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Sellzone Lifetime Deal [2024]: Do They Really Offer Any LTD?

Are you looking for the Sellzone Lifetime Deal?

There is good news for you!

Sellzone offers a lifetime deal. You can use the Sellzone lifetime deal free forever.

The most amazing thing is you don’t need to spend any single penny to grab the Sellzone Lifetime deal. In this article, I am gonna cover everything you need to know about this Lifetime deal.

So what are you thinking?

Warning ⚠️⚠️: Sellzone tools have permanently moved to the Semrush App Center. So you have to create a Semrush account first to get the Sell zone access. So don’t worry if you click for the Sellzone and it lands on the Semrush homepage.

Let’s dive deeper-

What is Sellzone?


The Sellzone toolkit helps Amazon sellers boost the performance of their products on Amazon. Sellzone is powered by Semrush, an award-winning toolkit that has gained a reputation for generating powerful sales and marketing results.

The goal of Sellzone was to develop a virtual database with tools that Amazon sellers could use to improve their sales.

Affiliate Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links (not every link). That means if you purchase anything using the links. I will get a small commission that will help me to keep this website alive and publish helpful content. Don’t worry! You won’t be charged any extra fees for that. So happy purchasing! ❤️❤️

How Much Does Sellzone Lifetime Deal Cost?

Sellzone lifetime deal costs you $0.00 per month. That means You can grab the Sellzone lifetime deal absolutely free! 

It offers a free plan that is free forever. Many bloggers and affiliate marketers are announcing that Sellzone offering a lifetime deal. 

But actually, this tool comes with a free plan that is free for lifetime with a limited features. The free plan comes with some amazing features that many premium tools also don’t offer. 

Key Features of Sellzone Lifetime Free Plan

Sellzone features

Here are some amazing key features that come with the Sellzone free plan totally free and forever! If you are looking for a lifetime deal on Sellzone, the free plan is worth trying.

Now just think, if a free plan can add much value to your Amazon business, how the premium plans will impact your business growth. Check the Sellzone review to get more ideas about this tool.

Now let’s have a look at how Sellzone’s free plan can help you to grow your business and which key features they offer-

1. PPC Optimizer 

Sellzone lifetime deal comes with a free plan that offers 1 product PPC optimization. But the premium plans let you optimize unlimited products. So if you are on a tight budget, this plan is enough for you. 

2. Keyword Research

This plan allows you to do 100 keyword research and 3 seed keyword research per day. Isn’t it amazing? With just spending $0.00 per month, you can run some amazing activities on this Sellzone lifetime deal/free plan. 

But if you work with unlimited features, don’t forget to upgrade your plan. You will get more freedom of work. 

3. Listing Quality Check 

The Amazon listing is very important for your business’s growth. In this section, Sellzone will check the basic Amazon requirements, and ASIN analysis to ensure your listing quality is good enough to attract customers. 

4.  Listing Alert 

You can check one listing and track 3 keywords in the Sellzone lifetime deal/free plan. But if you upgrade to the premium plan, you will get access to more advanced features like keyword ranking alerts, buy box status, price changes, listing suppression, and Hijackers alerts. 

5. Product Research

It’s important to do product research to find out the potentiality of that particular product. With the Sellzone Lifetime deal, you can research 15 products per day. Other premium plans also offer the same. In that case, this Sellzone free plan is really worth trying. 

6.  Split Testing

User experience research is conducted using A/B testing. The A/B test is a randomized experiment that includes two variants, A and B.

The process includes statistical hypothesis testing, also known as two-sample hypothesis testing. Sellzone Lifetime deals offer unlimited Split Testing to make your product listing more amazing. 

7. Dedicated Customer Support

Though you don’t pay Sellzone for this plan, they offer dedicated customer support to their free plan’s customers. You will also get academy courses to become an expert in using Sell zone. Isn’t it amazing? 

Sellzone Lifetime Pricing

Sellzone Pricing

Sellzone offers three pricing plans.

  • Free Plan [Free forever]
  • Growth Plan [$50/Month]
  • Pro Plan [85/Month]

Do you wanna more money on Sellzone? Check the Black Friday Deal!

How To Get a Sellzone Lifetime Free Plan?

Sellzone does not offer any premium lifetime deal. You can only get a free account with some limited features with lifetime free access.

Here is how you can get the Sellzone free account-

Step 1: Go to this exclusive link and you will land on the Sellzone Pricing page. Here select the sellzone free plan.

Sellzone lifetime deal

Step 2: Enter your email and password to sign up for the free account.

Sellzone lifetime deal

Once you have created the Sellzone free account, you will instantly get access to the Sellzone lifetime plan that is free forever!

If you wanna give the Sellzone premium plans a shot, don’t forget to get your 7-day free trial! Once you are satisfied with their premium plan, you can upgrade.

Here are FAQs related to Sellzone Premium plan subscription-

1. How Much Does Sellzone Cost?

Sellzone offers a free forever plan with limited features. But if you want more growth, you can get their $ 50-per-month growth plan. Don’t worry! There is a discount for the yearly subscription.

2. How Does Sellzone Free Trial Work?

You won’t be charged any money for the trial period of 7 days. Once your trial period is over, you will be charged $50 per month. Don’t worry! You can cancel the free trial before start charging your money.

3. How To Cancel Sellzone Subscription?

You can simply contact their customer support to stop your premium subscription and recurring payments. Simply drop an email to this email address: mail@sellzone[dot]com. Your subscription will be cancelled immediately.

4. Which Marketplace Sellzone Support right now?

You can use Sellzone only for the US Amazon marketplace right now. But the Semrush team is working hard to make it a global tool. Once they will make it, you will be informed via mail. [If you subscribe to their plans]

5. What Can You Do With The Sellzone Free Plan?

If you wanna test the full functionality of Sellzone, you should go for the 7-day free trial. But you can get some limited data using the free plan. I have already discussed this feature above.

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If you are looking for the best tool to uncover the most beneficial keywords and hidden search terms to optimize your product listing for higher search results, Sell Zone is the perfect solution for you.

This tool only costs $50 per month for the Growth Plan and $85 per month for the Pro Plan. But every penny you will pay will get you 1000x ROI for sure.

You will know every secret thing that your competitors use to grow their million-dollar businesses. So what are you waiting for?

Grab the Sellzone free trial and grow your business fast!

I hope you have learned the truth about the Sellzone Lifetime deal. If this post helped you, please share it with your friends and comment below with your opinion.

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