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WP Engine Coupon Code 2024→ [6 Months Free+20% OFF!]

Are you looking for the WP Engine coupon code 2024?

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If you are looking for the best WordPress experience, WP Engine is a top choice since it offers several tools and a platform that is completely dedicated to WordPress solutions.

Managed WordPress hosting from WP Engine is one of the most recommended services. When you sign up for a new account at WP Engine, you will be able to find all the latest coupon codes to help you save on WordPress hosting. 

Note: Explore the discounted hosting plans and view all of the WP Engine offers and discounts on this page. 

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Latest WP Engine Coupon Code:

  • Offer: FREE 6 months on any annual shared plan at WP Engine
  • Coupon Code: Not Required
  • Validity: 31st January 2024.

Exclusive WP Engine Deal

With the launch of this new partnership, FaciliteWay and WP Engine are offering 20% off your first payment. Take advantage of our special coupon code ECOMM20”.

We have a list of current WP Engine promotions and coupons on this page.

If you wish to sign up for WP Engine, bookmark this page and return for updates on the latest WP Engine promotions.

On top of this page, you will find a working coupon. You may also try all other coupons listed below on this page if the above code does not work.

Get an overview of WP Engine’s plans and pricing, as well as the features available in each plan. With this quick review, I hope to help you choose which plan works best for your website, as well as save with our exclusive WP Engine promo code. 

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Coupon

The WooCommerce hosting solution from WP Engine is ideal for anyone looking to start new stores or grow their existing WooCommerce store.

You can get four months for free on any WP Engine eCommerce plan by using their limited-time launch

Offer – ECOMO21

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Coupon

WP Engine coupon code

Get four months FREE on WP Engine’s shared hosting plans as part of the eCommerce hosting plan launch offer.

All eCommerce Startup, Professional, Growth, and Scale plans are eligible for the offer.

Valid for new customers only (not applicable to existing customers, upgrades, or any other purchase.)

  • Deal: 4 months FREE on any annual shared plans
  • Coupon codeECOMO21
  • Coupon Valid: October 20, 2021 – October 31, 2021
  • Restrictions: All E-Commerce hosting plans are eligible for the offer. This offer is not valid for existing customers, upgrades, or any other purchase.

Their eCommerce platform comes with several inbuilt features and solutions that online stores need because of our faster, more secure, and scalable infrastructure. One of the premium features of their eCommerce dedicated plan is Instant Store Search powered by Elasticsearch. 

You can start with an eCommerce hosting plan or transfer your existing WooCommerce store within minutes with WP Engine’s automated migration plugin. 

WP Engine Discounted Plans

With our exclusive WP Engine coupon, you can receive discounts on the three major plans of WP Engine – Startup, Growth, and Scale.

You can use the coupon code to save on monthly plans, but you’ll save more when you pay annually since you can use it with the coupon code discount added to it.

Quick overview of WP Engine plans:

  • StartUp: Ideal for single blogs or websites
  • Growth: Popular plan with additional resources for multiple websites
  • Scale: The best value plan with higher limits

Each plan offers a different amount of visits, storage, and bandwidth that is available on their website every month.

Here are the three main WP Engine discounts that you can get started with a bit more detail. 

1. StartUp Plan

WP Engine’s Startup plan includes all the basic features needed for a beginner’s blog or website. There is a limit of 25k monthly visitors and one website per plan.

Moreover, the startup plan comes with 10 GB of storage space and allows you to use 50 GB of bandwidth every month.

2. Growth Plan

Growing websites with additional needs can benefit from the growth plan. This is the best plan for those who need the ability to create multiple websites.

This plan allows you to have up to 10 WordPress installations and limit your monthly visitors to around 100k. Storage size is double that of the startup plan – 20GB, while your combined bandwidth for all of your sites is 200GB per month.

3. Scale Plan

WP Engine’s Scale plan offers significantly more capacity and limits than their Startup and Growth plans. The Scale plan might be a good fit if you need to host several websites with significant traffic.

The plan allows you to install 30 WordPress websites that can receive up to 400K monthly visitors. This plan offers 50GB storage space and 500GB bandwidth per month for your website.

4. Custom Plans

If you need more resources than those listed above, WP Engine also offers custom plans. With one of the above-listed plans, you can easily upgrade to a custom plan and pay the price difference.

For instance, if you regularly receive millions of visitors and your website requires hundreds of gigabytes of storage, custom plans might be your best choice.

