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Searchie IO Pricing [2024]: Compare & Choose The Best Plan

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Searchie is a revolutionary video and audio platform that is revolutionizing the way course creators spread knowledge.

It is designed to simplify and optimize how users manage, organize, and share their visual and audio-based content, making it a great tool for professionals who want to save time.

If you don’t know what is Searchie and how it works, You can check my dedicated review on searchie IO here. 

Searchie IO comes with affordable pricing policies. In Case, you wanna give this tool a shot, here is the 7-day free trial for you! [No credit card is required]

In this article, I will try to cover everything you need to know about the plan and pricing including its pros & cons and some other key features. 

Searchie IO Pricing In Brief Pricing Plans
Best ForCoach, Trainer, Teacher, Membership site, Online Business Entrepreneurs
Pricing Starts at $29 per month
Discount Available on the Yearly plan
Free Trial 7-Day Free Trial Available
Searchie Pricing Explained in Brief

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Searchie plans

Searchie offers Four pricing plans. In the next section, I will discuss how much Searchie IO actually costs. Let’s find out which Searchie pricing offers what kind of features and which one will be suitable for your business-

1. Basic Plan [$29/Month]

You will get all the basic tools you will need to create membership sites and manage and sell your online courses.

This plan is ideal for online business owners or marketers who wanna build a single course or membership hub. 

The Searchie basic plan starts at $29 per month. The basic plan does not include any yearly discount.

The Searchie branding label will also be visible in this plan. I don’t recommend this plan as it comes with very limited features. 

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of the Basic Plan: 

  • 5 Hours of Uploads per Month
  •  Unlimited Screen Recording
  •  Auto-Generated Transcripts
  •  Editable Transcripts
  •  1 Hub
  •  1 Widget
  •  Embeddable Media Player + Playlists

2. Pro Plan [$99/Month]

If you are thinking of taking your business to the next level, the pro plan is the perfect one.

This plan allows you to create a hub that is quite good for medium-type business organizations. You will get all the basic features of the basic plan in this Searchie plan. 

This plan is the most recommended one as the plan comes with more flexible features.

You can upload 15 hours of video per month when the Basic Plan only allows 5 hours of video uploads with only 1 Searchie IO hub platform. 

Here are some additional features of Searchie IO Pro Pricing Plan: 

  •  3 Hubs
  •  3 Widgets
  •  Remove Searchie Branding
  •  Media Automation
  •  Multiple Transcription Languages
  •  Analytics
  •  Downloadable Transcripts

3. Business Plan [$199/Month]

If you are an advanced online course and membership creator, the Searchie business plan will be perfect for you.

You can scale your online business by building unlimited hubs with full suites of tools of premium plans. 

Normally the Basic plan and the Pro plan come with some limited features whereas the Business plan allows you to enjoy the freedom of unlimitedness. 

This Searchie plan will cost you $199 per month. With the following key features-

  •   All-Pro Features
  •  Unmetered Uploads
  •  Unlimited Hubs
  •  Unlimited Widgets
  •  Premium Support

4. Searchie Enterprise

Do you need even more? It’s no problem. If you have a business with higher volumes of media, larger audiences, and more complex use cases, contact us to learn more about our solutions for the enterprise.

You will also receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager, migration support, technical set-up support, and much more. Pricing Comparision: Basic Plan Vs Pro Plan Vs Business Plan Price Comparison
FeaturesBasic PlanPro PlanBusiness Plan
Video Uploads 5 Hours/Month15 Hours/MonthUnlimited
Screen Recording UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Auto-Generated Transcripts✔️✔️✔️
Editable Transcripts✔️✔️✔️
Embeddable Media Player + Playlists✔️✔️✔️
Media Automation✔️✔️
Multiple Transcription Languages✔️✔️
Downloadable Transcripts✔️✔️
Searchie Pricing Plans Comparison Chart

How To Get Searchie Discount without Any Coupon Code features

If you wanna save money without Searchie discount code or Coupon code, you can grab the yearly subscription. 

If you go with a yearly Searchie subscription, you can save a huge amount of money with Searchie whereas the Searchie Monthly plan charges more money. 

Searchie basic plan starts at $29 per month and this plan does not offer any discount on the annual subscription. 

But Searchie Pro & Business plan offers attractive discounts on their yearly plan. Searchie pro plan starts at $99 per month on the monthly subscription.

If you go with a yearly subscription it will cost you $83 per month. That is almost $192 saved every year! 

The business plan normally costs $199 per month. If you subscribe to the yearly plan, you can get this plan for only $166 per month. That is almost $396 saved every year! 

This is really BIG!

Now let’s see how you can grab the Searchie IO discount using the Yearly subscription method. 

Step 1: Simply go to this exclusive link. You will be landed on the Searchie plan and Pricing page. Discount

Step 2: Turn the Searchie plan and pricing from Monthly plans to Yearly Discounts. You will notice that Searchie is offering a HUGE discount on their annual subscription. 


You have grabbed a HUGE discount on the Searchie IO yearly pricing plan. Free Trial 

Searchie Free Trial

The most amazing part of this tool is you can try this video and audio hosting platform without any credit card hassle. 

Simply enter your email and password and get started with the Free Trial and start your online coaching.

You will get 7 Day Free trial without any credit card! In this period of time, you can do everything you can do with the Searchie premium pricing plans. 

