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LearnWorlds Black Friday Deal 2024→{37% Discount}

Are you looking for the Learnworlds Black Friday Deal?

Stop searching anywhere else! I have covered everything you need to know about LearnWorlds.

LearnWorlds is an easy-to-use and reliable online course platform that helps to sell online courses to a wide audience.

You can train your employees and associates, and educate your customers using this fully customizable and white-label solution.

LearnWorlds normally start their pricing from $29-$299 per month. All you need to choose the pricing plan according to your business needs and start growing your business.

Without further let’s find out how much you can save on Learnworlds Black Friday sale this year!

You can start your 30-day free trial first. Don’t worry you will get a 39% discount for the rest months after grabbing the LearnWorlds in the Black Friday period!

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you don’t miss these massive discounts from LearnWorlds and can avail yourself of the Black Friday offers! Check here the updated Black Friday Discounts by LearnWorlds.

LearnWorlds Black Friday Sale In Brief

LearnWorlds Black Friday And Cyber Monday Discount
Product NameLearnWorlds
Product Type LMS
Best For Course Creators, Teachers, coaches, Online Schools
Black Friday Discount Up to 37% Discount
Early Bird Access November 16, 2024- November 23, 2024
Cyber Monday Deal November 24-November 30, 2024
Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial Available

LearnWorlds is all about giving everyone a chance to use its platform, which is why it has a history of offering excellent Black Friday specials.

Learnworlds is offering a Black Friday Discount of 39% on annual Learning Center plans & mobile apps this year.

And you will get 35% off all Learning Center plans for one year. But I will share an amazing strategy where you can save up to 50% massive discounts on the LearnWorlds Black Friday Deals.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait for Black Friday to claim your discount, similar sales are available year-round. You can get a 20% reduced price on all yearly plans at any time.

Not only that, but you’ll be getting access to all of LearnWorld’s exclusive features at an even more affordable price.

So why wait?

Go ahead and take advantage of these great deals today!

LearnWorlds Black Friday Deals on Monthly Plans

LearnWorlds Black Friday Cyber Discount
LearnWorlds Black Friday Cyber Discount

If you subscribe to the monthly plan during the LearnWorlds Black Friday Sale, you will get a 39% discount.

here is the LearnWorlds black Friday Discount at a glance:

PlansRegular Price Black Friday DiscountAfter Discount
Pro Trainer $99/Month39%$60.39/Month
Learning Center$299/Month39%$182.39/Month
Learnworlds Black Friday sale

LearnWorlds Black Friday Friday Sale Discount On The Yearly Plans

LearnWorlds Free Gifts
LearnWorlds Free Gifts

If you wanna get a 59% discount on the Learnworlds Black Friday sale, you have to go for the yearly plan.

This is simply easy math. LearnWorld Normally offers a 20% discount on the annual subscription.

If you subscribe to the Yearly Plan during Black Friday, You will get a huge discount of 59% in total.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the Learnworlds Black Friday Cyber Monday sale discount right now!

Here is how much you can save on the annual subscriptions:

PlansRegular Price Black Friday DiscountAfter Discount
Pro Trainer $99/Month59%$40.59/Month
Learning Center$299/Month59%$122.59/Month

If you subscribe to the annual plan, you can save up to $2117 every year.

How To Get LearnWorlds Black Friday Deals 2024

When I was writing this article, LearnWorld’s Black Friday Deals were not available. That’s why I can show how you can get a Black Friday discount using the regular discount on the yearly plan.

You can follow the same steps. When the Black Friday offer goes live, it will automatically track the discount and will have you the highest discount of the year.

So let’s get started-

Step 1: Go to this exclusive link first, you will be landed on the LearnWorlds Black Friday pricing page. (No coupon code is required)

LearnWorlds Pricing

Step 2: Enter your email address and password and get started with the LearnWorlds 30 free trial. No worries, you don’t need a credit card required.

LearnWorlds Black Friday Discount

Step 3: Enter your school name and password. This step is very vital. Because it will be your school name where you will teach your students.

Set your School's Name

Step 4: Select your school template. You can choose from a variety of ready-made templates according to your business needs.

Choose your school's template

Step 5: Choose Your school context. Here you have to mention what you wanna do and your business type.

