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Best Cloud Web Hosting Plan In 2022 [Upto 74% Discount]

Are you looking for the best cloud web hosting plan in 2021?

You are at the right place!

Do you want to know the straight answer? Then buy CloudWays without any doubt. If you are a blogger with a high-traffic site, CloudWays should be your first priority.

But except CloudWays, there are some other Cloud web hosting plans that are extremely popular and reliable. You can choose anyone according to your website needs and budget.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Plan In 2022

If you wanna know more about other alternative cloud web hosting services, I am gonna clear your other doubts also. You can pick any cloud web hosting plan mentioned here that is best suited for your website.

1. Dreamhost: Best Cloud Web Hosting For Developers



  • Starts at $4.50/month maximum 

  • 100 GB block storage 

  • Free SSD & Bandwith

  • Full root access and control

If you are looking for the easiest cloud web hosting setup out there, Dreamhost cloud hosting will be the perfect solution for you.

This cloud web hosting is the first choice for many developer projects. They offer different options that are suitable for databases, web apps, and running tests in website addition.

The only downside of Dreamhost cloud web hosting is their customer support. You can only reach them via email or live chat that is available for 16 hours daily. In that case, CloudWays is recommended!

They allow you to continue working with your existing DevOps tools. You will also get full root access for complete control on your cloud servers.

The most amazing opportunity you will get with Dreamhost is you can pay for what you actually use.

You won’t be charged for the extra size of the server. They will charge you an hourly basis according to the size of the server.

Let’s have a look-

  • 512MB RAM server-$0.0075/Hour (Highest $4.50/Month)
  • 2GB RAM server- $0.02/Hour (Highest $12/Month)
  • 8GB RAM server-$0.08/Hour (Highest $48/Month)

The 2GB RAM is recommended for any website. Dreamhost won’t cost you anything when you sign up. It will cost your monthly usage.

So, if you need any phone call support in the middle of the night, you have to wait for the next morning.

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2. CloudWays Cloud Web Hosting



cloud hosting service
  • Starts at $10/month 

  • Free site migration

  • Free SSL

  • Auto healing 

CloudWays lets you start your website without spending a single penny. They offer a web hosting free trial to their upcoming customers.

You can get a three days free trial without any credit card. Just create a username and password using a social medial platform like Github, Google, or LinkedIn, and start using the best cloud web hosting plan out there.

You can use FacilWay as a coupon code to get a 20% discount! This is a limited-time offer for FacileWay readers.

They are committed to serving 24/7/365 to their customers. CloudWays covers all the core performance needs with Nginx, Apache, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, Varnish Cache, PHP 7, PHP-FM, and Redis.

You will get single-click cloning, backup, restore, and integrated Git with more than 60 data centers all over the world.

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3. A2 Hosting Cloud Web Hosting Plans



Best cloud web hosting plan
  • Starts at $4.99/month 

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee

  • Moneyback guarantee 

  • Up to 20X faster turbo servers

A2 Hosting has the fastest and the best cloud web hosting plan out there. You can customize your plan according to your need.

A2 Hosting plan starts from $5-$10/Month. You can also pay for the server you have used. It totally depends on how you have configured your cloud server.

A2 hosting will cost you an extra $19.95/month if you want Cpanel with your server. Cause this is not available for the lowest tier pricing policy.

You will get 99.99% uptime with any time money-back guarantee with a2 hosting cloud server.

If you are looking for the best 24/7/365 expert customer support, A2 hosting will satisfy you fully 100%.

A2 hosting cloud plan is the perfect solution who is looking for unmanaged cloud hosting with the fastest page load speed.

4. Inmotion Cloud Web Hosting



Best cloud web hosting
  • Starts at $5/month 

  • 100% uptime guarantee

  • Moneyback guarantee 

  • 100% SSD server

Inmotion is getting popular nowadays because of its best cloud web hosting plan. They are a good choice for any kinda business like small, agency, applications, and enterprise-level business.

They are providing 10 different hosting plans and pricing tiers for cloud hosting. You can enjoy easy to understand dashboard with free auto backups, full snapshots of your servers. Other key features like a free SSL certificate and cPanel license are also available.

5. HostGator Cloud Web Hosting



best cloud web hosting plan
  • Starts at $4.95/month 

  • Faster

  • Great scabablity 

  • Resource management

HostGator has the most cost-effective and the best cloud web hosting plan out there. They have become the most popular hosting because of their affordable pricing policy.

