How To Grow An Agency Using Flywheel Growth Suite

How To Grow An Agency Using Flywheel Growth Suite-All In One Platform

Do you wanna know how to grow an agency using the flywheel growth suite?

This content is for you! Read till the last to know more about this amazing tool.

Any agency owner or freelancer who is quickly adding new clients to their portfolio knows that growth can be a tricky process. 

It’s great to have more clients and more work flowing in (presumably! ), but as you add new accounts and expand your professional base, keeping track of all the various parts can start to add up. 

With a growing business, things can become quite unwieldy quite quickly. When you’re working on multiple different projects – from client-focused hosting and bulk-site management to SEO audits and UX design – even if you’re hungry to expand, you may feel overwhelmed. 

Having a growing business beyond your expectations, growing too slow, or being overstretched may mean you need to start thinking about how you can take your business to the next level.

You may think the following areas are purely administrative, but setting up a clear process around each of them will ultimately save you time while setting your business up for continued growth and predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR): 

  • Revenue tracking – identifying trends and opportunities by examining a clear breakdown of what you earn.
  • Billing and invoicing – make sure you generate and send timely, clear requests for payment.
  • Scope of work – Outlining your services and pricing upfront, preventing confusion later on.  
  • Continued client-first support and management – providing a high level of work to each client according to their needs.
  • High-performance hosting – Creating fast and secure sites for your clients, providing reliable infrastructure, and troubleshooting solutions when inevitable issues arise. 

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How Flywheel’s Growth Suit Can Help You To Gain These Results?

All of these processes are combined in Flywheel’s Growth Suite, a solution engineered for growing companies and freelancers. The Growth Suite dashboard makes it easy for you to keep track of your clients and make money for the services you sell with an intuitive dashboard to help you see trends and understand revenue streams in more detail.

grow an agency using flywheel growth suite
Grow An Agency Using Flywheel Growth Suite

Growing businesses rely on Growth Suite to manage their growing workload, build MRR, and free up more time to focus on what they love.

The best way to coordinate these processes is to be able to manage them as one system, but managing them individually can also be an excellent way to improve organization and streamline growth for your agency or freelance business.

Now let’s learn in more detail about Flywheel Growth Suite-

1. Get data-driven insights into your entire revenue stream

It is challenging to grow a business effectively without an understanding of its revenue stream. Your business strategy will be better shaped with data-informed decisions around clients that pay promptly, hosting insights, and projects that generate more profits.

grow an agency using flywheel growth suite
Grow An Agency Using Flywheel Growth Suite

If you want to gain a central view of your revenue stream, you have a number of options beyond accounting software, and Growth Suite is an excellent choice here as well. In order to help grow your business, it is crucial to gain a unified view, and to track it over time to gain insights and trends.

grow an agency using flywheel growth suite

By putting in place a plan, you can ensure a consistent MRR, generating predictable revenue each month that you can continue building on. 

2. Reliable billing and invoicing for your clients

The first time you accept a client, you may be tempted to offer individual payment schedules and invoicing options. Managing clients with different billing processes might work at first, but if you grow, you’re going to be frustrated (at the very least).

Create invoice using growth suite
Create invoice using Growth Suite

You can reduce confusion and ensure payment for all the work you do by integrating billing and invoicing into a single, reliable, and simple process. Establishing that process now will pay off later, even if it is time-consuming. 

3. Define the scope of your services

Due to your desire to please every customer, you may have expanded the capabilities of your services when taking on new projects. There is no doubt that accommodating client needs is essential, but you must also clearly define the boundary between what a particular service is and what it is not. 

grow an agency using flywheel growth suite

If you define your services clearly, going as far as to describe tiered offerings, as applicable, you can provide them more effectively, and you can set expectations at the beginning of a client relationship as to what will or won’t be included in your scope of work.

grow agency using flywheel growth suite

It will also help you bill and invoice more efficiently and provides welcome transparency to both you and your clients.

4. Brand yourself and put your clients first

Your clients are unique, you know that – that’s why they’re your clients, but how can you continue providing them with the attention they need as you land more business? 

Organize your ledger for all client accounts so that they follow the same format. As a result, every detail about each client is right at your fingertips-you’ll never have to chase down emails or random documents before the next meeting. 

Brand yourself to grow your agency

Several agencies offer their clients their own website, where they can access their portfolio of work, pay, submit payment requests, and communicate with them when needed. Keeping in touch with your clients offers them the white-glove service they deserve.  

You can do all of this via your own brand, which is the icing on the cake. Your clients will feel like they’re on Madison Avenue if you incorporate a personalized client portal, with a custom digital space, temporary domains, and even email access.

5. A managed hosting platform that offers speed, security, and support

If you focus on the above suggestions, you’ll be able to manage your clients as well as keep track of all the services you’re providing as your business grows. Making sure you’re building fast, reliable sites and ensuring your work is hosted on speedy platforms is the final step.  

With Growth Suite’s customer management functionality, you’ll be able to streamline all of the above processes while also taking advantage of the ultra-secure infrastructure, collaboration workflow tools, and 24/7 support. Read here to know more about Growth Suite.

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For agencies looking to grow, this combination of client management tools and industry-leading performance provides a one-two punch. Your agency or freelance business can grow with confidence when it is well organized and is powered by professional-grade hosting.

I hope now you know how to grow an agency using the Flywheel Growth suite. If your agency is growing fast, this tool can be your best buddy to save your time and energy.

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