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LearnWorlds Pricing Plans (2024)→Which One Is The Best?

Are you looking for the Learnworlds pricing plans (2024)?

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Online education is a booming industry. More and more people are going online to get their education.

One of the main reasons for this is that online courses are often a lot more affordable than offline courses.

Many online courses are even free. In this blog, we take a look at the pricing plans of Learnworlds and show why it’s one of the best online course platforms.

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LearnWorlds Pricing Plans In Brief

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans In Brief
LearnWorlds Pricing Policies In Brief
Product NameLearnWorlds
Product TypeOnline Course Platform, LMS
Best ForFitness Coach, Course Creator, Enterprise Learning Management System
Pricing Starts at $29 Per Month To $299 Per Month
Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial Available
Yearly Discount 20% Discount available if paid annually

LearnWorlds Pricing Overview

LearnWorlds Pricing Overview with Custom pricing for High volume corporate

If you’re looking for an e-learning platform that offers a variety of features and price points, LearnWorlds is a great option.

They offer four different plans that cater to different types of users, so you can be sure to find one that fits your needs.

And if you pay for their services annually, you’ll get a 20% discount on any of their plans.

These are the pricing plans they offer:

  • Starter plan -$29 per month ($24 per month with annual billing);
  • Pro Trainer plan-$99 per month ($79 per month with annual billing);
  • Learning Center plan -$299 per month ($249 per month with annual billing); and
  • High Volume And Corporate Plan- Custom Pricing

If you’re undecided about which of LearnWorlds plans will work best for you, LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial for each one so you can try out each plan’s full features without any obligation or need to enter credit card details.

All plans, except the Starter, have no transaction fees. A $5 fee will be charged for every course sale on the Starter plan.

Please keep this in mind when considering the Starter plan. The transaction fee, in combination with feature limitations, might make the Pro Trainer a better choice for those who are not absolute beginners.

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LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

LearnWorlds Cost with custom pricing

There are three LearnWorlds Plans you can choose from. Each of LearnWorld’s prices and plans comes with unique key features.

Here are the three LearnWorlds Plans you can choose from-

  • LearnWorlds Starter plan-$29 per month
  • LearnWorlds Pro trainer plan-$99 per month
  • LearnWorlds Learning Center plan-$299 per month

Now let’s see which pricing plan offers the perfect features for you. Without further ado, let’s get started-

1. Starter Plan

A majority of the popular online course platforms are very expensive. The good news is that you can find incredibly cheap online course creation tools.

LearnWorlds starter plan is the best for Newbie course creators. The monthly subscription to this plan is $29 per month.

If paid annually, you can save 20% which will allow you to grab this plan only at $24 per month.

Here are the basic features of the Starter Plan:

  • $5 transaction fees per course sale
  • 1 Admin
  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited paid courses
  • Site Builder (3 pages)
  • Popup builder (2 popups)
  • Assessments
  • 1-1 Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Built-in Community
  • 4 Payment gateways
  • Flexible Checkout Options
  • Coupons
  • Basic Integrations
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Drip Feed Courses
  • 24/5 e-mail support

2. Pro Trainer

The Pro Trainer plan is designed for professional trainers. With this solution, you can build your training library and distribute your training. You will also get a professional website to promote your business.

The monthly subscription to this plan is $99 per month. If you subscribe to the LearnWorlds Pro Trainer yearly plan, you can save 20% which will allow you to grab this plan only at $79 per month.

Basic Features of Pro Trainer:

  • No transaction fees
  • 5 Admins / Instructors
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Complete Site Builder with Blog
  • Unlimited popups
  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Installments
  • Customizable Course Player
  • Customizable checkout page
  • Custom Certificates
  • Live Classes and webinars via Zoom & Webex
  • Form Builder
  • 20 SCORMs / HTML5
  • Advanced Assessments
  • Affiliate Management
  • Advanced Zapier & Premium Integrations
  • Question Banks
  • Unlimited Access to LW Academy
  • 24/7 Priority e-mail support

3. Learning Center

Who have you ever heard saying that the coaching business is the easiest way to go? Truth be told, most new coaches struggle to get their businesses launched and keep them going due to their lack of knowledge.

The LearnWorlds Learning Center plan offers coaching and consulting support to help you start your coaching business and give you the tools and strategies to stay at the top of your game.

The monthly subscription to this plan is $299 per month. If you subscribe to the LearnWorlds Learning Center yearly plan, you can save 20% which will allow you to grab this plan only at $249 per month.