LearnWorlds School's Context

Final step: Now start customizing your course using the drag & drop features. Here is the LearnWorlds Dashboard for launching your first online course.

LearnWorlds Dashboard

LearnWorlds Pricing 2024: How Much Does It Cost?

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans
Learnworlds plans

There are four different plans available at LearnWorlds, and they range in price from $29/per month to $299/per month.

You can save 20% on the total cost of these plans by signing up for annual billing, where you pay the full amount for the year upfront.

Each plan comes loaded with unique tools, resources, and features to help you with your course content creation business.

And if you’re not sure if LearnWorlds is right for you, they offer a 30-day free trial so you can get a feel for the program before making any significant commitments.

Here is the LearnWorlds Pricing Overview:

  • Starter plan – $29 per month or $24 per month paid annually (save $60)
  • Pro Trainer – $99 per month or $79 per month paid annually (save $240)
  • Learning Center – $299 per month or $249 per month paid annually (save $600)
  • Learning Center + Mobile App: $598 Per Month

1. Starter Plan

LearnWorlds Starter Plan

The LearnWorlds Starter Plan is perfect for those just starting to create online courses as it offers an immeasurable amount of tools for customization to enhance the learner’s experience.

Not to mention, it is budget-friendly and allows for only one admin making it ideal for the creative entrepreneur.

The LearnWorlds platform makes it easy to create various types of content and actively engage students in the learning process – giving you everything you need and more to create quality courses your students or employees will love!

Features of Starter Plan:

  • $5 fee per course sale
  • 1 Admin
  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited paid courses
  • Site Builder (3 pages)
  • Popup builder (2 popups)
  • Integrated community
  • 4 Payment gateways
  • Flexible Checkout Options
  • Coupons
  • Basic Integrations
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Drip Feed Courses
  • 24/5 e-mail support

2. Pro Trainer

Pro Trainer plan

The LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan is the ideal choice for professional trainers and instructors.

With zero transaction fees, space for five instructors, a branded and customizable check-out page, and 24/7 priority email support, the Pro Trainer Plan has everything you need to succeed.

Features of LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan:

  • No transaction fees
  • 5 Admins / Instructors
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Complete Site Builder with Blog
  • Unlimited popups
  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Instalments
  • Customizable Course Player
  • Customizable checkout page
  • Custom Certificates
  • Live Classes and webinars via Zoom & Webex
  • Form Builder
  • 20 SCORMs / HTML5
  • File Assignments
  • Affiliate Management
  • Advanced Zapier & Premium Integrations
  • Question Banks
  • Unlimited Access to LW Academy
  • 24/7 Priority e-mail support

3. Learning centre

LearnWorlds Learning Center

The LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan is our most popular plan because it offers an extensive amount of features and tools for course creation and management.

With this plan, you’ll never have to worry about transaction fees, and your students will love the interactive video feature. You can also take advantage of bulk-user options, coupons, bundles, and upsells.

Features of the Learning Center Plan:

  • 20 Custom & Advanced User Roles
  • Bulk User Actions
  • Full White-label Options
  • Interactive Video
  • Auto-Transcripts & Subtitles for your Videos
  • Zoom & Webex Multiple Accounts
  • Unlimited SCORMs / HTML5
  • User Segments / Progress Reports
  • Course Insights Reports
  • Schedule automated reports
  • Advanced Affiliate Management
  • Integrations with API
  • Webhooks Integrations
  • Advanced SSO
  • iOS & Android App (extra fee)
  • Premium Onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 Premium Support

4. Learning Center + Mobile App

Learning Center + Mobile

If you are looking for more advanced features like the following features, you can contact their customer support:

  • Additional Admins
  • Custom Bulk Enrollments
  • Branded corporate academy
  • 99.95% Server Uptime
  • Premium Cloud Servers
  • Optional SLA
  • Flexible Invoicing
  • Custom Reports & Services
  • Premium Support options
  • Tailored Pricing options

Affiliate Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything using the links, I will get a small commission without any additional cost to you. So happy purchasing and keep growing your business with the best LMS builder in the market. ❤️

Why You Should Get Learnworld’s Black Friday Deals?

LearnWorlds Mobile App

1. Fully White Labelled

A white-label solution is a product or service that is developed by one company and then transferred to another with its own name, logo, and brand identity.

