Are you looking for Gator Website Builder to give your site a great look?

You are welcome! Here I have tried to cover everything you need to know about Gator.

HostGator is best for its simple and cheap shared hosting. HostGator brand is owned by Endurance International Group who also owns BluehostJusthost, and iPage among others.

If you are looking for a premium website builder, Elementor Pro is the most recommended one!

Gator Website Builder – Create A Custom Website

Gator website builder was created for anyone who has an idea for a website and wants a frustration-free
the solution to build and launch a website with ease. 

In addition, Gator comes with some of the basics you need, such as included website hosting, security basics like an SSL certificate, and a free domain name.

WordPress can still be a pain if you’re brand new to web development of any kind, and if you just need a simple site, it may be overkill.

That’s one of the main reasons that HostGator finally created its own site builder, called GATOR.

Key points to highlight:

If you purchase the Gator Website Builder you will get the following bonuses absolutely free.

  • Free hosting
  • Domain name included
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloud hosting included in the all-in-one purchase price
  • Blogging option included with all plans Frustration-free drag-and-drop editor
  • No Ads!

How To Get Gator Website Builder

You can easily get the Gator Website Builder following through the steps:

Step one: Choose a plan

Go to this special link of the Gator Website Builder. This link will take you to the Gator pricing policy option. Here you can choose the plan you will need to create your custom website.


The starter plan offers many freebies that are perfect for creating any customized website.

You will get a free domain, free hosting, free SSL certificate, and 200 plus a frustration-free professional drop and drag templates.

Step Two: Choose a domain

Gator will allow you to connect your existing domain if you have one. You can simply connect your existing domain by clicking ”connect it here” button

Gator Website Builder
Gator Website Builder

If you don’t have a domain, you can register for a new one. Just search for your preferred domain. You will get it for free if available online.

Final Step: Choose a Template

Gator has more than 200 professional designed templated for free. These templates are fully customizable. You can easily anything you want according to your need.

This mobile-friendly custom template will give an amazing website look experience. Just choose any template and start editing as your requirement.

Why You Should Try Gator Website Builder

Gator is the only website builder that offers tons of useful tools for free while other website builder costs more money than this.

We will try to more elaborate on this by exploring the following points:

User friendly

Gator is extremely user friendly. Any newbie can afford their plan and this is the best builder at a cheap price.

If you are thinking of giving your site a beautiful look, Gator will be the perfect solution for you. Because it not only ensures great design.

But also you will get everything to design your site. Like a free domain, free hosting, and a free SSL certificate.

Resourceful Templates

There are more than 200+ templates on Gator Website Builder. You can play with them the way you want by using Gator Drop and Drag options.

Though the templates look simple but perfect for creating a great presence online like blogs.

Unlimited Bandwith & Storage

Gator offers brilliant features for their customers. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage with free hosting on any Gator Website Builder plan.

Social Media Integration

You can add embed content from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on your site. This will improve continuously your social buttons, image gallery and live feed by connecting everything of your online presence on social media.

E-commerce option

Gator is not just for basic websites. It offers an eCommerce option also through what you can sell products, process payments, and track all the data using analytics suite.

Reasonable Pricing Policy

Gator website builder does not offer any free trial. But their pricing policy is so reasonable. If you will need a very little budget to have a great website with Gator.

Gator starter plan has the best value for your money. You will get everything you will need for your beautiful website.

Customer Support

Gator offers customer-friendly support with 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support.


Gator offers the drag & drop option that is developed by popular hosting brand Hostgator. This amazing website builders concentrate on low pricing and better user experience.

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Gator Website Builder Review

Author: Sayem Ibn Kashem

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We’d see HostGator’s website builder as a brilliant option for people with limited to no experience designing a website, and who need a simple DIY solution.