All cloud hosting plan of HostGator comes with a free SSL certificate. You will get a dedicated IP, free SEO tool, and a free domain with Business Plan.

HostGator is offering not only affordable cloud hosting solutions but also great quality hosting services.

You will get an amazing dashboard that is easy to understand and you can check your page speed, uptime, reach, and many more from there.

6. Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting



Hostinger cloud hosting plan
  • Starts at $9.99/Month

  • Monthly Pricing Option 

  • Free domain & SSL certificate

  • 300 website hosting

Hostinger offers quality service at competitive affordable prices. You can get their cloud hosting plan at $7.45/month if you sign up for an annual subscription.

You can enjoy a decent fast website speed and a 99.99% uptime guarantee at such a low price. Their hPanel dashboard is very beginner-friendly.

Even any newbie can get used to it without facing any trouble. Hostinger always offers the cheapest pricing policy for every kind of website.

7. Nexcess Cloud Web Hosting



Cloud web hosting plan
  • Starts at $15/month 

  • Auto scaling

  • CDN service 

  • Application optimization

  • Instant dev & site staging

Nexcess is the best cloud web hosting plan for the e-commerce site. This amazing hosting is brought to you by the best VPS hosting Liquid Web.

You can use popular CMS like Magento, WooCommerce, and WordPress hosting with Nexcess cloud web hosting solution.

According to your CMS, you can choose any plan from their variety of hosting plans. You will get dedicated customer support on call 24/7. They will solve any technical problem.

I have used WP Table Builder Pro to design these amazing templates.

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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a remote data storage solution. Just like you store your images and documents from your handsets or computer to cloud storage like Google Drive.

Cloud web hosting is a bit different from traditional web hosting. Cloud hosting is not connected to a single physical location. It is maintained across multiple virtual servers in the cloud.

Every server takes care of a specific set of tasks. If one server in the cloud gets down, the other server will take care of it.

Best cloud web hosting plan

You can see the above virtual presentation. There is an alternative server to a cloud web hosting plan. When one server is down, another one is taking the place and your site keeps running.

If you are handling a website with heavy-duty and don’t want any downtime. Go for a cloud web hosting plan. Choosing traditional hosting is like putting all the eggs in the same basket.

A Cloud web hosting plan will keep your site stable even if your site traffic increases, it will handle any issues.

On the other hand, cloud hosting is also easy to set up. It’s like another hosting setup on dedicated and shared hosting.

Who Is Cloud Hosting For?

A Cloud web hosting plan is a good solution for websites that are growing rapidly. Any business that has the possibility of quick growth should go for a cloud hosting plan.

Most cloud hosting plan has a flexible pricing policy. You can pay only for what you use.

Anyways, the cloud hosting plan is not needed for every business solution. If you are a starter with a light website, the shared hosting plan is enough for you.

If you are ready to grow your business with high traffic then consider trying for a cloud hosting plan. Any website that receives more than 50000 visitors per month should definitely go for a cloud hosting plan.

How to Find the Best Cloud Hosting Plan

Not every hosting providers offer you the best cloud hosting plan. The different hosting company comes with the different hosting solution.

When you are thinking of choosing cloud web hosting, there are some major factors you should consider. Let’s check what you should check before choosing the best cloud web hosting plan.

Scalable Resources Option

The first thing you have to make sure of is enough bandwidth, storage, and disc space. You have to know how much traffic your hosting need to absorb for that.

The newbie users get confused between these. Should they get the highest possible bandwidth or the lower one or upgrade once their traffic starts increasing?

Cloud hosting will remove all of their confusion. If you host your site on cloud hosting, you don’t need to think much about the exceeding bandwidth. If one server is out of order, there is always an alternative server to take care of it.

To find a cloud hosting plan that helps you to manage and configure your server resource in real-time. Look for a cloud hosting plan that lets you easily manage and configure your server resources in real-time.

Pricing Policy

You need to pay a monthly fixed rate for a traditional hosting plan. They will cost you a certain amount of money even if don’t use all of the resources on the server.

But Cloud web hosting charges only for the resources you are using. So I would love to recommend you hosting provider that gives you this opportunity to save your money.

It’s like eating food on a buffet. If the price of the package is $50 you can eat all the food. Or you have just eaten food worth $20. They won’t give back your $30. Traditional hosting plans like eating food on a buffet.

But what if you eat food worth $20 and get back another $30? It would be awesome I know. Cloud hosting plans are designed like that. You will be charged only for the resources you have used.

