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WP Rocket Lifetime Deal 2024→ {Are They Offering Any LTD?}

Are you looking for a WP Rocket Lifetime Deal? 

I am sorry to say that WP Rocket is not offering any Lifetime Deals right now.  As far as I know, they don’t have any plan to provide a lifetime offer to their subscribers. 

So, don’t invest valuable time in searching for WP Rocket LTD, WP Rocket lifetime offer, WP Rocket AppSumo Deals, and so on. 

Because you will feel disappointed when you will find there are no such deals like that. 

WP Rocket does not offer any free trial either!

The only good news about the world’s number #1 caching plugin is- it offers a 14-day refund policy. 

I have been using this amazing caching plugin to speed up my Google PageSpeed Insights result to 100… 

WP Rocket lifetime deal

Why does WP Rocket not Offer a Lifetime Deal? 

Six new minor updates for version 2.6 have been released in the past two months till 27 December 2021. Several bugs and plugin incompatibilities have also been fixed. And this is a continuous process that takes extra investment. 

If WP Rocket would offer a lifetime deal there would be a shortage of investment. With the short investment, the WP Rocket team could not run their large team and is continuously working to keep this caching plugin at number 1.

As of July, they have begun to test multiple strategies that aim to increase our renewal rates. They noticed that the number of renewals in August was lower than in June (190). 

This is why they decided to be more aggressive in their renewal strategy. They now have two new renewal offers that they communicate regularly through different email campaigns:

  • 2 years + 6 free months
  • 4 years + 12 free months

WP Rocket Pricing Plans 2024

A single-site license for WP Rocket costs $49 per year. There are three tiers of pricing available:

  • WP Rocket Single Plan
  • WP Rocket Plus Plan
  • Wp Rocket Infinite license

The only difference between the two WP Rocket plugin pricing plans is the number of sites supported – there are no limitations to the features:

WP Rocket Lifetime Deal

The support and updates for each plan are included for a year. The good news is, that you do receive 30% off renewals after the first year if you want to continue receiving support/updates.

If you are not satisfied with WP Rocket, you can get a refund within 14 days.

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Why Should You Get WP Rocket? 

Though the WP Rocket lifetime deal is not available, You should buy this caching plugin for the following reasons.

1. Quick  and Easy Setup

80% of web performance best practices are automatically applied without touching any code and any newbie who wants to give their website a boost can use WP rocket with just basic knowledge. 

2. Powerful Features

WP Rocket offers the most powerful features for web performance. It includes caching, lazy loading, preloading, delaying JS, and removing unneeded CSS

3. Great Customer Support

You will enjoy amazing customer support from their support team. Their technical documentation and support service will answer any questions you might have.

4. Compatibility 

WP Rocket is compatible with the fastest hosting like Rocket.net, WP Engine, WPX Hosting, and other WordPress tools.

I am using Rocket.net and they also suggested using WP Rocket and my page score is 100.

The funny thing is I have also searched for the WP Rocket lifetime license like you and ended up with the annual subscription.

5. High Discount Rate

There is a 30% WP rocket renewal discount available for every renewal. You will get more discounts for the longer period of subscription.

6. eCommerce compatibility

If you are running an eCommerce site WP Rocket is a must-have tool for you. Because the faster the site is, the more visitors will convert into customers.

Pros & Cons of WP Rocket


  • Page loading times have been reduced by 50%+.
  • It is relatively simple to use, especially in comparison to W3 Total Cache.
  • Enhances Core Web Vitals metrics in addition to caching.
  • The dashboard area is well-designed.


  • Unlike most of the competition, it is not free.

FAQs: WP Rocket Lifetime Deal 

Here are some FAQs about the WP Rocket lifetime deal:

1. Who should use WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a must-have for anyone with a WordPress website! No matter the type of site, it works. 

2. Does WP Rocket offer a trial?

You cannot try WP Rocket for free, but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. Is my WP Rocket license automatically renewed?

Definitely. You will not lose access to support and updates if your WP Rocket license renews automatically after one year at a 30% discount. 

4. Can I upgrade my license?

You can upgrade your account if you would like to add more sites. You will only have to pay for the difference in cost.

5. Do I need to have coding skills to use WP Rocket?

No, not at all! The only cache plugin that integrates over 80% of web performance best practices without requiring any activation is WP Rocket. 

6. Does WP Rocket work on WordPress.com?

You can install WP Rocket on your WordPress.com website if you have a Business or eCommerce plan. 

7. Is There Any WP rocket free trial?

Nope! There is no WP Rocket Free Trial available. May Bloggers are promoting the WP Rocket Coupon code though there is a WP Rocket Coupon discount available.

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I know you have visited this page for the WP Rocket Lifetime Deal. I am sorry to say that they are not gonna offer any lifetime deal year. 

So, if you wanna give this world’s fastest caching plugin a try, You should grab them now!

Don’t worry! 

I already mentioned here they are offering a 14-day refund policy. Just get your money back if you are disappointed! 

I am sure you are gonna love this plugin. Even though you could not get the WP Rocket Lifetime deal, you would not hesitate to pay annually once you have used their service. 

Affiliate Disclosure: This WP Rocket lifetime Deal article contains affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you purchase anything using the affiliate links I have used here. Don’t worry! You won’t be charged a single extra penny for that!

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