LearningWorlds is completely white-labelled, unlike Udemy or Skillshare which host your classes. Your branding is the only thing displayed on the course you created.

Why it is very important?

LearnWorlds Feature

Think like your learners. Do you feel more confident enrolling in a course from an online school that reflects its own voice and identity, or a random tutorial from another site?

The more straightforward it might seem to host your course on big brands’ websites, there are limitations, such as limited payment systems or teaching interface restrictions.

It’s easy to create a course that’s uniquely yours by using Learnworld’s features!

2. Easy To Design & Brand Your Course

It is essential to have an eye-catching website these days if you want to stand out from the stiff competition on the web.

If you don’t have coding or layout skills, LearnWorlds’ one-of-a-kind Online School Site Builder can help you set up your online school/academy in minutes!

course pages: LearnWorlds Course Creation

Theme Explorer allows you to select preset themes and customize the colour palette, typography, buttons, and layout to reflect your brand.

A rich resource library of widgets and hero templates gives you the freedom to mix and match sections such as products, offers, testimonials, instructor profiles, and contact information. Simply pick the layouts that showcase your online school in the best light!

3. Easy Course Builder

You can easily build your course content and sales pages with LearnWorlds’ drag-and-drop page builder. You can do this by adding a lesson, selecting the lesson type, and then uploading your content.

LearnWorlds Course Builder

There are various options available, including videos, audio files, PDFs, quizzes, surveys, etc. It is even possible to embed videos from YouTube, SlideShare, and SoundCloud.

4. Marketing Tools For Selling Online Courses

Your course has now been created. Then you’d have to promote and sell it, but that’s not the end!

Your course can also be up-sold and cross-sold using LearnWorlds’ comprehensive marketing tools.

LearnWorlds Black Friday Deal on marketing tools

You can create promotions like early-bird promotions to encourage more and more sign-ups and create coupon codes to attract more customers.

It is also possible to add flexible payment options like discounted subscriptions and monthly and annual subscription plans.

5. Reporting

LearnWorlds provides students with access to powerful analytics tools; allowing them to track how they’re doing throughout the curriculum, see where they are struggling and offer immediate feedback on any course elements that cause confusion.

Reporting of LearnWorlds

It offers integrations with Google Analytics and Mixpanel. These tools allow you to see exactly how people interact with your site and where they come from so that you can improve conversions through retargeting and remarketing campaigns.

You can export data into visual charts and graphs that give you actionable insight into your user behaviour.

6. Responsive Templates

Your learners can access your course from any device of varying screen sizes and formats. Thanks to LearnWorld’s responsive design, your course looks great on every mobile app and browser.

You won’t have to worry about your learner’s experience being ruined by a poorly designed course. And this is brand new—there’s even the chance to create your own App.

7. SCROM Complaints

LearnWorlds offers support for SCORM (Standardized Content Object Reference Model) files, which are used in the e-learning industry.

Although not mandatory, this feature is useful because you can create courses with any authoring tool and then seamlessly link them to LearnWorlds.

SCROM Complaints

Therefore, the course can be accessed by students through a web browser without any additional software. This can be made possible by using the SCORM (Standardized Content Object Reference Model) file.

SCORM files can be created using any learning management system (LMS) or Authoring tool and then can be used as a launching point for content. LearnWorlds is a SCORM Compliant LMS, and therefore compatible with any SCORM file.

8. Affordable Pricing Plan

LearnWorlds is built around a freemium subscription model. For $29 per month, learners will receive access to an unlimited amount of courses and users.

Learners can also create courses and upload them to the marketplace through the website. In addition to the price, students will be charged based on how much data they consume monthly.

Students who reach a certain bandwidth threshold will be taxed accordingly and will not be able to perform any activities outside of the marketplace.

For instance, if a student consumes 2 GB of bandwidth each month, he/she will only be allowed to take 3 courses (2GB x 1 course per month), in addition to being billed for usage above 100 MB.

The premium plans start at $29 per month and include additional features such as marketing automation, mobile app development, and professional support.

9. Blazing Fast Customer Support

A website might not load properly, there could be errors in your HTML code, or maybe the server running it cannot handle heavy traffic.

You may have experienced an error message similar to “Website down? Slow loading pages;” or “When you need some help with problems, you can count on our reliable customer support team.

