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InterServer Black Friday Deal 2023-50% Discount For Lifetime

This year’s biggest surprise is the Interserver Black Friday deal – flat rate budget hosting for life. You’ll also get some nifty perks, such as unlimited storage and free site migration only at $2.50 per month!

The most amazing thing about this InterServer Black Friday Deal is its price-locked policy. Once you have subscribed to its hosting plan, no matter if there is any price hike, you will enjoy the old price.

Is InterServer’s Black Friday 2023 Deal Worth It?

InterServer Black Friday Discount
Interserver black Friday discount

This Interserver web hosting services deal may or may not be a good deal for you depending on what you need. I highly recommend this plan for people looking to run a personal blog or biography site. You can also use its unlimited storage to run a digital photo gallery or for other purposes.

There is an added bonus with this deal because it is a fixed-price deal for life. This plan doesn’t have the steep price hike that most web hosting plans have on renewal, so you won’t have that ax hanging over your head when it comes to the end of the contract period.

The only downside is this web hosting provider does not offer a free domain. You have to pay for it or you can buy it from Namecheap.

InterServer Black Friday Offer

Interserver black Friday discount

Flat Discount: Receive 50% off for a lifetime and enjoy unlimited storage, free site migration, and more.

Promotion Start – End Date: November 27, 2021 – December 2, 2021

About InterServer Web Hosting

Once you learn about InterServer Web Hosting, it’s hard to overlook the company. InterServer Web Hosting is a New Jersey-based company that’s been in business since 1999, founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri.

Their home base was initially a virtual hosting reseller company, but they’ve grown over the past 17 years to operate three data centers in New Jersey, plus another one in Los Angeles.

There are many advantages to choosing a shared server from InterServer Web Hosting. They are affordable, reasonably priced, reliable (uptime is consistently above 99.95%), and flexible (you can upgrade to a VPS cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting, or Managed WordPress hosting at a later time). 

Compared to other hosting companies in the market today, I believe that InterServer is a rare gem. As a result of their top-of-the-line servers, impressive hosting speed, and a good range of plans, they are easily able to meet customers’ needs regardless of the nature of the website they are hosting.

Considering the fact that these features are coupled with an affordable and reasonable price tag ($2.50/mo at signup, $7/mo at renewal) – it’s hard not to put them on my short list of “highly recommended hosts.”.

Black Friday Deals Plans and Pricing

Okay, now we are getting to the financial side.

If your website runs like a cheetah but drains all your money, what good would it do for you? After you have gone through these plans and pricing, we assure you that it won’t happen.

It’s important to know about Interserve’s Price Lock Guarantee, which ensures you won’t have to pay any more for your hosting.

There is a table outlining their plans with the starting prices you should know:

Hosting Plan Regular PriceBlack Friday PriceDiscountSpecial Link
Shared Hosting$5/Month$2.5/Month50%Click Here!
VPS Hosting$6/Month$3/Month 50% Click Here!
Dedicated Servers
$50/Month$25/Month 50% Click Here!
Interserver black Friday discount

How to Activate This InterServer Black Friday Deals?

All you have to do is follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Click here to go to the home page of InterServer web hosting. You will land on the InterServer Black Friday Deal page.

Step 2: These options can be found on the top right of the page. Click on the appropriate option for you.

InterServer Black Friday Deal
Interserver Black Friday deals

Step 3:  Select “Buy Now”.

Step 4: Register a new domain or enter your existing domain.

Register for a domain name
Interserver Black Friday deals

Step 5:  Create your account by filling in this form.

Customer information
Interserver Black Friday deals

Step 6:  You will receive another form to complete with your company information.

InterServer Final Payment
Interserver black Friday discount

As you can see the web hosting plan will be renewed with InterServer Black Friday sale price locked price.

Final Step: You will be able to pay by credit card.


You have successfully grabbed the InterServer Black Friday sale and saved 50% on every web hosting renewal!

The reasons to choose InterServer Web Hosting This Black Friday

InterServer Black Friday Deal
Interserver Black Friday deals

John Quaglieri and Michael Lavrik were the two main founders of InterServer web hosting services, which has since become one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world.

As time has passed, many advancements have been made in the company’s services and they have expanded its reach in the market over the past two decades.

