How To Increase Traffic To Old Blog Posts

How To Increase Traffic To Old Blog Posts In 2024 {UPDATED}

You are getting low traffic and wanna increase traffic to old blog posts. It’s time to refresh your old blog posts.

In 2018, Siegemedia deleted almost 15% of its blog posts.

What did you think? They have lost their traffic?

Actually no! Their blog traffic increased by 50% more.

Deleting blog posts may have a positive impact on SEO. Just think what If you just update your blog post?

How To Increase Traffic To Old Blog Posts

The updating blog post will definitely have a positive impact on your SEO if you can do it perfectly.

In this context, I will try to share how you can dominate SERPs by updating old blog posts.

The first attempt we should take is to calculate which blog posts we should keep or delete. Let’s have a deep conversation about this point.

1. Calculate which post to keep and delete

We have come to know that deleting blog posts does not decrease traffic. It plays a great role in increasing website traffic too.

You should delete the low-quality content. It is possible to update medium-quality content to high-quality content.

If you are thinking of updating low-quality content you are going to make it worse.

Low-quality content denotes content that has duplicate content issues, broken links enriched, low worded, and no search engine traffic that has a very bad impact on SEO.

So, it is a good idea to delete content that is harmful to your SEO.

To calculate which blog post you should keep and which one you should remove, you will need help from Google Analytics.

You will need to make a list of the posts that you will keep or delete. You can make an Excel sheet that will be categorized into these two: to be deleted and to be updated.

When you are thinking of deleting a post you have to consider three following points-


Before deleting a post, you should have a look at its organic ranking, conversion rates, and inbound links as well as session rates.

Check how many times the blog posts have been shared on social media.

If your blog post has no inbound links and is unable to drive traffic and fewer conversions, you should remove the post.


Find out the useless blog posts. For example, you have some blog posts that were relevant when you published them.

But nowadays those post is not necessary anymore or not relevant anymore. You may consider deleting those posts.

If the posts drive traffic, you may consider updating those posts that will increase traffic to your old blog posts.

If you have any duplicate contents that have plagiarism issues you should delete the contents.

If you have no that you are losing tons of organic traffic if there are any plagiarism issues.

Either update the content or delete those contents. If you have time issues then activate the page’s Robots.txt file, so that you may save your site from Google scanning. Use Jasper to write copyright-free content. Or you can use ProWritingAid as the best Grammarly alternative. It’s cheaper than Grammarly.

2. Upgrade with the latest keywords

Start updating your old blog posts with very recent keywords. Because your old blog posts are targeted with old keywords and skip the latest searches. So, start inserting the latest keywords instead of old keywords.

For example, Your old travel blog about “Best Hotels In Cheap Price” was posted in 2018 and you were ranked in the top SERP because of this keyword for that year.

But now in 2020, your ranking has dropped as people are searching for the keyword “Best Cheap Hotels”.

So, You need to conduct keyword research to find out the latest keywords that are searched by people in 2020.

After conducting the keyword research do not forget to insert the keyword into the entire post. So that the search engine can crawl your post quickly and rank your post again.

SEMRush is the best tool for Keyword Research. You can spy on your best competitors and check out exactly which keywords they are ranking on the top by using this amazing SEO tool.

Grab their 14-day free trial to find the most profitable keywords for your blog or business website.

3. Update the meta tag of each post

If you do not update your meta tag from time to time at least once a year, your post will be considered as old in the search engine and you will lose ranking.

So you have to update your meta tags including H1 tags, anchor texts, and meta descriptions.

The most important thing to remember: Never ever try to change the title or modify the post URL of your old blog posts. If you do this change, you are going to face 404 errors and you will definitely lose ranking.

Google bot crawler loves to crawl the contents more easily when it has been internally linked with a particular blog post with another one of your websites.

If you link one blog post with another internally within your site, the crawler will identify and crawl the updated version of the blog posts.

It will scan for black hat SEO techniques, if there is no updated version then the crawler will rank your post generally.

Always try to interlink the blog posts with the related topic. If you are talking about web hosting in a blog post and you have included Affiliate marketing tips or SEO tips, this will not have any good impact on the ranking.

So, only interlink the related content. You can use Link Whisper to make your interlinking process automatic.

5. Add recent pieces of information

Because of new technological advancements and new updates people will consider your old blog post as the old version.

They won’t take any advice if your blog posts are not updated with the latest information. As a result, you will lose your site authority. People will lose faith in your site.

Google also loves the content that is updated. Don’t forget to make your blog posts over 1000 words while you are thinking of updating them.

