Why You Should Select Web Hosting Carefully
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Why You Should Select Web Hosting Carefully In 2024?

You should select web hosting carefully. Yes! You heard right! You have learned a lot about blogging.

Now It’s time to start your blog. To start blogging, the most important factor you should consider is where you are going to host your blog or website.

Why You Should Select Web Hosting Carefully?

Here are the top three reasons, you should select your web hosting carefully-

1. Protection Against Hacker

Do you know more than thirty thousand websites are being hacked every day?

Some top brands like Target, Home Depot, Blueshield, and BlueCross have also been hacked.

There is no perfect solution to this hacking. Only reputable and reliable website hosting providers can help in this matter. They regularly backups of your data to secure your site. So that if there is any hacking occurs, You don’t lose your data.

2. Uptime & downtime does matter

Getting the website down means the site has locked the door for your audience. Websites are built to sell products to the customer 24/7.

In that case, once your website is down, your customers can not enter into your site and you will lose your customers.

Amazon lost almost sixty-six thousand two hundred dollars per minute, as their website went down just for thirty minutes.

Just think how many times you have closed a website and jumped to the new website because of downtime.

Your audience is also like you. If they face slow performance, they will skip your website. That is bad. Very bad for you and your brand.

3. Restriction to the SEO

It’s just the beginning of the problems once you face downtime on your site. You are thinking You have just lost some sales due to downtime.

Let me clear one thing, You have just lost tons of future sales too. Because, once your site is down, the best content you wrote for your audience can not get accessed and indexed by the Search engines.

This will have a great negative impact on your website search ranking and be harmful to your search engine optimization.

These are the main reasons you should select Web hosting carefully.

Factors Should Consider While Selecting A Web Hosting Provider

select web hosting carefully

There are so many important points you should consider to selecting web hosting. I will try to elaborate on every single reason behind this. Let’s get started-

1. Find The Best Suit Web Hosting

Selecting web hosting depends on your type of business. If you are planning to build a website that will be featured for vlogging.

24-hour live streaming, an opportunity to upload videos for others your website needs more features than those who just wanna start their site for publishing written content.

You can start your website with a shared hosting plan if you are publishing written content. But your website won’t work the same if you are doing video blogging.

You need to budget some extra for that. So, it is important to decide what type of website you are gonna build.

If you are thinking of starting a blog. You can start with a shared plan of HostGator or any other shared hosting plans of other hosting providers.

If you are going to launch a website for video streaming where anyone can register their ID and upload their videos like YouTube. You have to go to the dedicated plans.

If you have a blog with growing traffic, then you can choose a Cloud hosting plan. If you wanna stay hassle-free to take care of all your WordPress issues, you can try a Managed WordPress hosting plan.

It depends on your needs. You can ask me via comment. I will help you to decide which plan you should grab.

2. Choose The Right Hosting Package

It’s the best option to start a website or blog with a shared hosting package. When you are starting a blog or business website, You may not be able to earn your money from the very first.

It may take time for your blog or website into a money-making machine. So it can be demotivating if you are not earning any money but expanding on it. If you somehow started your blog or website then it’s fine.

But if you have enough budget to start your blog or website, you should invest some money in it.

Because shared hosting may save money by offering a lower price. You know lower prices also lower the quality.

Shared hostings will give you a slow website response time that will turn your customers away.

If you can increase your budget for the packages of VPS (Virtual Private Package), your customer is gonna have a faster and higher-quality web performance that will reduce the bounce rate and increase your conversions.

3. Check Web Hosting Reviews

This is a must to do work before buying hosting for your website. When you are going to buy web hosting, to have good investigation results, checking reviews is the best option.

If you see the popular web hosting providers have complaints against it. Don’t panic! Check how the web hosting provider responds to the complaints and how fast they give the solution.

If they satisfy their unhappy customers very well, Then you can consider buying their services.

Sometimes, the renounced web hosting providers also may face sudden problems. The fact you should consider is how fast they are finding a solution for you.

I have some recommendations for you. These are the cheapest but the best web hosting on the web. you can check the details here.

4. Bandwith

If you are launching a website that is out of the box. Then don’t choose the package that has a limited amount of bandwidth.

It will be the worst idea to lock yourself into a certain amount of bandwidth. You should go for unlimited bandwidth.

If you are going to launch a website for written content. Then you can use shared packages. If you can increase your budget, I would recommend yours for the cloud hosting plan.

While most new websites don’t use a lot of bandwidth, it is important to leave room for growth.

Make sure the web hosting company you choose doesn’t lock you into a certain amount of bandwidth and then charge you additional fees if you need to revise your hosting plan later.

5. Don’t Compromise With Quality For Price

When you are thinking of starting your website with a limited budget, the web hosting companies will also offer the lowest price so that you can easily grab their offer.

