb offer domain registration services?

There’s no way you’ll get it. But you can set up domains from the account management interface.

4. Which of your hosting plans offers SSL certificates for all my sites?

You get free SSL certificates with all WordPress-managed hosting plans. If you choose another plan, you will have to purchase SSL certificates separately.

5. Is LiquidWeb a good host for my eCommerce site?

As a leading host for eCommerce websites, LiquidWeb offers excellent features such as multiple payment gateways, coupon, and gift certificate support, among others.

Other Black Friday Deals:


Cyber Weekend at Liquid Web begins on Monday, November 22nd.  This is the lowest price we have ever offered, so we are thrilled to share them with you!

If you are thinking of giving this high-value hosting a try, Liquid Web Black Friday Deal is the perfect time for you!

Grab the deal before the time ends!

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