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You can save 50% on any Nexcess hosting package by using our exclusive Nexcess coupon code.

Nexcess is part of Liquid Web, which provides managed hosting services for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and other platforms.

The unique tools that Nexcess integrates into its plans are one of the company’s defining characteristics, along with quality infrastructure.

You would get access to premium WooCommerce plugins, themes, and services as part of the managed WooCommerce hosting package, for example.

Using our discount code, you’ll not only get all those goodies but also pay only 50% of the retail price!

How Much Does Nexcess Cost?

Nexcess Coupon code

It depends on what plan you’re looking for and what platform you want to use to determine Nexcess’ prices.

WordPress and WooCommerce plans are usually the cheapest options, starting at $19 per month for the cheapest tier and jumping up to $79 per month on the second tier.

Using our Nexcess coupon code, you’ll get 50% off, bringing the price down to $9.5 and $39.5, respectively.

  • Nexcess Coupon Code for Managed WordPress Hosting: AUTUMN50
  • Nexcess Coupon Code for Managed Magneto Hosting: MAGENTOSALE50

Deal time: Till September 30th, 2021.

Keynote: Don’t forget to bookmark this page. I will update this content with the latest Nexcess coupon code of Nexcess whenever they offer a new discount.

How to Apply the Nexcess Coupon Code

The Nexcess discount code must be applied at the end of the purchase process, which can be a bit tricky. Here is a detailed tutorial that will help you get your discount.

Launch the checkout process by visiting Nexcess and choosing the plan you want. You’ll be asked to create a Nexcess account on the first page by entering your details and a password.

Choose the hosting platform you will need to host your site.

Nexcess Coupon Code

Your credit card information will be requested, and here you can apply a coupon code as well.

Enter AUTUMN50 for Managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans and MAGENTOSALE50 for Managed hosting plans for Magento in the Coupon Code box and click Apply:

Nexcess coupon code

The success message should appear then. In the sidebar summary, your 50% discount will also be reflected, so the total amount will be reduced by 50%. When you’re ready, click Purchase to finish the purchase process.

Why You Should Grab Nexcess Coupon Code?

1. A User-Friendly Control Panel

Every plan comes with either cPanel or Plesk as a choice of the control panel, with the exception of the managed WordPress plan. You can only manage many WordPress sites from one location in a managed WordPress hosting plan, however, since it has a proprietary control panel.

2. Fast and Exceptional Performance

Nexcess operates three data centers, all with super-fast speeds.

As opposed to Nexcess, Nexcess offers a lot more than just high speeds. As a result, your website will run at optimal speeds and perform appropriately, thanks to its sophisticated performance features.

Last but not least, Nexcess supports the largest number of PHP 7 releases, which is crucial because early versions of PHP are either not supported anymore or are about to be retired soon.

The Nexcess extension is compatible with PHP 7.4 and is actively supported.

3. 100% uptime guarantee

Among the few web hosting companies that guarantee 100% uptime, Nexcess is one of the best. This is an unrealistic expectation, of course.

Nexcess still maintains exceptionally high uptime levels above the industry norm despite these challenges. A 99.9992 percent uptime was actually achieved by the network in 2019.

Any downtime caused by Nexcess will be credited ten times to the affected hosting customers. In the case that your website is down for one hour, a ten-hour credit will be credited to your account.

4. Site migrations

No matter why you want to migrate, Nexcess lets you do it for free. As well as assisting with your transition, our skillfully trained staff will minimize the risk of the white screen of death on your site as well as make it easier for you.

5. The best free CDN services

It should be a top priority for each website regardless of its size or scope to distribute content as fast as possible to users worldwide. It comes with free CDN services that can be easily activated from the management panel.

Nexcess Hosting Types

High-performance cloud-based hosting is provided by Nexcess. A network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the website instead of a single server. You pay a monthly fee for excess web hosting from Nexcess. We’ll briefly review each of Nexcess’s packages.

1. Managed Magento Hosting

You may choose the data center in which your virtual server is housed under Managed Nexcess Magento Cloud. All packages include auto-scaling, secure payment processing, built-in security, and an integrated content delivery network that improves the speed of your website. They also offer hosting services that are PWA-ready, so you can easily add a mobile app to your website.

2. WooCommerce Hosting

With Nexcess, your eCommerce website’s infrastructure is maintained, WordPress is managed, WooCommerce is optimized, and you get help managing your online store. Isn’t that amazing?

Nexcess includes the Custom Order Table for WooCommerce, which speeds up WooCommerce queries, as well as the fastest WooCommerce theme, Astra Pro. Thus, your website will load quickly regardless of how many visitors you may have.

3. Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess offers solutions to keep your WordPress + WooCommerce store secure and up-to-date based on their Nexcess Cloud architecture. Upon signing up for Managed WooCommerce Hosting, the Nexcess server hosting team will monitor your site and keep it running smoothly so you can continue taking orders and growing your business.

4. Flexible Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting options provide auto-scaling, PCI compliance, as well as comprehensive development tools. Having full control over your cloud environment will give you the greatest flexibility. Within your Client Portal, you can upgrade cloud hosting services or enhance user concurrency with a single click.

5. Enterprise Hosting

We monitor and secure your site proactively through Nexcess Enterprise Support Group (ESG). The experts at their service will handle your initial migration as well as any complications that may occur as long as you stay with them.

We at Nexcess can assist you in choosing the right cluster for your requirements and sizing it accordingly. Depending on how big you want your cluster to be, you can size it accordingly. Getting help choosing the appropriate size from their cluster architects is as simple as contacting them.

6. Security

Security hardening and proactive monitoring are included in all Nexcess hosting packages, ensuring that your website and clients are kept safe and secure.  

As a bonus, you will receive a free copy of the premium iThemes Security Pro plugin when you purchase a Nexcess Managed WordPress or Managed WooCommerce package (worth $80).

Nexcess plans come with premium plugins, including iThemes Security Pro. You need not worry about your WordPress website’s security.

Nexcess Hosting – pros & cons 


  • The fastest web hosting service on the market is 13x faster
  • Support for Magento and WordPress
  • Nexcess Cloud platform auto-scales
  • Backups and caching on a daily basis
  • A fast and easy eCommerce package


  • Starter plans have limitations

FAQ on Nexcess Coupons

1. How much can the Nexcess coupon save you?

Nexcess plans offer 50% savings.

2. Can I try Nexcess for free?

Sure! A few plans from Nexcess include a free 14-day trial in addition to a coupon.

3. Does Nexcess offer a money-back guarantee?

The Nexcess plan is 100% refundable within the first 30 days after cancellation.

4. How is Nexcess connected to Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is the parent company of Nexcess. Liquid Web also markets Nexcess plans through the Liquid Web website in addition to the Nexcess website.

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Nexcess is one of the top providers of managed hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and other platforms.

Despite Nexcess’ competitive pricing with similar options in the managed hosting space, you can save a lot more when you use our exclusive Nexcess coupon code to get 50% off your monthly plan.

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