As you are going for a cheap price, you are going to face a slow server, poor customer service, and downtime that will embarrass your customers. So, try not to stick with the cheap option.

6. Read Conditions Carefully

Many of us, purchase anything without reading their terms and conditions. In terms and conditions, they might include the refund policy which would be good to know. If there is a return policy you can refund if you fail to grab what they offered.

7. Test Customer Support

When you are thinking of buying web hosting from a hosting company, the first thing you need to do is contact their customer support.

Must check, what is the quickest way to contact them. check if there is 24/7 online chat or phone support.

If yes, That’s great! now test them. make sure you have checked every feature before purchasing their plans.

8. Backup Plans

Your website may face downtime at times. So, the most important factor is that downtime can not break your data storage.

You have to ask your hosting providers how they can back up your data. If they can satisfy your question then you know what you need to do.

9. Security Features

It is easy to start a blog or business website. Anyone can do this without knowing anything about it. Thousands of tutorials are available on the web.

But the most important factor you have to consider is if your web hosting company can provide you with a secure socket layer to safeguard your visitor’s private information.

This is the must-have feature your website must provide to your customers so that they can have safe transactions.

10. Avoid Brand New Companies

Always try to go for the hosting providers that have a good history. Sometimes newbie companies offer cheap prices to attract their customers.

When your business is growing and you need more growing features, it suffers from a lack of resources. That makes them away from handling the growth.

So, it is a good idea to stay away from the newcomer who can not handle the sudden growth.

As a result, you may face downtime, slow page loads, lost revenue, and negative effects on search rankings. This is one of the top reasons to select web hosting carefully.

What are the best web hosting providers?

After deep investigation and self-usages, we have made a list of the best web hosting providers. You can check the following list. These web hosting companies have a good background they can easily handle your business growth.

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has a good record of serving the best speed for the last several years consistently. Their uptime is pretty good at their cheap price.

All they offer is a Free SSL Certificate with one free migration. If you are a newbie and looking for quality hosting I would love to recommend A2 Hosting as the first choice.

A2 hosting plans
A2 hosting plans

2. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the oldest web hosting companies that is considered the biggest one too. They are serving 99.98% uptime to their customers. That is very good for any website.

Hostgator web hosting
Hostgator web hosting

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is offering the best and cheapest shared hosting for newbies. They served more than twenty-nine million subscribers until January 2017. Their average uptime is 99.95%. That’s also pretty good for starting a website.

Hostinger web hosting
Hostinger web hosting

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is the Web hosting that is officially recommended by WordPress. Uptime is the most important factor you have to keep in mind while buying hosting. Bluehost is doing well in this aspect. Their average uptime is 99.99%

Bluehost Web Hosting
Bluehost Web Hosting

These are some top leading web hosting providers. I have a more detailed guide for the web hosting of renounced hosting providers. You check it out here.

Note: Every of the above hosting has its dedicated and VPS plans. If you have some extra budget. you should go for the upgraded version. Though as newbies it’s okay to get started with the shared packages. Don’t worry! They are offering the best-shared package. I have already mentioned above that you should select your hosting according to the type of your website. So go for the package that will suit your site best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why web hosting is required?

To get your website live you need a space or host where all the data will be stored. That’s why you need web hosting. But when you are thinking of hosting your site, select web hosting carefully. Because only web hosting can make or break your business.

Why do you need to be choosy while selecting web hosting?

Because It’s the web hosting that can make and build your business. Bad web hosting will make you cry for sure.

Is Webhosting for free?

There are also both free and paid web hosting on the web. But to get pro features you should go for the paid service.

Can web hosting get hacked?

It depends on what type of web hosting you have chosen for you. If you grab any one of the mentioned web hosting you are gonna have a safeguard against hacking.

Can I change my web hosting company?

You can change your hosting company anytime you want. All you need to do is contact the new hosting provider where you wanna host your site without letting the old one know. They will do the rest for you.

Can you transfer web hosting?

You can transfer web hosting anytime. You can check here how to transfer from an existing WordPress site to HostGator. If you wanna hassle-free website transfer. You can go to HostGator. This hosting provider is award-winning.

Which web host is best for small businesses?

Though Hostgator, Bluehost, and Hostinger are the best for large-scale business. They also have good packages for small businesses too.

Why web hosting is important?

Web hosting is important to maintain great uptime. Because downtime may cause you to lose your sales.

How do I choose the best Web hosting service?

Search for the best web hosting providers on Google. Then check their customer reviews.

How do I choose a hosting package?

Choose a plan according to your requirements. Don’t try to stick with price all the time. You may lose your required features if you do so.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission on your purchase. Don’t worry! You won’t charge any extra amount for that.


I hope now you know why you should select web hosting carefully. If you love this post, please share this post with your friends through social media. Let them know how important it is to select a web hosting carefully.

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