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11 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram Worth Trying Now!

Are you looking for the best photo editing apps for Instagram? You are at the right place!

Instagram is more than just a platform for showcasing photographs and images. If done correctly, there are endless advantages to utilizing this social media network as a marketing tool for business.

In fact, Instagram gives marketers huge amounts of useful features.

However, at times you need some additional assistance to take your Instagram game to the next level. For that, you need some extra apps for Instagram to edit photos.

There are a lot of Instagram photo editors out there and In this blog, we have listed some of the best photo editing Instagram apps for Instagram that you can use.

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

The best photo editing apps for Instagram can help edit, alter, resize, add filters, and do other stuff to your photos and images.


Best Photo Editing Apps For Instagram

Available for Android and iOS

VSCO is one of the first and most well-known photo editing apps out there. In fact, this photo editing app is so famous that over 200 million posts on Instagram highlight the #VSCO hashtag in the Instagram feed.

There are 10 preset filters available for free that make your photos seem like they were caught on film even if you used your smartphone camera.

There are additionally several photo editing tools accessible to help improve your photograph quality such as contrast, saturation, grain, crop, skew, and other similar tools.

You can become a paid member of VSCO if you want access to over 200 preset filters along with advanced editing tools.

2. Snapseed

photo editing apps for Instagram

Available for Android and iOS

Snapseed is quite a powerful photo editing app for Instagram, coming from the house of Google itself. With this tool, you can edit not only JPG but also RAW files which makes it a useful asset for professional photographers.

Apart from utilizing its presets for filters, you can perform serious top-level photo editing in this photo editing app.

There are 29 tools available, enabling you to edit photographs by eliminating elements (or even individuals) from the photograph, changing the geometry of structures, and using curves to control the photo’s brightness among other things.

In short, you can improve your pictures with inconceivable precision. That makes this one of the best photo editing apps for Instagram.

3. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe lightroom photo editor for Instagram

Available for Android and iOS

Of course, we cannot talk about photo editing without mentioning Adobe. Adobe has brought its powerful Lightroom app into the world of mobile, giving Instagram enthusiasts access to some powerful editing abilities.

Easily edit RAW images utilizing the application’s comprehensive editing tools and raise photos to a professional-grade quality by changing their tint, exposure, saturation, shadows and the sky is the limit from there.

You can use its preset filters if you want. You can also find inspiration from the edits of other Lightroom users through its Discover section.

Design and Layout

These applications help in adding elements such as graphics, illustrations, and collages.

4. Layout from Instagram

Layoout from Instagram photo editor

Available for Android and iOS

This app was made by the people behind Instagram so you can rest assured of getting excellent tools to up your Instagram game.

With this app, you can easily create collages, bringing together up to 9 photos of different combinations.

You can select photos from your device library or even shoot using the photo booth option built into the app. This photo-editing Instagram app is just amazing.

With Layout, it becomes easier to create various collage layouts, add filters and add other custom elements before sharing on Instagram even on the free version.

5. AppForType


Available for Android and iOS

If you love typography, you will love this app for Instagram. In fact, it is one of the best apps for Instagram when it comes to typography.

It does offer a range of designs, collage templates, and frames. You also get 60 choices of fonts to support the photos you take.

One of its more interesting features is that you can click a photo of your handwriting and then upload it into the app for use with your photos.

6. Grid and Square Maker

Available for Android

As the name suggests, this app can transform any photo into a grid collage for use on your Instagram. In other words, it equally splits the image you have chosen into multiple square images while ensuring a high resolution for each constituent image.

Used correctly, these images can really improve your Instagram game.

Grid and Square Maker can also transform your photos into evocative panoramic images. It can even crop your photos into the perfect square so as to fit the format preferred by Instagram.

Video Tools Apps for Instagram

As the name suggests, video editing tools for Instagram help improve the videos that you post by adding elements, designs, and more.

7. Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang from Instagram

Available for Android and iOS

Another excellent app from the house of Instagram, Boomerang is one of the easiest video editing apps for Instagram available with the simplest premise.

With this app, you can create mini videos by pressing just one button after opening the app. That is all there is to it!

What Boomerang does is capture a burst of 10 photos. It then connects those photos together which creates a short video that loops around like a GIF. No other editing is necessary. That is why this is one of the best video tool apps for Instagram.

8. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Available for iOS

Another excellent app for Instagram is made by the same people who brought you the social network.

This free app helps in capturing high-quality time-lapse videos. In other words, this eliminates the need for cumbersome photography equipment usually necessary for time-lapse videos.

The app will stabilize the video you capture which means you can simply hold the phone while recording the video. Once done, you can simply share it on Instagram.

It is also possible to speed your video up to 12x at the original speed. This can create interesting effects. More importantly, it can help engage your audiences with your video content.

9. InShot — Video Editor

InShot Video Editor

Available for Android and iOS

InShotis easily one of the best apps for Instagram out there when it comes to video editing.

This is primarily mainly because the app is extremely comprehensive. You can do everything from trims, splits, and cuts to merges to cropping video clips.

It is easy to modify settings such as saturation and brightness. Moreover one of the key features of InShot is the ability to add music to your videos.

Analytics and Data Apps for Instagram

Analytics and data apps for Instagram help you monitor essential metrics such as audience engagement, content performance, and more.

10. Command for Instagram

Command for Instagram

Available for iOS

With Command, you get a wide range of unique metrics to play around with. It also provides the most important stats of your brand every day.

This app can also generate a comprehensive report card that grades every metric from the follower count to the post frequency.

You can also get caption and hashtag recommendations along with features like caption writing support.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Available for Android and iOS

As you may know, adding hashtags to your posts on Instagram is an excellent way to increase your audience engagement.

With this app for Instagram, you can support the hashtag strategy of your brand by helping you add some popular hashtags.

The app uses an algorithm to discover hashtags that are relevant and suitable for your brand.

It recommends a blend of popular and less-popular hashtags to ensure that you can reach a broader audience. That makes this one of the most useful analytics and data apps for Instagram.

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Final Words About Best Photo Editing Apps For Instagram

These are just some of the excellent apps for Instagram out there that you can use to uplift your Instagram marketing strategy.

To get the most out of Instagram, consider investing in a customized social media strategy for your brand with the help of the digital marketing experts at Cogito Software Solutions Limited.

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  1. Sudesh and Sayem, rocking post. I publish a few photos to IG daily. Save edits thru filters I do little with the pictures. Good to know I can use these apps to make images snazzier. Good job guys.


    1. Thank you so much, Ryan. Glad to know that this content helped you. Yeah, I notice that you use your travel photography everywhere. These tools will be helpful for editing your photos amazingly.

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