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How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme [Do’s & Don’ts]

Do you wanna know how to choose a perfect WordPress theme?

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Choosing a theme for your website is a very crucial task. It’s the most important thing you should keep in consideration before starting your blog.

Suppose, you wanna start an online store, and you require a responsive theme that is compatible with WooCommerce. Before choosing a theme, you have to ensure some other factors besides the responsiveness of the theme.

A responsive theme plays a vital role in SEO and conversions. The pro bloggers and affiliate marketers recommend fixing the theme you wanna buy, before selecting a web hosting.

Most newbie bloggers including me, install a free WordPress theme then a few months later they come to know this theme is not a perfect suit for them and jump for another theme.

After trying the next theme, they realize this is not also a good theme for their website or blog. Slowly it becomes frustrating for WordPress users and this is a huge waste of time.

Will you just keep trying different kinds of themes or spend your valuable time building your website, driving traffic, and generating leads from it?

how to choose a perfect WordPress theme

I am sure you don’t want to waste your time just changing themes one after another. Fortunately, there are some extremely useful ways that can minimize these kinds of risks and help you choose a perfect WordPress theme for your blog or website in just an hour or less.

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How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme in 2024

Not all WordPress themes can serve you the best. If you choose a WordPress theme that is not compatible with your business, you can ruin your business. So it’s important to know how to choose a perfect WordPress theme.

Let’s discuss some important factors that you need to keep in your considerations while choosing a WordPress theme.

1. Choose a Lightweight WordPress Theme

A theme is like the foundation of your site. If the foundations are not good, your users are not going to experience something good. It can affect your site’s performance and page load times.

Your user experience to SEO to conversions rate totally depends on your site speed and your site speed depends on a lightweight WordPress theme. So, it’s very crucial to choose a perfect WordPress theme that is lightweight.

2. Check Theme Responsiveness

Mobile traffic is more than 50% of the total internet traffic and the number is increasing. A Responsive WordPress theme means having the ability to adapt based on the user’s device.

No matter (mobile. tablets and desktop) which device your users are using, the website will load faster and adapt to the device’s shape. You will be able to ensure quality surfing on your website if your theme is mobile-responsive.

choose a perfect WordPress theme

But you have to be picky. Go with a theme that is recommended by the experts. [Astra or GeneratePress]. Because just your theme is responsive doesn’t mean that implements the responsive design.

You can check a theme’s responsive design easily. I have recommended these two because they’re checked and used by thousands and have very good reviews. You can check it on your own. open a demo site on your smartphone and play around with your theme.

Two things you should check in the responsive theme-

  • Navigations: Some WordPress themes have very slick navigation menus on mobile and that is hard to use.
  • Blog post: Some themes don’t even show a blog post title above the fold on a mobile device. That can be awkward for your visitors as they have to swipe down to see what the blog post is about actually.

Make sure, your users will have an amazing experience not just an OK experience with your WordPress theme. So, it’s important to choose a perfect WordPress theme that is really fast and responsive.

3. Check Customer Support

No matter which theme you have chosen, you will need support from their customer support team. Make sure your theme provider is easy to reach whenever you need their support.

The premium theme offers 12 months of customer support and updates. You can renew their premium plan and continue receiving your customer support.

Choose a perfect WordPress theme

With a free theme, the developer offers support via the forum. GP offers free support while other theme doesn’t offer any support to the free customers. You can find the support via the WordPress theme directory forum:

Choose a perfect WordPress theme.

So choose a perfect WordPress theme for your blog that is always there whether it’s a free or premium customer.

4. Check Customer Reviews

Reviews are the perfect way that help you to make the right decision. It’s quite easy to find reviews on any WordPress theme on the WordPress theme forum.

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme, you can check You can check also all the written text reviews by clicking on “See All”.

Check Customer Reviews

5. Check The Last Update Date

WordPress is updating its CMS regularly. If you want your theme compatible with the latest core change of your WordPress, you have to make sure your theme is always up-to-date. So choose a perfect WordPress theme that is always updated by its developers.

Choose a perfect WordPress theme for your website

6. Customization

There is no theme whose default layout will be the exact match you want. So, you need to find out a theme that is highly customizable.

Of course, with most of the WordPress theme customization options, there are only a few WordPress themes that are leading the industry.

If you do not choose a perfect WordPress theme, your site may become slower. So choose a theme that offers a customizer demo to test if the theme is suitable for your website and you can easily integrate with a page builder like Elementor.

7. Plugin Support

Plugins are the key tools that help to increase the site’s functionality. So, it’s very crucial to choose a perfect WordPress theme that is highly compatible with installing plugins.

This will help you to easily add social sharing options, contact forms, and advanced SEO optimization kits to write highly SEO optimized articles.

Plugins make the site heavier. So it’s recommended to choose a perfect WordPress theme that can consume heavy plugins easily and keep the site fast. Site speed is the most important on-page SEO optimization fact, you should keep in mind.

8. SEO Friendliness

A theme can play a vital role in optimizing your WordPress site for search engines. If you choose a theme with messy code, the bots will consider your site as a low-quality website that will hurt your website’s ranking.

9. Theme Performance

Faster websites rank faster in the Google search engine. Fast web surfing has a very close relationship with SEO. Speed optimization is a very crucial part of the search engine optimization technique.

As you internet users are very impatient. If they face any slow experience on your site, they are not gonna visit your site again. The website that is neglected by the visitors is regulated by Google itself.

The average website speed should be under three seconds. There are many web hosting providers like WPX hosting and Kinsta that offer a great site speed of loading a website within 1 second. Besides web hosting a lightweight theme also plays a vital role in making your site faster.

So choose a perfect WordPress theme that will give a hand to your web hosting to make your site faster.

The most recommended themes by experts are:

10. Don’t Get Confused Between Free Vs. Premium WordPress Themes

It’s been said on many websites that premium themes are better than free themes. Actually, there is no issue like that. Free WordPress themes are also clean code if you can choose the perfect one.

The premium themes come with some extra features that are not available on the free WordPress themes.

If you are OKAY with the free version, it’s okay not to be with that! Choose a perfect WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for your website and go with that!

Final Words: How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme

Choosing a perfect WordPress theme can be a techy job. Anyone can make a custom theme and make your website very appealing.

But it’s harder to keep the website SEO optimized and lightweight that won’t hamper the site speed.

If you can choose a good WordPress theme, you can make your site both appealing and SEO optimized which is loved by readers as well as the search engines.

If search engines love your website, you are gonna gain a lot of traffic, and a lot of traffic means a lot of conversions. So this is very crucial to select the perfect WordPress theme.

If you follow the guide step by step you can choose a perfect WordPress theme for your website easily.

I hope now you know how to choose a perfect WordPress theme and what things you should keep in your consideration.

If you love this post, please share it with your friends and let them know how to choose a perfect WordPress theme for their website.

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