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the Searchie Free Trial right now!


Searchie Integration

You can connect with Zapier to integrate your Searchie with thousands of the most popular apps.

This will help you to automate your work and have more time to concentrate on business development. You don’t need to know any coding thing to do all of these works. 

Searchie will automatically add audio and video content to your searchable library, without having to track their physical location by connecting Searchie to third-party platforms.

This is an incredible opportunity for content creators, live video, and repurposing content in a snap.

You can easily add files to your library thanks to our growing list of connections: Direct upload, Record with Chrome Extension, Record with a mobile app, Zoom, Seamless integrations, Facebook, Wistia, Dropbox, Google Drive, Podcast, and Vimeo. 

Why You Should Purchase Searchie?

There are some reasons why you should try this tool. In this Searchie pricing article, I will try to cover the reasons you should try Searchie in brief-

1. Affordable Pricing 

Searchie starts at $29 per month. That is quite affordable for the creators who have just gotten started. You don’t need to spend any money on any additional hosting. All you need to do is add your custom domain on Searchie and get started!

2. Great User Experience Confirmed 

A lot of users are amazed at Searchie when they get into it. It is very easy to navigate, streamlined, and simple at Searchie, making it easy for the users to consume the content.

Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate goal?

You can also customize my membership area quite a bit with Searchie. It lets you see how the material is being received by your members.

The membership area can be adjusted easily and quickly to meet their needs each time they enter. If certain things really attract them, You can give them more of that type of content.

You can remove it completely if they aren’t responding, or give them less of that. You can also ask them why the message isn’t sinking in or how I can change it.

The entire Searchie platform is very user-friendly.

3.  Easy to Use

You will not find a faster, easier way to create a course, landing page, or membership program than with Searchie.

Its features like tagging, playlists, widgets, chapter tagging, and searchable transcripts make it easy to continue working on what you’ve developed.

You can easily find, manipulate, and repurpose your content. It also makes A/B testing incredibly easy.

I find that the more effort it takes to try a new thing the more effort you put into creating your original project more you have to pay to be playful, dynamic, and creative in your business.

4. Great Customer Support 

Searchie is still in the product development stage. It provides amazing training and support, and they are always listening to users for what needs to be added or changed.

You will feel precious and valuable once you will talk to their customer support team. They respond pretty fast and help you to sort out the issues. 

Pros & Cons of Searchie


  • Easy to understand 
  • Integrations with popular platforms 
  • Easy customization feature 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Powerful video search engine 
  • Video analytics features 


  • No Searchie IO free account is available 
  • The basic plan has the Searchie branding label that is unprofessional but the pro and business plan removed the branding label. 

When You Should Move To Searchie?

When You Should Move To Searchie? Alternatives

Here are the top three alternatives to

1. Thinkific

Thinkific lets people and businesses develop online products (courses and communities) from existing information, and then offer or sell them to their audiences. Read About Thinkific More Details Here.

2. Teachable

It is a great platform for anyone looking to teach online. You can easily create courses with Teachable, upload videos and audio files as course materials, and sell your courses.

It’s quick and easy to get started, and you can quickly create and publish a course. Check Teachable Pricing and Plans Details.

3. LearnWorlds

There is no doubt that LearnWorlds is one of the most popular, user-friendly learning management systems (LMSs) available today.

This platform lets you create interactive video lessons on your own website and host them online.

It’s a great solution for businesses and self-employed trainers alike. Read more about LearnWorlds Pricing Policies here.

These are the best competitors of If you are looking for my recommendation, I would love to suggest going with Teachable or Thinkific rather than But the decision is yours!

Here are some FAQs related Searchie Pricing-

1. What is Searchie?

This is a web-based membership platform that helps to create and sell your video and audio content online. 

2. Do You Need Any Credit Card To Sign Up Searchie Free Trial?

You don’t require any credit card for availing of your Searchie 7-day free trial. You can cancel the Searchie subscription anytime you want.

3. Does Searchie Host Your Content?

You don’t need any additional hosting services for hosting your content. Searchie host all of the audio and video content. 

4. Is There Any Searchie Transaction Fee?

No! Searchie does not charge any transaction fees. You can sell your content without spending any additional commission on sales and any fees on the payment. 

5. Can I Use My Own Domain on Searchie?

YES! You can use your custom domain name to connect your Searchie account to your website as a landing page. 

6. Does Search Offer Any Lifetime Deals?

NOPE! Searchie does not offer any lifetime deal or any free account. They only offer a 7-day free trial. Read more about Searchie Lifetime offer here.  

7. What is Searchie Hub?

Searchie hubs are features inside Searchie where you can deliver your free or paid content. 

8. How Much Does Searchie Cost?

Searchie pricing plan starts at $29 per month. The tool provides discounts on the Pro and business plan on the annual subscription.

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If you wanna grow your online business, Searchie has got your back! You will get all the key features to grow your business faster. 

The pricing is so affordable that anyone can grab their plan at just $29 per month. When the business grows you can upgrade to a more upgraded version. 

If you are still confused with their services, why don’t you just try their 7-day free trial? free trial comes without any credit card. So, you can just sign up for their trial without any hassle! 

If you wanna save your precious time, try Searchie right now!

I hope you have loved this article on Searchie IO Pricing. Please share with your friends and let them know about this amazing platform. 

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