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AAWP Black Friday Deal 2024: {40% Flat Discount}

Are you looking for the AAWP Black Friday Deal?

You are at the right place!

This exclusive deal ensures you get your hands on our top-notch Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin at an unbeatable discounted rate.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to amplify your affiliate revenue, this is the perfect opportunity to seize the power of AAWP at an unprecedented price.

No time to read the full article? Here is the brief:

  • Deal Type: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Discount: 40% Flat Discount on all plans
  • Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY23
  • Deal Time: November 24, 2024- November 27, 2024
  • Special Link: Official Black Friday Page

What is AAWP?

AAWP Black Friday Sale Discount

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Plugin) is a powerful tool designed to enhance the performance and effectiveness of affiliate marketers who work with the Amazon Associates program.

As one of the leading plugins for Amazon affiliate marketing, AAWP offers a wide range of features and functionalities to seamlessly integrate Amazon products into WordPress websites.

This plugin allows users to display product boxes, comparison tables, bestseller lists, and other customized elements to promote Amazon’s products and earn commissions.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced customization options, AAWP simplifies the process of creating dynamic and attractive Amazon affiliate content. 

AAWP Black Friday Deals in Brief

AAWP Black Friday Deal

AAWP brings an exciting Black Friday deal for 2024! Customers can enjoy a staggering 40% discount on all their products during this limited period.

The discount will be automatically applied at checkout, making it hassle-free for shoppers. While a code isn’t necessary, for reference, the automatic discount code is BLACKFRIDAY23.

Mark your calendars for this special promotion starting on Friday, November 24, 2024, at 00:01 a.m., and running until Monday, November 27, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

AAWP Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

AAWP Prices

AAWP offers four pricing plans. Here is a short description of each plan.

1. Personal Plan

  • Price: 49€/year (inclusive of tax)
  • Site Limit: Valid for 1 site
  • Features: Includes all core features
  • Usage: No Multisite usage allowed
  • Support and Updates: 1 year of support and updates included. Automatic renewal after the initial period unless cancelled.
  • Price: 129€/year (inclusive of tax)
  • Site Limit: Valid for up to 3 sites
  • Features: Includes all core features
  • Usage: Allows use in multisite setups
  • Support and Updates: 1 year of support and updates included. Automatic renewal after the initial period unless cancelled.

3. Pro Plan

  • Price: 249€/year (inclusive of tax)
  • Site Limit: Valid for up to 10 sites
  • Features: Includes all core features
  • Usage: Allows use in multisite setups
  • Support and Updates: 1 year of support and updates included. Automatic renewal after the initial period unless cancelled.

4. Ultimate Plan

  • Price: 399€/year (inclusive of tax)
  • Site Limit: Valid for up to 25 sites
  • Features: Includes all core features
  • Usage: Allows use in multisite setups
  • Support and Updates: 1 year of support and updates included. Automatic renewal after the initial period unless cancelled.

AAWP Black Friday Pricing: How Much You Can Save?

PlanRegular Price Discounted Price Number of Sites

How to Get AAWP Black Friday Discount

Step 1: Go to the official AAWP website using this exclusive discount link. You will be landed on the AAWP Black Friday Page.

Step 3: The AAWP Plus is the most popular plan. But you can select Your Desired Plan Carefully select the plan that aligns with your needs by clicking on it. This will lead you to the plan details and payment options.

AAWP Cyber Monday and Black Friday Coupon

Step 5: Proceed to Checkout Once you’ve chosen your plan, proceed to the checkout or payment section. Here, you’ll need to fill in your details and choose your preferred payment method (e.g., credit card, PayPal).

Payment Information

Step 6: Apply Black Friday Discount During the checkout process, the Black Friday discount will automatically be applied to your selected plan. Ensure that the discounted price is reflected before finalizing the purchase.

Step 7: Complete Your Purchase Review your order details to ensure accuracy, including the applied discount.

Once confirmed, proceed to complete the payment process to secure your discounted AAWP plugin.

Complete the purchase

Final Step: Access Your AAWP Plugin Upon successful payment, you’ll receive instructions on how to download and install the AAWP plugin on your WordPress website. Follow these instructions to integrate the plugin seamlessly.