WP Engine Overview

WP Engine offers more than just WordPress hosting; it provides a comprehensive digital experience platform.

The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but has offices around the world, including Sacramento, California, San Francisco, California, Brisbane, Australia, and Krakow, Poland. It is often ranked among the best places to work for its outstanding work culture.

The company sponsors several WordCamps and has a considerable presence at such events.

WP Engine Target Audiences

Who is WP Engine hosting suitable for? The managed WordPress hosting solution WP Engine offers is suitable for most users, but WP Engine has dedicated options that are designed to target certain audiences.

Small and Medium Businesses: WP Engine might be the right fit if you are interested in online solutions for small and medium businesses (including blogs). With their technological and service capabilities, you can easily start your business today and manage it accordingly as you grow.

Digital Agencies:  Numerous leading digital agencies partner with WP Engine, which is attracting new companies every day. Partner agencies are provided with co-marketing opportunities, advanced developer tools, and support for their overall business goals.

Enterprise Clients: There are several hosting companies in the WordPress space that cater to business clients. Among them is WP Engine.

A range of enterprise-grade WordPress solutions are available thanks to their high-performance infrastructure.

A new headless WordPress solution from WP Engine, Atlas, has been introduced recently for those needing additional functionality from WordPress. 

WP Engine Features

There are several important differences between WP Engine and other hosting providers.

Their hosting platform contains several features that make it more attractive.

Cloud-Powered Platform

To build their custom offering, WP Engine partners with the best Cloud platforms, including Google Cloud and AWS. They have optimized their platform by incorporating New Relic and Cloudflare, as well as other technologies.

Free Genesis Framework + StudioPress Themes

WP Engine recently acquired StudioPress and is now including all 35+ StudioPress themes in all its plans.

StudioPress themes are crafted with the Genesis framework, so users of the Genesis framework can take full advantage of them for free.

Automated SSL certificates

Many hosting providers offer SSL encryption, and WP Engine automates the process for domains added to your account. WP Engine’s user portal offers SSL options for added domains.

WP Engine offers both free Let’s Encrypt and premium RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates directly from the hosting dashboard. There is also the possibility of importing SSL certificates for the Growth and Scale plans.

Automated Backups

Backups are automatically performed by WP Engine without you having to do anything. You can also initiate manual backups whenever you like.

They also provide manual and automated backups of the WordPress core files, themes, plugins, and database, allowing for partial restores when necessary.

24/7/365 Support

The WP Engine company offers 24x7x365 support across all of their plans. Comparatively, to other hosting providers, they have a support team with experts who know WordPress.

There is no doubt that WP Engine has the largest team of WordPress experts in the industry.

Several Developer Tools

Developers can easily use the WP engine’s tools to work with their platform by using several of their features.

They can use them to connect to a Git repository and SFTP server. It is also extremely useful for developers to create isolated environments for testing and development.

Free Global CDN offering

With WP Engine, you can serve your website resources from several servers around the world, making your site faster when it is served through the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Typically, CDNs are a premium offering for WordPress hosting providers, but WP Engine customers get the MaxCDN-powered Global CDN at no additional charge.

Headless WordPress Solutions

WP Engine recently released Atlas, a powerful developer-focused headless WordPress solution. With Atlas, developers can build more scalable and secure dynamic experiences with WordPress. 

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Why Switch to WP Engine and grab the WP Engine Coupon Code?

WP Engine offers the best-managed WordPress hosting at the best price.

Consider switching to WP Engine for several reasons. There are a few prominent reasons for this, including speed and awesome customer support from WP Engine.

Despite its affordability, however, WP Engine isn’t the cheapest option available. WP Engine isn’t free, but once you begin to use it, you will realize why you should pay the premium price.

You can save a lot of time and money if you choose the WP Engine coupon code and if you are looking for the best WordPress hosting for the first time.

The WP Engine team is also highly focused on keeping the company at the forefront of WordPress hosting technology and infrastructure.

When it comes to speed and security for your WordPress website (which you should be) you can’t go wrong with WP Engine.

If you haven’t heard about Managed WordPress hosting, you might want to investigate it further. A WordPress hosting environment is a hosting specifically designed to support WordPress.

