The Blogging Mindset You Should Have Before Starting Your Blog

The Blogging Mindset: Decoding the Secrets of Achievers

Many people struggle to know how to start blogging. Trust me, starting a blog just takes less than 10 minutes. 

All you need to register a domain name that is the best suited for your niche and buy a hosting where your domain will be hosted.

Buying a domain and hosting is like your online shopping. Buy and get your product delivered. 

Yeah, guys, it is that easy. 

The other setup does not take that much time. It won’t cost you so much money to start your blog also. In my opinion, The easiest task in this world is to start a blog. 

Now the questions are,

  • Why are people not succeeding in blogging?
  • Why you are not succeeding in blogging?
  • You have great digital marketing skills and amazing content writing skills, but why are you failing? 

Once it also happened to me that I mentored someone to start blogging but he started earning money before me! 

Maybe, you are also one of them.

Trust me, it’s not about you or your skills or experience. It’s all about your blogging mindset. 

If you look at successful people, they are not successful just for their knowledge and skills. They are successful in their proper mindset.

Today, The first boy in my school doesn’t own his personal car. On the other hand, The last bencher has started his own business built his own house, and drives his own car. It’s not all about just skills. It’s all about his proper mindset.

You might be seen in your personal life. The boy who was holding his first position in school, college, and university is working under a company where the owner himself is not that educationally qualified.

Of course, you have to be skilled. But You also have to have a proper mindset. Success is the combination of mindset, effort, and skills.

Blogging Mindset You Should Not Ignore

You want to start a life where You can become your own boss. Because You are tired of being just an employee under a rude boss.

You are tired of working with colleagues who get better pay than you. But you deserve better than them. Tired of dirty office politics. Tired of having pressure with lower wages. 

Then you kept searching for better alternatives on the internet. “How to make money online”.

And found that blogging is the best option to earn a good amount of money and lead a boss’s life. 

You started checking many pro bloggers’ blogs. Assured by their income proof by seeing their bank statements, and PayPal accounts screenshots. 

Woo! you are so excited to have this amazing platform. You are gonna earn a huge amount of money like them. Yeah! This is the only platform where your earnings have no limit. 

It is absolutely possible!

If you can find out the best-earning platform on Google, I know you can also find out top-earning bloggers also. I am letting you do this research.  

Blogging is the best way that can give you a better life, you would never lead your life just by doing a job or a traditional business.

Can you promise me something?  You have to keep doing the following homework every single stage in your blogging journey. You are welcome in the blogging industry if you can promise these works.

1. Treat Your Blog As Business

Don’t ever take your blog lightly. Treat your blogging as a business and try to keep all the resources that will feed your reader’s hunger. 

Suppose, You have a shop for gents clothing showroom. What does a customer expect from a gents’ clothing showroom?  

You should try to keep every possible element that will fulfill the needs of gents customers. You will be able to create a demand in the market for your business then.

Every customer who once visited your shop, if he gets every desired product in your shop, will come back again. 

So, You should make your blog resourceful first. Try to deliver every single resource in your niche to your readers that they are looking for. 

2. Go For Single Topic 

It is established that blogging is for fun. If you are here just for having fun then it’s okay to try multi-niche. Multi-niche means multi-category. 

You can cover everything in a blog. If it’s a personal blog and you are writing an article just for fun. 

If you are blogging to make money, go for a single niche. 

Because SEO for the multi-niche blog is harder. 

For example,

  • You wanna start a travel blog
  • Or you want a blog that contains travel, photography, pet care, sports, and gardening. 

Which one you want to prefer? I would prefer the first one. The Google algorithm is changing every time.

Google is giving importance to the authority and brand site. A single niche site has better appreciation than a multiniche blog to Google. 

Single niche sites always serve the best performance in search engines. 

3. Blogging Mindset for hard work

Hard work is the most important aspect of the blogging journey. But just don’t work so hard that you can not wake up the next morning. Health is wealth. Be a healthy blogger.

Work harder and smarter way.

Don’t try to build a wall at a time. You will need to follow the brick-by-brick theory. If you are thinking of publishing a post, Do proper research and take the time, to publish one after another. Don’t push all the posts at a time. 

Always try to stay hydrated and relaxed. Don’t do so hard work that you will lose your consistency. Put that effort that is important for your blog and that you can do consistently

4. Try the One Percent Rule 

Try to learn just 1% every day. Don’t try to focus on everything at a time. From today just learn one percent in your niche. I am assuring you will grow 500% after one year. 

Don’t miss a single chance from learning anyone, he may be your student, your mentor, or your coach. 

