How To Make Money Vlogging

How To Make Money Vlogging in 2020

Most of us watch videos on youtube or any other platform only for just entertainment purposes. right? But make money by vlogging online.

The awesome thing to make money by vlogging or making videos is anyone can do it. There are tons of mobile apps that made vlogging insanely easy.

What is a Vlog?

Vlogging is the shorten form of video blogging which features video content. That means Vlogging is the content that contains videos in spite of written content.

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How to become a vlogger and make money vlogging

Youtube is the most popular and highest paying vlogging platform right now. Here in every second, more than 70k videos are watched by the audience.

So to become successful and make money vlogging, here you have to meet the following characteristics-

Create great content

You are thinking what is a great content right? and how to make great content ! is it possible actually to create great content by you?

These questions are bothering you right now, I know. Let’s simplifies the point.

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It a great content that is entertaining and informative. Your audience must watch your video, enjoy your video, have to learn something from your video and come back again to your videos.

If you are an iPhone user, You can try iMovie as a video editing tool.

Either your videos have to be informative or entertaining. Once you are successful to solve the audience problem by your informative content, be sure he will come back.

If you are entertaining your audience, you can go viral overnight and can achieve the result you had never thought.

So, for doing all of these, You will need this minimum following equipment.


The most important thing you will need rather than having heavy equipment is consistency. Million-dollar worth vlogger is successful today because of its consistency.

They started from zero with zero subscription and zero views. So if you are committed to being consistent. you should buy the above equipment and go for it.

Simply, You need to invest more time than money. Only one video can change your life overnight.

Branding yourself

Branding Yourself will have a great impact on your Vlog. Design your thumbnail with your

Chanel logo that will bring you Brandibility. If you are not good at designing a logo for your channel.

You can try Fiverr. By expensing only $5 you can have your desired design for your channel.

Branding yourself will help you to remind your audience that you gave them an awesome video before.

So they will view your video again to watch another awesome content of you.

Expertise yourself with Youtube Technical side

Youtube changes its rules and regulation regularly. You have to be aware of them. You have to keep yourself up to date with the changing rules and regulations.

Learn Search Engine Optimization for youtube. You will get thousands of videos on Youtube on SEO for Youtube. So don’t worry! You have every solution on youtube itself.

How to make money vlogging

There are tons of methods to make money vlogging. I will try to explain some of the basic methods you can earn money from youtube/vlog.

If you are looking for a quick answer, You can earn money by showing ads on your videos.

Let’s check the elaborations-

Make money vlogging by showing ads

According to Youtube to be able to earn money through showing ads within your videos you have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in just one year. Youtube turns their old rules to this one to reduced fake videos.

Affiliate marketing

You can earn a huge amount of money by selling other products on your vlog. If you can convince someone to buy the product, you will get a commission with no extra cost to your customers.

Your commission will depend on the affiliate program you are using. It may be varied to 1% to 200%

Most of the YouTubers have no idea about the affiliate program on the vlog. All you need to do is giving an affiliate link in your description and convince the buyer to buy the products.

For Example, You are creating a video. The viewers love your video quality.

You can give the affiliate link of the equipment that was used to make the video. Maybe the viewer would love to try your tools for them and you will earn some extra bucks.

To make you more clear, suppose you have bought your camera from amazon. Just give an affiliate link of the camera in your description.

And you will see the magic! You will notice the viewers are visiting through the affiliate link.

You will get a minimum of 6% commission if anyone buys anything through the link. that’s it!

Reviewing products

When you will become a brand, many small or big companies will offer you to review their products. They pay a good amount of money if you review their products.

For getting that importance you have to create a brand that has fame. Marques is one of the highest paying product reviewers.

Selling your own products

Once you have built a brand. You can easily sell your own product on youtube. There are many vloggers who earn a huge amount of money by selling their own products.

Once the audience will start trusting your words, you will have blast if you build your own online shop. Logan Paul is the best example of that.

How to get paid from Youtube

So, now you have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours watch time. and google monetization is enabled and you had started earning.

To get paid from youtube, you will need to pass the minimum payment threshold.

It’s not a big deal! All you need to wait until your $100. After reaching thesold you can get paid.

You can try to get paid by checks. electronic fund transfer, wire transfer, western union quick cash. You will get the payment according to your country’s laws.

Wrapping up

You should Vlogging only when you are confident enough to give a speech in front of the cameras. Like blogging, vlogging will also need consistency, dept content, and passion.

If you are good enough in written and speaking, you should try both blogging and vlogging.

All you need to do is write the content into a website that you are going to speak in your vlog. That will give you a double boost in earning in both ways.

Your videos will drive traffic to the blog, and the blog will drive traffic to vlog. Isn’t it awesome? Every successful blogger is doing them both nowadays.

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That’s all!

You loved this post I guess, If so please share with your friends and let them how to make money vlogging. Thanks for wasting your time with me.

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