Free WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio

5 Best Free WordPress Author Box Plugins [2024 Edition]

You already know adding an author info box. Now it’s time to find out the best free WordPress Author Box Plugins to add author bio without any hassle.

You don’t need to google about it! I have figured out some amazing free WordPress author box plugins that are insanely simple and easy to understand.

So, if you wanna customize your blog posts/page with a beautiful author info box, stay tuned and read till the end.

Best Free WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio

I will give a quick tutorial before getting started. I will show you how WordPress handles user profiles from the WordPress dashboard.

You can edit your user info from the User>>Your Profile Page option. When you will give your user the access URL, they will see their profile in their WordPress admin bar.

Setup WordPress Plugin

You can add here your profile information as an admin, subscriber, contributor, and so on!

Note: If you need a quick suggestion, install “Simple Author Box”. If you are using Elementor Pro, You don’t need any of these plugins. You can easily create using Elementor.

Now let’s see what are some best Free WordPress Author Box Plugins-

1. Simple Author Box

Free WordPress Author Box

The simple author box is my favorite. I am using this plugin on FacilWay. This plugin is as simple as its name.

You can easily add an author bio box to your WordPress posts using this tool. You can add social profiles, Websites, and detailed information about yourself using this plugin.

2. WP Post Author

WordPress author box

WP Post Author is another amazing free WordPress author box plugin. You can add author information with custom settings to your WordPress site.

This tool also offers a widget and shortcode that you can use in every single WordPress post and page. You can also do custom styling through the CSS box.

3. Author Bio Box

free WordPress author box

Author Bio Box is an extremely easy and awesome free WordPress author bio box. You can design your author box with color and styling options. You can take the decision to display your author bio box in only posts, the home pages, and none.

4. About the Author

About Author Plugin

You have to create a shortcode first to add includes your desired template style and information. Now you will need to configure your author setting and select the template you have created to add your author bio section.

5. Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget helps to display the author bio inside a WordPress widget. You can do anything you need to do to make your Author widget appealing. You will get a flexible display option.

This plugin only will help you to add author info on your sidebar. If you need to show your author info within your posts and pages, it will be a good idea to install both plugins. (Meks smart author widget with any other above-mentioned plugin. )

If you are using Elementor Pro, you don’t need to add any extra WordPress plugin to add an author bio.

Elementor Pro is a premium tool that will help you to customize your site with a beautiful look. You can do anything you want to make your site look beautiful.

Affiliate Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, If you make any purchase, I may receive a small commission without any extra cost to you. The maximum links of these content don’t contain any affiliate links.

Final Words

The author info box gives your blog a more professional appearance. All of the above-mentioned author bio boxes are free to use. You can give your site a beautiful look by grabbing any of those plugins.

If you are using Elementor Pro, then skip those plugins. You can easily create your author info box using this site builder.

Besides giving your site and your article a beautiful custom look, the author info box has its SEO value. If you can optimize the author bio for SEO. You can enjoy a great positive impact on your author info box.

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  1. Sayem,

    Adding the author box to any piece of writing is highly critical. Majority of the writers use such author bio box to build trust, personalize and tweak readers to interact with them. Your article about WordPress author box plug-in will be more helpful.

  2. Hello Sayem Ibn Kashem,
    All plugins are awesome but from my point of view, WP Post Author is just awesome, Because of its simplicity.
    Thanks for sharing a nice collection.

    Mohit Bhargav

  3. Hey Sayem,

    Great list of author box plugins dude. A great read indeed!

    I don’t use any plugin for adding author box as I am using kadence theme which comes with an author box section even in the free version


    1. Nowadays almost every premium WordPress theme comes with an author bio box. This is a list of the bloggers who are using free WordPress themes with no author bio box. Anyways, thanks for your valuable addition.

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