Features of the Learning Center:

  • 20 Custom User Roles
  • Bulk User Actions
  • Full White-label Options
  • Interactive Video
  • Auto-Transcripts & Subtitles for your Videos
  • Zoom & Webex Multiple Accounts
  • Unlimited SCORMs / HTML5
  • User Segments / Progress Reports
  • Course Insights Reports
  • Schedule automated reports
  • Advanced Affiliate Management
  • Integrations with API
  • Webhooks Integrations
  • Advanced SSO
  • iOS & Android App (extra fee)
  • Premium Onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 Premium Support

Which LearnWorlds Pricing Plan is Right For You?

Each plan has been categorized according to what users it suits. The following information will assist you in selecting a LearnWorlds plan for the first time. You can switch between LearnWorlds plans if you wish.

1. LearnWorlds Starter Pricing Plan

It is the perfect plan for someone who is new to online school. It provides the user with a good platform for building and promoting online courses.

It would be a good idea to upgrade from the Starter plan once course sales start to ramp up. The Starter plan’s viability is reduced by its $5 transaction fees. 

2. LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Pricing Plan

The Pro Trainer is our favourite plan. It’s perfect for users with a few months of experience under their belts to those who are looking to create a professional learning service.

The Pro Trainer comes with everything you need to create a website (with a complete website builder)and great content, plus the ability to collaborate with other creators by adding up to 5 admins or instructors.

Not only that, but the Pro Trainer also makes it easy to offer different payment plans for your courses.

You can even offer some courses for free, which is a great way to attract new subscribers as part of a marketing campaign.

Adding award certificates of completion to your online school will show your learners that you are professional and will take their schooling seriously. This is a great option to grow your audience with zero transaction fees!

3. LearnWorlds Learning Center Pricing Plan

The LearnWorlds Learning Center plan is the perfect solution for large online schools or institutions and professional trainers. The creators of this plan had substantial content libraries in mind, or at least have one in the very near future.

This plan can accommodate up to 20 administrators or instructors. You can send out invitations to potential learners and support submissions for new students in bulk.

One of the best features that the LearnWorlds Learning Center plan offers is the ability to set up your school’s very own mobile app with the help of the LearnWorlds platform and a reliable training solution.

Although there is a separate fee for this service, it’s definitely worth it because it will make it much easier for you to keep in touch with your students.

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LearnWorlds Features: Why You Should Choose LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds has become popular among the course creator for the following 15 Reasons-

1. Flexible Course Creation

Flexible Reasons

There are countless ways to create and distribute your content on LearnWorlds. You can create listed, private, paid, or free courses or drip feeds to build and follow your audiences.

2. Interactive videos

You can gamify your videos to add exciting interaction questions. It also helps to change the flow of your video in the way your audience wants.

Interactive Videos

You can also give the learner access to control the watching path. They can watch the videos and design the video library the way they want which will dramatically improve the learning process.

3. Live Sessions

You can integrate the Learnworlds platform with popular video conferencing software like Zoom, Webex, and Calendly.

Live Sessions

You can combine the live classes with the evergreen recorded content to improve your audience reach and make your webinar available even when you are not live with them.

4. No Design Skill is Required

LearnWorlds Page builders

LearnWorlds offers tons of ready-made fully customizable drag-and-drop elements to build your dream online academy without any design skills.

The ready-made templates are so eye-catching that they will definitely improve user experience.

5. Mobile App Builder

Nowadays mobile app building has become very popular because of the no-code app builder.

LearnWorlds offers a drag-and-drop mobile app builder where you can launch your own branded mobile app without any coding skills.

LearnWorlds App Builder

Though you have to pay some additional subscription for the application, it’s worth trying. But If you are looking for my recommendation as an app builder, I highly recommend Passion.io.

6. Popup Builder

Popup Builder is the best thing you need to grow your email list, generate more leads, and grow your business faster.

Popup Builder of LearnWorlds

Learnworlds comes with a free popup builder that is highly customizable and you don’t need any coding skills the create highly convertible popups.

7. Custom User’s Role

If you are working in a team and if you are the leader, you need to control the access rights of your teammates.

It will help them perform better and will keep them focused on their tasks. When you’re giving out access rights, you need to take into consideration the needs of each member.

Role Access Permission

If you can assign the right access rights, productivity will increase and the user experience will become more personalized.

8. Analytics & Reporting

You can monitor the full course funnel from beginning to end to identify how your learning interacts with your courses.

LearnWorlds Reporting Dashboard

Once you have learned the way how they are taking your course catalog or your learner analytics, you can work on your course improvement.

9. Coupons & Bundles

LearnWorlds offers coupons and bundle features that are some amazing ways to increase conversions.

LearnWorlds allows you to structure your product in different ways and help you to give your customer more flexible options. This is one of the best marketing tools I like most in LearnWorlds.

10. Memberships & Subscriptions

This is the surefire way to increase recurring revenue. The membership and subscription feature makes it easy to sell an ongoing product.

Recurring Revenue Generation

You can create a course or product to sell. It can be anything from an eBook or training program.