Among the managed WordPress hosting options, WP Engine is highly recommended. The following are a few other reasons I recommend WP Engine:

  1. Personal and small business plans that are affordable without compromising quality.
  2. Powered by the extensive research of WP Engine, keeping you up-to-date with the latest technology in WordPress.
  3. WP Engine offers the best security promise – if you get hacked, they will unpack you at no charge!
  4. Fast response time, live chat, and telephone support.
  5. Updates automatically for WordPress, staging area, backups automatically, and version control with Git-Push
  6. All sizes of clients can be served with premium and enterprise plans.

Their plans can always be compared and you can get technical details on their plans page.

WP Engine Deals and Promotions

We have teamed up with WP Engine to offer you 20% off your first payment. Take advantage of our exclusive WP Engine coupon code: ECOMM20 to get the best WP Engine deal.

There are several free deals and offers available from WP Engine in this post.

WP Engine offers promotions throughout the year, such as Black Friday deals and Christmas/New Year deals. 

1. WP Engine Holidays Deal

WP Engine Holidays – 20% OFF

This year, WP Engine is offering 20% off their annual shared plan or 4 months for free during Web Week promotions.

  • Deal: 4 months FREE on any annual shared plan
  • Coupon code: ECOMO21
  • Offer valid: October 20, 2021 – October 31, 2021

2. Free Premium StudioPress Themes

It’s free to use the Genesis Framework and over 35 StudioPress themes on all of the WP Engine plans. 

Get the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes free!

3. WP Engine Black Friday Deal

WP Engine is offering 5 months FREE on any annual plan during Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. You get 60 days risk-free if you purchase any Startup, Growth, or Scale plan.

Check the best Black Friday deal for WP Engine. 

4. WP Engine Core Web Vitals Coupon Code

WP Engine has in place a promotional deal of 4 Months Free on all plans to help users improve their Core Web Vital scores. 

As one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers, WP Engine strives to help its users achieve the ideal Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) scores and other core web vitals that are now used as ranking signals by Google.

Below you will find details for WP Engine’s Core Web Vitals improvement promotion. 

  • Offer: Free 4 months on any WP Engine annual shared plan or 20% OFF for monthly plans.
  • WP Engine Coupon Code: JULYCWV
  • Coupon Code Valid Dates: Monday, July 26, 2021 to Sunday, August 8, 2021

If you missed out on the promotion, we have an exclusive coupon code “ECOMM20“, which is valid at all times for WPism users. 

5. Previous WP Engine Coupons and Deals

WP Engine has previously offered the following deals and discounts. Since most of them have expired already, please use the deals highlighted at the top of this page.

How to get a WP Engine Coupon Discount?

When you follow the link on this page, the WP Engine coupon code will be automatically applied. Sometimes, you will have to manually apply the coupon code. 

Step 1: By using our exclusive discount coupon link, you can visit WP Engine’s website for Pricing plan details.

WP Engine Coupon Code

Step 2: You can choose the discounted WP Engine plan of your choice. The WP Engine coupon code should be applied to all of the plans, including Startup, Growth, and Scale. 

WP Engine pricing policy

Step 3: Set up your account by clicking the Get Started button and entering your personal and billing information.

Step 4: A box that should appear in your WP Engine coupon code that isn’t automatically applied. Simply fill in and apply your coupon code manually. 

WP Engine Coupon Code

Step 5: Congratulations! You have successfully Grabbed the WP Engine coupon code. Once you have set up your hosting account, you will have access to the user portal on WP Engine. 

WP Engine Coupon Code FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about WP Engine and how to use WP Engine coupon code. If you have any further queries, please reach out! 

1. What is WP Engine?

A managed WordPress hosting provider like WP Engine is a great choice. Among its users are small businesses and bloggers as well as large enterprises.

2. Does WP Engine offer coupon codes?

If you sign up for WP Engine’s plans, you can use coupon codes to get discounts. WP Engine’s discounted plans can be found on this page.

3. How do I get a WP Engine discount?

You can use the WP Engine coupon code from this page or the discounted link to get the discount automatically applied on the WP Engine website. 

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There cannot be a better-managed WordPress hosting provider than this. You can get the best-managed WordPress hosting for an affordable price with WP Engine.

WP Engine is a Managed WordPress Hosting Platform that is designed to build, secure, and scale websites. It also provides 24/7 support, daily backups, and an advanced caching system to ensure that your website is always online.

It also features a one-click staging environment so that developers can test out changes before they are made live to the public. To learn more about WP Engine, please visit.


You can save a lot on WordPress hosting by using this WP Engine Coupon Code. I hope you have loved this article about the WP Engine coupon code.

Please feel free to share with your friends and let them grab the best premium hosting at an affordable price!

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