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Elegant Divi Theme Review 2020 –Is It Worth For Joining?

Elegant Divi Themes have been in operation for eight years, and have served over 500,000 customers to date. In the process, they’ve grown to a workforce of more than 50 employees working in several countries — a far cry from their humble beginnings working out of founder Nick Roach’s college apartment. Here we will try to review the Divi theme.

What Is Divi?

Divi is the flagship creation of Elegant Themes. It’s what’s commonly referred to as a mega theme. In other words, it’s much like a standard WordPress theme, but better, and bigger and………… a lot bigger.

  Elegant Divi Theme Review 

Let’s check the facilities that Divi offers:

    1. Divi is a completely functional WordPress theme that works straight out of the box. It doesn’t need any particular installation procedure beyond what you’d need to do with any other WordPress theme.
    2. It doesn’t require you to have any WordPress coding experience or website building skills. For the most part, every customization is available via a handy user interface.
  1. You can do most of your customizing right on the front end. Meaning that instead of having to wonder what your modifications are going to look like on the live site, you get a real-time preview as you’re doing your customizations.
  2. It lets you build virtually any type of design or layout imaginable, while still using the same theme.

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I want to give you a more comprehensive list here, just so you can realize how many features Divi really packs:

  1. It allows you to design/build your site in real time. There’s a live preview of everything you’re doing. There’s no need to fill out a form on some settings page, click ‘Save’ and then refresh the page to see if the effect is okay. Divi does away with all that.
  2. Everything you see on the page is customizable.
  3. Text editing is done in a click-to-type manner — basically, it works just like an MS Word document.
  4. The layouts are all mobile responsive.
  5. You get to use multiple rows, columns and content elements.
  6. Divi comes with more than 20 pre-made layouts out of the box.
  7. You can save your layouts and export/import them to use on other sites.
  8. You can save your own global elements, which is handy if you have something you’d like to use multiple times throughout the site.
  9. Nearly everything works through drag and drop.

Last, but not least, the library of content elements available is really impressive:

Divi also comes translated into 32 languages — with right-to-left languages included.

Pricing and Verdict

The Divi theme is a premium product, but the pricing model is an original one in the WordPress space. Basically, instead of paying for the theme itself, you buy access to Elegant Themes’ whole catalog of themes and plugins.

Luckily, this doesn’t turn out to be that pricey. Currently, the membership comes in two flavors:

For that price, you get access not only to Divi but also to all of the other themes and plugins of Elegant Themes.

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Overall, I’d say Divi is a great choice for WordPress. If you’re not a coder, but you’d like to be able to customize everything on your own and through a clear user interface then Divi is worth checking out.

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Divi WordPress Theme

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