For the best results, you could even create a membership website where you have different offers for different types of customers.

11. Affiliate management

You can create your own branded affiliate program for your courses. This will help you make a passive income stream by selling your digital products.

LearnWorlds Affiliate Program

LearnWorlds helps to create a scalable affiliate network that is real-time data-driven and increases your traffic that will increase your sales. If you wanna get high-volume sales, this feature is just mind-blowing.

12. 30 Day Money back guarantee

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means if you feel disappointed you can get your money back without any questions asked!

13. Check & Payments

Check and Payment methods

We know that as an online instructor, one of your main concerns is ensuring secure transactions for your students.

That’s why LearnWorlds offers the best and safest payment gateways to help make handling payments a breeze.

EU Local Payment Gateway

With their preferred payment tool, you can offer your learners secure transactions and calculate taxes with just a few clicks!

14. Survey Builder

When it comes to your website, forms are essential for capturing leads and communicating with your audience.

However, they often come across as cold and uninviting. Creating a beautiful form that’s easy to use and highly engaging can be difficult and even expensive!

Form & Survey Builder of LearnWorlds

Fortunately, LearnWorlds, the learning management system that allows users to create courses with ease, has several tools that allow you to create beautiful forms and surveys with just a few clicks!

In addition to making it easy to create beautiful forms, LearnWorlds also allows you to capture your customer’s entire experience on your website.

With LearnWorlds, you can create a fun and easy experience for your customer, allowing you to improve the quality of your offer and your messaging.

15. Integrations

LearnWorlds helps you connect all the pieces of your online business, from marketing and eCommerce to customer service, business automation, and payments.

Zapier Integration

Automating your business will save you time and money, and make your business run smoothly.

LearnWorlds makes it easy to connect all the pieces of your online business, so you can focus on what you do best.

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LearnWorlds Pricing FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions you need to know about LearnWorlds Plans. In this Q&A session, I will try to cover them all:

1. Do LearnWorlds Offer Any Free Plan?

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial. You can say this is a free plan as there is no credit card required to give the LearnWorlds premium plan a try.

2. Do I need Any Credit Card To Try The LearnWorlds Free Trial?

You can grab the LearnWorlds trial just by entering your email address and password. You don’t need a credit card to try this online course platform. This is the best thing I love about this online course creation platform.

3. Are there Any Transaction fees For Selling online courses?

You will be charged a $5 transaction fee for every course sale in the LearnWorlds starter plan. If you upgrade to the pro trainer and Learning centre plan there will be zero transaction fees.

4. Does LearnWorlds Charge VAT In Its Pricing?

The LearnWorlds Plans are VAT exclusive. It will be added to your bill if you are an EU customer and you don’t provide a valid EU VAT Number.

5. Can I Upgrade or Downgrade the LearnWorlds plan anytime?

You will get full freedom on your LearnWorlds price selection. You can upgrade the plan, if you need more advanced features or downgrade the plan if you wanna spend less money and need fewer features.

6. Can I Cancel the plan anytime?

You can cancel your plan anytime you want. There is no long-term commitment. If you subscribe to the yearly plan, you can cancel the plan in the next year. If you subscribed to the monthly plan, you can cancel the plan before the next month. It’s quite easy!

7. Does LearnWorlds Allow Unlimited courses?

Yes, LearnWorlds support unlimited courses on all the plans. So, you can grow your business even from the starter plan.

8. How Much Does LearnWorlds Cost?

LearnWorlds’ costing starts at $29 per month to $299 per month. If you subscribe for the annual subscription, you will get a 20% discount.

LearnWorlds Pricing


If you are looking for a multipurpose courses platform like Fitness, health, coaching, or Enterprise LMS to launch your first online course, Learnworlds is the best one you should try.

The LearnWorlds pricing starts at $29 per month to $299 per month. I recommend you go with the yearly plan to save 20% on all of the plans. So this is the perfect tool to use to market online courses.

I have good news for you!

LearnWorlds comes with a 30-day free trial and you don’t need any credit card information to avail of the free trial! You can experience all the plans you need without spending a dime!

Isn’t it amazing?

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the LearnWorlds trial right now!

I hope you have loved this Learnworlds pricing plan. Let me know which you are going to buy among these three:

  • Starter plan-$29 per month
  • Pro trainer plan-$99 per month
  • Learning centre plan-$299 per month

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  1. Great pricing plans here. Super beneficial to see a learning center for coaches. Before I went full passive income with my courses and eBooks I offered coaching services. This is a fun but sometimes tough business model to work.

    1. Tough for the coach and trainers who struggle to drive traffic to the platform. That’s why coaches and trainer who has a good volume of followers can do better in course business. That’s why personal branding is the most important factor in business growth.

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