Features of AAWP

AAWP Key Features
  • Theme independent with flexible shortcodes and templates.
  • Automated updates of product data via Amazon’s API.
  • Supports Amazon Partner Networks in various countries.
  • Generates affiliate links with personalized tracking IDs.
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop use.
  • Local caching for improved performance.
  • Multiple templates and customizable designs.
  • Geotargeting to redirect visitors to local Amazon stores.
  • Creation of comparison tables, text links, and product boxes.
  • Automatic bestseller and new release lists.
  • Display specific product information anywhere on posts/pages.
  • Shortens Amazon product links for easy sharing.
  • Browser extension for quick shortcode creation.
  • HTTPS/SSL and AMP support for secure and fast loading.
  • Click tracking and sorting/filtering options.
  • Customizable templates and Amazon Prime tagging.
  • Multilingual support and user-friendly admin interface.
  • Developer-friendly with special functions and hooks.

Why You Should Grab AAWP Black Friday Deals

Why you should get AAWP Black Friday Sale Discount

Here are the top 10 Reasons why you should grab the AAWP Black Friday Discount-

1. Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Game

AAWP isn’t just a plugin; it’s a game-changer for Amazon affiliates. It provides crucial tools and features that amplify your earning potential through coupon codes and increased affiliate commission opportunities.

2. Freedom from Theme Constraints

One of the key perks of AAWP is its independence from specific themes. This means you have the freedom to seamlessly integrate it into any theme you prefer, even if it’s a specialized Niche Site Theme.

3. Affordable Pricing Plans

The availability of diverse pricing plans like Business and Personal ensures that you can find one that aligns perfectly with your budget and requirements. This makes it accessible for both budding entrepreneurs and established businesses.

4. Unlocking Key Features and Advanced Functionality

AAWP isn’t just about basic functionalities. It offers a spectrum of core features and advanced tools, enabling you to create product lists based on titles, utilize ready-made templates, and access meticulously crafted templates for stunning visuals.

5. Flexible Configuration for Maximum Impact

What’s great about AAWP is its premium status with flexible configurations. This means you get a premium plugin that can be adjusted to suit your preferences, ensuring your website stands out.

6. Enhanced Single Product Promotion

Whether you’re promoting a single flagship product or multiple items, AAWP’s pre-built templates and advanced functionalities cater to your needs, making product promotion a breeze.

7. Exclusive Black Friday Deal

The Black Friday deal offered by AAWP is your ticket to acquiring this powerful plugin at a discounted rate. It’s a limited-time offer that allows you to access its array of features without breaking the bank.

8. Versatility for Different Website Types

Whether you’re managing a bustling business website or a personalized niche site, AAWP’s range of plans accommodates various website types, ensuring its adaptability across different scales and niches.

9. Time-Saving with Readymade Templates

AAWP’s library of readymade templates not only enhances the visual appeal of your content but also saves you precious time that you’d otherwise spend on designing and layout.

10. Elevate Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Ultimately, the AAWP Black Friday Deals present an opportunity to elevate your affiliate marketing strategy. Whether you’re aiming for increased revenue or an enhanced user experience, AAWP equips you with the tools to succeed.

Here are some FAQs you should know about AAWP-

1. What is the AAWP Black Friday Deal?

The AAWP Black Friday Deal offers exclusive discounts on their pricing plans for a limited time, enabling users to access the plugin’s features at reduced prices.

2. When does the AAWP Black Friday Deal start and end?

The Black Friday Deal typically starts on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday. This year it will start on November 24 and End on November 27, 2024.

3. Can I upgrade my existing AAWP plan during the Black Friday Sale?

Yes, during the Black Friday Sale, users can upgrade their existing AAWP plans to higher tiers at discounted rates, taking advantage of the special offer.

4. Do I still receive support and updates with the discounted Black Friday Deal?

Yes, all pricing plans, including those purchased during the Black Friday Deal, come with one year of support and updates as part of the package.

5. Are the Black Friday Deal prices only for new customers?

No, both new and existing customers can benefit from the AAWP Black Friday Deal, allowing everyone to take advantage of the discounted prices for their desired plans.


The AAWP Black Friday Deal isn’t just about discounts; it’s about unlocking your Amazon Affiliate potential!

This must-have plugin for Amazon Affiliate WordPress sites offers advanced features, including well-crafted templates and a special link generation system that removes theme dependency, ensuring seamless integration across various website designs.

This limited-time offer isn’t one to miss. Grab the AAWP Black Friday Deal today and transform your Amazon Affiliate game! Take advantage of the discounted prices, explore the business plan’s benefits, and elevate your affiliate marketing strategy to new heights.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away—unlock the potential of your Amazon Affiliate site with AAWP! Act now and secure your plugin to maximize your affiliate earnings.

I hope you have loved this article. Please feel free to share with your friends and let me know your experience if you are already using this. 

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