InterServer web hosting services have designed their hosting plans with the intent of making them suitable for anyone, from a small digital newbie to large agencies, to make them easy to use for everyone.

Below are the top reasons you should grab the InterServer Black Friday Offer

1. Best Discounts

The Interserver Black Friday sale is just like any other web hosting sale. For those who intend to purchase Interserver Shared hosting during Black Friday, it’s the best time to order

2. No Long-Term Commitment

A lot of hosting companies require you to sign up at least one year in advance, which can significantly increase your startup costs.

If you opt for the Interserver monthly plan, you will be able to better manage your money. This black Friday is the perfect time to save money on this web hosting.

3. Lifetime Price Lock Guarantee

In accordance with Interserver’s Price Lock Guarantee, the price of any product you purchase will remain locked for the life of the product. As a result, if the company raises its prices soon in order to counter inflation, you’ll still have to pay the old price.

The cheapest web hosting plan during Black Friday is $2.50 per month, this means that when you renew your hosting plan at the end of the month you will only have to pay $2.50 per month for hosting. 

It is important to note that in some hosting Black Friday deals, you have to pay the regular price after renewal

4. Unlimited Website Hosting

You can host as many domains as you like with their shared hosting. InterServer does not charge you for additional domains you host. For each domain, you can create unlimited emails.

5. Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are very important for website security and gaining customers’ trust. InterServer Hosting offers FREE SSL certificates for each domain.

6. Unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage

There are no storage limitations, and all storage is powered by Hardware Raid 10 servers, which cache SSD drives. You can even store SQL databases on SSD drives.

There is no limit to how much data you can send. The bandwidth is unlimited.

7. Private Data Centers

InterServer is a privately owned web hosting company. The company is not part of the EIG group, unlike BlueHost or HostGator. Their data centres are their own.

8. Payable monthly

The monthly payment option is available if you don’t want to pay all at once. Nonetheless, I recommend you pay annually.

The following payment methods are accepted: Credit Card, International Debit Card, and PayPal.

9. Money-Back Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with their service, you can get your money back. There’s a 30-day refund policy on all hosting packages.

10. Weekly Backups

You can keep a backup of your data to keep your data safe. It is provided free of charge.

11. Free Migration

Whenever you need a website migration, InterServer provides free support. If you want to switch hosts, they will do it for free. All you have to do is relax. Your site will be migrated by InterServer’s Support Engineers with little or no downtime.

12. Excellent customer service

The customer support team is available 24 hours a day. You can reach them at any time.

Live Chat and Email support are available 24 hours a day. For U.S. residents, toll-free phone support is also available.

13. Easy to use Control Panel:

Control panels powered by CPanel are provided for standard Web hosting, and Plesk is provided for Windows hosting.

FAQs: InterServer Black Friday Deals 2023

1. How much discount does the InterServer Cyber Monday sale offers?

InterServer is offering insane discounts of 65% during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. For only $2.50/month, you can get unlimited shared web hosting.

Because it is a lifetime discount, you will need to pay the same amount on renewal.

2. What is the end date of the InterServer Black Friday sale?

The InterServer Black Friday Deals start on 27 November and last until 5 December.

3. Should I sign up for an annual plan to receive the discount?

Signing up for a month will not affect your discount. During the signup process, InterServer will ask you to select the billing interval. Choose from monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, and 30 months.

Please keep in mind that if your account is deactivated due to any reason, your discounted price will be discarded, and you will have to pay $5/month next time.

4. Is it necessary to apply coupons?

InterServer does not offer official coupons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, you can use this coupon to receive an additional discount of $0.01 for the first month. FACILEWAYONFIRE

5. Do they offer discounts on all hosting packages?

InterServer is offering a 65% discount on only the Unlimited Shared Hosting Package during this Black Friday. The “FACILEWAYONFIRE” coupon, however, can be applied to VPS and other hosting packages.


InterServer Black Friday Deal is the best occasion when you can grab this premium hosting for only $2.50/month. Like other web-hosting providers, InterServer does not charge a high renewal price after the huge discount on Black Friday.

You will keep enjoying the same renewal fees once you have grabbed the Black Friday discount. I hope you have loved this article! Please share as appreciation!

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