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Sellzone Black Friday Deal 2024> {Get a 60% Discount}

Sellzone Black Friday Deal is live!

Do you wanna know how to claim the Sellzone Black Friday sale offer? Then keep reading this article. I have covered everything you need to know about the Sellzone Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale offer. 

If you wanna start your business online, there are several options available out there. You can sell your products by simply creating a website and publishing your products there.

But you have to manage other crucial things like shipping, delivery, and accounting process for doing all of this. 

Here Sellzone comes to help!

You can sell your products through popular marketplaces like Amazon or Alibaba as these are the most established online shopping website with billions of potential buyers and sellers. You can reach a huge audience base and sell your product to them. 

Warning ⚠️⚠️: Sellzone tools have permanently moved to the Semrush App Center. So you have to create a Semrush account first to get the Sell zone access. So don’t worry if you click for the Sellzone and it lands on the Semrush homepage.

An Overview of Sellzone


Sellzone is an Award-winning Amazon SEO tool from Semrush. Amazon has got so many hungry buyers.

That’s why more and more business organizations are driving their business to Amazon. So it’s become more competitive for the seller to get notified by the amazon buyers. 

Sellzone helps to get notified by-product ranking, competitor research, keyword research to monitoring, and product optimization. 

When you upload your product on Amazon, it automatically creates a listing. You will get notifications based on your product listing to keep track of inventory and make sure your product is well-optimized for search ranking. SellZone dramatically improves your revenue by increasing sales. 

Do you wanna learn more about Sellzone? Check my dedicated review on this tool here.

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Why You Should Grab Sellzone Black Friday Deal

Sellzone features

Here are the top reasons you should grab Sellone Black Friday Deal-

1. Amazon Listing Protection

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce store. So your ranking position within Amazon can make or break your business when you sell on Amazon.

Sellers from Sellzone wanted to know how to maintain their ranking position on Amazon without getting penalized. Listing Protection was the answer.

You can add an unlimited number of products to the listing protection feature and track their rankings within Amazon in this way. The feature prevents competitors from hijacking your product’s Amazon rankings as well.

2. Traffic Insights

Sellzone Traffic Insights is a tool that helps you adjust your Amazon product pages.

Sellzone analyzes traffic on your competitor’s Amazon page and provides suggestions for improvement as well as a comparison of product rankings. It can also find out how they beat you and provide solutions for fixing them.

3. Split Testing

It can be used to test headlines, images, copy, button colours, and CTAs to find out what works best for the target audience.

The feature will show you the last few pages visitors have visited before converting to a lead. You can then optimize similar pages to see if they can get higher conversion rates.

It’s just a matter of adding a little code on the page where you want to track conversions, and then adding some tracking code to your website analytics platform. Then you’ll be able to track who visits that page as part of your experiment.

4. Amazon Listing Quality Check

This feature from Amazon allows you to improve your listings’ quality by providing actionable advice. for example, It can inspect your product details and provide you with optimization recommendations.

Then you will receive suggestions for improvements that can be made to your listing after your ASIN code has been entered. With just one click, you can fix all your mistakes!

5. Keyword Wizard Tool

The Keyword Wizard is a free tool that helps you find the right keywords for your listing.

It’s quite hard to make your product visible if you don’t optimize your content with proper keywords. 

This feature will help you to find the keywords that will make your product visible to your target audiences. Simply choose the sources and enter your keyword, it will offer you more than 10 million of words sources that you can explore easily! 

Sellzone Black Friday Deal Pricing In Brief

Sellzone Pricing

Sellzone normally offers up to an 18% discount on its yearly subscription. That means you can save up to $200 if you subscribe for the annual subscription.

Here is a brief description of Sellzone Black Friday Deal pricing policies-

1. Free Plan

If you are a beginner or have a tight budget, the sellzone free plan is enough for you. You will get access to many premium features without spending any money.

Here are some key features you will get totally free with this plan:

  • Single product advertise
  • 100 keywords per research
  • 3 Seed keywords per day
  • Listing quality check
  • External traffic overview
  • 3 keywords tracking
  • 15 product research per day
  • Split testing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free Academy courses

All of these amazing features come only at $0.00 per month. Check here more about Sellzone Black Friday Deal price.