They provide you with technical assistance and answer queries related to your product. Their customer support includes toll-free telephone and email support.

Moreover, we offer extensive online resources consisting of video tutorials, ebooks, articles, whitepapers, and much more!”

10. 30-Day Free Trial

LearnWorlds offers an opportunity for you to try their platform for 30 days without having to make a commitment.

That means if you decide not to continue after the trial, no hard feelings; you can simply cancel within those 30 days.

LearnWorls Cyber Monday Discount

This is perfect for people who want to take things slowly and build a relationship with our products. Plus, anyone who wants to try out our platform right away gets to do so completely risk-free.

LearnWorlds Alternatives

Here are the top LearnWorlds competitors you can give a try. Each of the LMS tools comes with a free trial. So you can try every one of the tools without spending any money. Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Thinkific
  • Passion.io
  • Teachable
  • Podia

1. Thinkific

Thinkific Course builder

Thinkific is the perfect LMS for creating modern online courses. It takes care of everything from hosting and payment collection to student management, so you can focus on your business instead of your technology.

With Thinkific, you can say goodbye to tech headaches and get back to what you do best.

Check here for the 30-day free trial of Thinkific.

2. Passion.io

Passion.io App Builder

Passion.io is the solution for experts, coaches, trainers, and tutors who want to build their own e-learning apps and reach more students.

With this end-to-end platform, you’ll be able to create an impactful online learning experience for people all over the globe.

Check here for the 14-Free Trial of Passion.io

3. Teachable

Teachable Course Building Platform

Teachable is a great platform for online entrepreneurs and individuals who want to establish their own digital training and course services.

The user interface is simple and easy to use, so your students will have no problems accessing and exploring your content.

Teachable is not a classroom system, but it is specially built for business education. It is moderately priced and provides course design and marketing features.

If you are planning to create online courses of any kind, you must consider this platform.

Check here for Teachable Pricing Plans.

4. Podia

Podia LMS Platform

Podia has come a long way since it first started out as a simple course-building platform with a few cool features for selling digital products.

Now it’s evolved into a full-fledged business platform with capabilities for all types of businesses that have digital products, from ebooks and webinars to online courses and communities.

Check Here for Podia 30-day Free Trial

Here are the Black Friday offers of these four LearnWorlds alternatives-

So if you are looking for the best Black Friday deals for the LMS platform, FacileWay has your back. You will get here the top-class online course platform at a very affordable price.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your favourite online course platform and launch your first course online without thinking twice!

Here are the FAQs related to LearnWorlds-

1. What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is an ideal tool for creating professional quality eLearning courses quickly, easily, and affordably. LearnWorlds platform can help you create any type of course, from business, technical, financial, legal, medical, or customer service courses.

2. Is LearnWorlds Legit?

LearnWorlds is 100% legit. You can rely on this online course creator without any doubt and Black Friday Deals are the perfect offer you can grab this amazing course material at a very affordable price.

3. Is There any LearnWorlds Free Trial available?

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial. You don’t need a credit card to avail of the free trial. So there is nothing to lose in play with its course player templates.

4. When LearnWorlds Black Friday Deals are going live?

LearnWorlds Black Friday Deals are going Live on 18 November. But You can start registering from 11th November to get the early bird access discount. Your discount will be announced after 18th November 2024.

5. Is there any LearnWorlds Lifetime Deal Available?

LearnWorlds does not offer any Lifetime deal. But You can get a huge Discount on the LearnWorlds Black Friday Deals.

6. Does LearnWorlds offer any Free courses?

You can subscribe to the learnWorlds free account to create free courses without spending any money. If you wanna try the premium features without spending any money, you can grab the 30-day free trial. (No credit card is required)

Read also: Semrush Black Friday Deals


With its native blogging feature, you can create a stunning website with lots of engaging activities and resources for students. Use the platform to upload images and videos and add interactive quizzes, polls, and polls.

The only downside of this LMS it does not support bulk uploading. But You can also set up classes and organize events.

Plus, you get 24/7 support via email if you run into any problems. Just make sure you check out the pricing plan before signing up so you know exactly how much money you’re spending.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the LearnWorlds Cyber Monday sale and Black Friday deal discount.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you think, this content helped to save a lot of your money, please share it with your friends and let them know how much money they can save on this Black Friday LearnWorlds deal.

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