Blogging Mindset For Self-confidence

When I was blogging for the first time. I was not that confident. I used to get an issue and became so frustrated. 

It felt like I was done, My blogging career was done. I can not do it anymore. I am not a techy guy, and cannot tackle these problems. There were so many things in my head. 

The thoughts didn’t solve my problem. 

I had just changed my blogging mindset. I started taking it as a new learning step, a new challenge that I had to overcome. 

Every day is a challenge, right? You have to move on to stay alive. 

Think about the challenge like the 1%. Just Google the problem. Many people may be facing the same problem! Learn and fix the issue. You will improve yourself by 100% one day.

Trust me! I do the same. I am not a computer that can maximize my data storage. I am a human being. I forget things. I forget what I have just learned.

 It’s okay! Don’t make yourself a victim anymore. Be confident! 

5. Blogging Mindset For Stopping Comparison 

Never ever compare your day one with some other’s day hundred. They did not go there for a day. It took many affords, dedication and sacrifice. 

You keep running on your track. Let them run on their track. Keep in mind that it’s never too late. Everything has its time. 

You may make a mistake in your mathematical calculation. The results of hard work, dedication, and consistency are a success. There is no mistake. 

6. Don’t Get Attracted By The Shiny Object 

You will see many shiny and hype objects when you go online. Don’t ever look back at them. Stick with your niche. Stick with your plan. 

There is no plan B. One plan and one goal. Blogging is a journey, not a destination. There is no stoppage. Just keep running and keep gaining. You will get success in the way of your blogging journey.

7. Stop Chasing Money

Don’t try to chase the money. Try to produce quality content that will add value to your audience. I guarantee the money will chase you. 

If you start chasing after money. You will lose your vision and you will become demotivated.

8. Blogging Mindset For Accepting Failure

You already heard this proverb ” Failure is the pillar of success”.

If you want to taste success, You have to have the ability to taste your failure, sacrifice your comfort, and taste the rejection.

The more you will face failure, The more steps you are going ahead to achieve your goal.

Succeeding in blogging is harder the first time. If you have a proper mindset and follow the proper guidance it is not that hard.

Work harder in a smart way to make a value-added blog. You will enjoy fruitfulness later.

9. Build Your Own Network

Build a good network with a blogger of your same interest. It will help you to create some backlinks that will help you to rank higher in search engines. 

The most important thing is you will be able to learn from them. Blogging buddies are so helpful. This is the beauty of blogging. There is competition in everything and every business. 

In this industry, there is competition for cooperation. The more cooperative blogger you are the more successful you are. 

10. Keep patience 

This one is the most important factor in the journey of blogging.

Hold a minute!

That does not mean you are going to skip the above-mentioned points. Besides, performing the mentioned points, you have to keep patience. 

Patience is the main key to becoming a successful blogger. You have to ensure this blogging mindset. Because the more days pass by, the more bloggers are giving up.

At the end of the day maybe you and some of the other bloggers will be going to enjoy the traffic. 

What do you think? It is very hard to accomplish this homework? If you are thinking so, Then you are not going to enjoy success. 

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The blogging mindset is not a tangible object that you can hold in your hand. There is no switch you can turn on and off.

It’s a process that involves you becoming more aware of your goals and motivations, developing a plan to achieve them, and taking actionable steps to make your dreams a reality. If you want to create a successful blog, you need to adopt the blogging mindset.

I think now you know what kind of blogging mindset you should have before starting your blog.

Thanks for your valuable time. Please share with your friends and let them know why it is important to have a proper blogging mindset.

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  1. We all know how important is to run a blog consistently by doing multiple tasks parallely, it’s not an easy job. Sometime we get demotivated and slow down ourselves due to the expectations we have already put about our blog success.

    But when we start a blog by keeping in mind that ‘failures, learning and keep going’ are part of the blogging journey, we understand the reality, work hard no matter what and keep ourselves motivated to grow.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, Sayem. Have a great day!

  2. From my journey i can relate all these points.
    And all of these are true.

    I never Heard about the 1 Percent rule.
    This was best .

  3. Hello brother, thank you so much for an eye opening Article. This article really helped me change my mindset about Blogging in a positive manner.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Sayem,

    Super tips bro. I had to learn the hard way how chasing money hurts you. However, falling in love with the blogging process by helping people positions you to go pro, via developing an abundant blogging mindset. Be less concerned with getting money and more concerned with giving detailed, thorough blogging value in all you do through blogging. Develop a prosperity consciousness to put this abundant strategy into action persistently.


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