It will help you to rank higher in SERPs and increase traffic to old blog posts. You can use Surfer SEO which will help you optimize your content by comparing more than 500+ SEO ranking factors.

6. Don’t forget to read the preview

You have done adding new keywords, updating meta tags, fresh interlocking, and adding the latest information. Now it’s time to have a look from the first.

You need to find out if every task is completed perfectly or not. When you will start proofreading, you will be able to find out if there are any grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

I suggest using Grammarly to find out the grammatical mistakes and plagiarism issues. This amazing tool has made it insanely easy to write error and plagiarism-free content.

Make proofreading a habit, it will help you to get new ideas to make your post a great piece of content.

You will be able to know what you should add or remove from your post once you start proofreading.

7. Disallow spammy comments

FacileWay has published a post on “how to increase traffic to old blog posts.” But someone has commented on this blog post related to something that is irrelevant like “how to become taller in six days.” Definitely, this is a spammy comment.

The first thing is to don’t be late to delete this kinda comment without thinking twice.

These kinda comments confused both the visitors and the crawlers. If your site does not have any spammy comments then it’s totally fine.

8. Use guest posts as another weapon

Link building is the most critical off-page SEO strategy and Guest Posting is the most important part of this strategy.

When you are thinking of writing guest posts for another site, don’t forget to add one or two updated old posts to that post. This will increase traffic to old blog posts.

9. Convert in videos

Converting your old blog posts into videos will be a great idea. According to statistics almost four billion videos are watched on the internet every single day and deliver almost 60% traffic and going to increase the percentage to eighty-one by 2021.

10. Increase social shares

Social media is playing a giant role on the internet. There are more than three billion social media surfers on the internet.

Just think, if you can reach just half of them? Your old blog post would be able to increase traffic to old blog posts insanely.

I can suggest an amazing tool that will crazily increase your social share and increase traffic to old blog posts.

Yes! I am talking about MissingLettr.

This amazing tool will detect your new blog post automatically make a campaign for it and will publish schedules one after another without giving you any stress.

The amazing thing about this tool is it automatically shares the old blog posts on social media which will crazily increase traffic to old blog posts.


11. Start sending newsletters

Sending newsletters is the best way to increase traffic to old blog posts. You have subscribers because they love to read your article. They expect you will send the necessary pieces of information to them.

Subscribing to your newsletter means they are giving you permission to send them a newsletter. They want to know the al updated information from your blog.

So, don’t think twice about sending a newsletter when you are publishing a new post or updating an old blog post.

It won’t be a good idea to just send them the old blog posts. Try to send them a mixed newsletter of news or updates.

I suggest you use GetResponse as your Email marketing tool.

With this amazing tool, you will be able to send a good-looking email that will increase traffic to old blog posts and increase conversions.

You can generate leads by converting landing pages. GetResponse made it easy to build a complete marketing campaign with its awesome ready-made funnels.

12. Insert a Pinterest-friendly image

Pinterest is a great source of huge traffic. You will have no idea how much traffic you may get from Pinterest. Don’t forget to add Pinterest-friendly images to your blog.

It will insanely increase social share and increase traffic to old blog posts.

Pin this post to read later.

How To Increase Traffic To Old Blog Posts
How To Increase Traffic To Old Blog Posts

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Add a popular posts section in your sidebar. Add your old blog posts in that section. This idea will work and definitely increase traffic to old blog posts.

You can mix up the content two to three times a week so that your readers get fresh old content regularly.

I didn’t add any popular posts section doesn’t mean you should not add the section.

This step will have a great impact on increasing traffic to old blog posts for sure.

You can add value to your old blog posts by adding external links. If you are linking and featuring someone on your blog posts, let them know that you have mentioned them in one of your popular blog posts on your blog.

They would love to appreciate that a link exchange or sharing your post on social media will increase traffic to old blog posts.

15. Add subsection

You can add the FAQ section for ranking on the “People May Ask” section. If you add the Frequently Asked Question series there is a possibility of ranking in this section that will help you to increase traffic to old blog posts.


You might have some ideas from Google’s related search section. These are the search results that appear in Google’s search results when you are searching for a certain keyword.

Increse traffic to old blog posts

Wrapping up

It is high time to start updating your old blog posts to increase traffic to old blog posts. It is a kinda hard task as it will take a lot of your time. Think like you have no second option.

Work like there is no tomorrow. Today is your deadline. You have to finish your work today.

If you loved this post, please feel free to share it with your friends through social media. I hope, wasting your valuable time with me won’t go in vain.

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