For example: If you have started a blog and promoted a blog post that has gone viral. Now you may start getting huge traffic. In that case, just simply upgrade your hosting plan. When the traffic gets back to normal just change your plan to the previous level.

In this period, you will be charged only for the resources you have used. You can check the following Dreamhost pricing structure to have an idea.

Best cloud hosting plan

As you noticed above, each hosting plan has a maximum monthly rate. But you will be charged only for your usages. So consider this factor before you choose the best cloud web hosting plan.

Page Speed & Performance

It doesn’t matter how awesome features your hosting providers provide if the performance is not up to the mark. Uptime rates, site speed, and performance should be first priority while choosing a hosting plan.

In this fact, Cloud hosting plan is the perfect solution for you. It won’t make your site down and you can experience a blazing fast hosting experience as there is always an alternative server for you.

Cloud hosting does not keep all the eggs in the same basket. If your websites wanna tons of resources like videos, images, and other media content smoothly, cloud hosting should be your first priority.

So, choose a cloud hosting plan that ensures the fastest loading times with a great user experience. Because your readers don’t care what kinda hosting you are using. They love to surf on fast-loading site that is responsive and load quickly.

Website Security

It doesn’t matter which hosting plan you have chosen. If the security bridge is weak, your business is gonna fall for sure.

If you have chosen the best cloud hosting plan, you can feel safe. Because the website you have hosted on a cloud server is isolated from any kinda security threat.

Everything on the cloud hosting server is maintained remotely and doesn’t rely on a singular physical server. There is always an alternative server option that will save your sites from any kinda potential threats.

On the other hand, if a local server is compromised, your whole site might be at risk. But if you have hosted on cloud hosting, you may feel safe.

Because when one server is hacked, failed, or has a system error, there is another to stay you up and running without any downtime or delays. So look for web hosting that offers extra security protection with your cloud hosting plan.

Benefits Of Cloud Web Hosting

When you are thinking of hosting your first website, there must be a lot of questions in your mind. Like should I try for free web hosting or a premium one? Should I go for shared hosting or cloud hosting or dedicated hosting?

I know I have cleared all of your doubts in this post. Now let me clarify some benefits of cloud web hosting.

Let’s drive in-

Greater Performance

As cloud hosting is not computed on a single server, it provides great performance to its user. It has more flexibility and better performance than any other hosting plan.


It seems that cloud hosting is costlier than any other hosting plan. When you start considering the features it provides, it will seem reasonable for you. You have to pay only for the resources you have used.

Awesome Stability

Cloud hosting has awesome stability. Data in the cloud server is secure enough. If any of the servers fails, it immediately recovers the data.

Blazing Fast Page Load Speed

The low-density server helps to boost the site speed with varnish. The varnish is a web simulator that allows websites to absorb high traffic while loading your website super fast.

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Affiliate Disclosure: This content used affiliate links. That means I will earn a small commission without any extra cost to you if you buy using any of these affiliate links.

FAQs About Cloud Web Hosting

1. What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a combination of power and reliability of VPS hosting with the simplicity of shared hosting that can absorb high traffic without facing any downtime.

2. What are the main advantages of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is easy to use. It’s fully managed. The alternative servers won’t let your site get down.

3. Can I upgrade from shared hosting to Cloud Hosting?

Yes! You can upgrade from shared hosting to cloud hosting when you think you need to increase your hosting functionality.

4. How many websites can I host with a Cloud Hosting package?

You can host as many websites as you want on your Cloud hosting. But cloud hosting has limits according to the hosting plan. But you can increase the limit by upgrading it.

5. What is the best cloud hosting service?

Dreamhost is the best cloud hosting service.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Plan In 2022 Once More

If your website is growing fast, choose the best cloud web hosting plan. It’s enough to start your website with shared hosting.

But when the needs increase, don’t hesitate to choose a cloud hosting plan. I hope now you know which one will be your perfect match.

Here is the recap of the best cloud web hosting plan for you:

  • Dreamhost: Best cloud web hosting for developers & bloggers
  • CloudWays: Best for every kinda websites
  • A2 Hosting: Best for overall features
  • HostGator: Unmetered storage
  • Inmotion: Blazing fast customer support.
  • Hostinger: In-budget cloud web hosting plan.
  • Nexcess: Best cloud web hosting for an e-commerce site.

I hope you have loved this content about the best cloud hosting plan. Please feel free to share with your friends and let them know about these amazing hosting plans.

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