2. Growth Plan [$50/Month]

When your business grows, it needs some extra features to have some extra facilities. If your Amazon business growing faster and need some extra caring touch, this plan is perfect for you.

Normally the growth plan starts at $50 per month. But if you subscribe for the annual subscription, you can get a huge discount. It will charge you only $40 per month.

The other good news is Sellzone Black Friday Deal is offering a 60% discount this year. So the price is also no exception. You can save more bucks on this tool this Black Friday.

You will get all the key features of the Free plan with unlimited access. Additionally, you can enjoy more premium features:

  • Different match types
  • Smart filters and sorting
  • Keyword list export
  • Amazon organic traffic & keywords
  • Google organic traffic & keywords
  • Websites linking to your listings
  • Google Shopping ads
  • 100 Listing checks
  • 2000 keywords tracking
  • All other keywords listing alert checkings

3. Pro Plan [$85/Month]

This plan is perfect for the big Amazon business enterprise. Normally it will cost you $85 per month. If you subscribe for the yearly subscription, you will get only $70 per month. That is you can almost $200 in one year.

Sellzone Pricing Discount

Sellzone black Friday Deal pricing will allow you to grab this tool at a cheaper price. You can save 60% on your sellzone black Friday sale.

You will get all the growth plan features with this Pro plan. Additionally, you can get the following key features with this plan.

  • Personal account manager
  • Private onboarding

If you wanna assign a personal account manager to maintain your business activities, this plan is perfect for you.

How To Get Sellzone Black Friday Deal [Step-by-Step Guide]

If you used to do online shopping then there is no exception to getting Sellzone Black Friday deal.

In case you have no idea how to get a service delivered online, you can check step by step guide-

Step 1: Go to this exclusive link, and you will be landed on the Sellzone Black Friday Offer Pricing plan.

The coupon code will be applied automatically. So you don’t need to enter any custom coupon code.

Sellzone Black Friday Deal
Sellzone Black Friday Sale Price

Here, you will see three pricing plans:

  • Free plan [Free forever]
  • Growth Plan [$50 per month]
  • Pro plan [$85 per month]

The free plan comes with many important features that are quite enough for tight-budget business owners.

But the Growth plan and the Pro Plan are highly recommended for higher business growth.

If you really want your product sells faster, you have to arrange some to get the premium plans.

Step 2: I have got started with the pro plan. Now create your account.

Sellzone Black Friday Deal

Step 3: Now make the final payment using PayPal or credit card information. After making the final payment.

You will be landed on the Sellzone SEO tool dashboard to start working on your product listing.

Sellzone free trial


You have successfully grabbed the Sellzone Black Friday Deal. You can also get the 7-day free trial to give a try to the premium features of this tool.

Here is the quick link to Sellzone free trial. Subscribe now! You won’t charge any money. If you feel satisfied try the Sellzone Black Friday Deal later to save more money on this tool.

You know how to get Sellzone Black Friday Deal. After reading this article, there are a few questions that may arise in your mind related to Sellzone. I will try to answer the question below-

1. Does Sellzone offer Any Free Trial?

Yeah, sellzone comes with a 7-day free trial. You can try all the premium plans for 7 days without spending any money. So grab the trial now!

2. When Sellzone Black Friday Is Going To Happen?

Normally Sell Zone Black Friday deal stays live till 15 December. So Don’t forget to grab the free trial so that you don’t miss the chance of saving huge money this Black Friday.

3. Is There any Sellzone lifetime Deal Available?

Sellzone does not offer any lifetime deal. You can grab their monthly and annual plan. The yearly plan will save you $200 per subscription. But the sellzone free plan is free forever and offers any premium features.


Amazon’s business getting more competitive day by day. You need to stay ahead of the competition to become successful in this field.

Sellzone can be the best tool for beating your competitors. You should give this tool a shot. Here is the Sellzone 7-day free trial.

Grab the trial right now! So that you can decide whether you should grab the Sellzone Black Friday Deal or not.

I hope you have loved this article. Please with your friends and let your friends know how to grab the Sellzone Black Friday discount.

If you wanna add something, feel free to comment below and check here other blog posts.

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