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Top 5 Affordable WP Engine Alternatives In 2024

Are you looking for the most affordable WP Engine Alternatives?

You are at the right place!

WP Engine is a fantastic choice for WordPress hosting, though it is also quite expensive. They have recently raised the price of their plans, now starting at $30 per month.

Obviously, not everyone can afford to drop that kind of money on a hosting service, so they need to look elsewhere for more affordable WP Engine alternatives.

WordPress hosting is such a competitive field that a cheap price doesn’t always equate to a lower-quality service. While WP Engine is expensive, there are many alternatives that provide the same level of functionality and customer support.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five affordable WP Engine alternatives, and compare them to one another. Here is a handy table you can use to quickly see the results

ProvidersKinstaHostGatorDreamHostFlyWheelWPX Hosting
Starter Plans/Month$30$5.95$16.95$25$20.83
Storage10 GBUnlimited30GB10GB10GB
Monthly Visitors2500010000010000025000Unlimited
No. of Websites11115
Free DomainNoYesNoNoNo
WordPress SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Special Link VisitVisitVisitVisitVisit
Affordable WP Engine Alternatives Comparison

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The Good & Bad About WP Engine

Affordable WP Engine Alternatives
WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

First things first – WP Engine is a great WordPress host, and we don’t mean to imply otherwise. Their prices remain out of reach for many users (and the recent price hike only makes matters worse).

WP Engine’s customers, according to our most recent WordPress hosting survey, spend $184 per month on their services on average – that number alone makes our wallets whimper! 

The survey also revealed that 30% of respondents would love to move to WP Engine, but their deterrent is the high cost.

Moreover, WP Engine restricts the use of some plugins, which could create a problem if your favourite program is on the list.

Here are some of the many things that WP Engine does right:

  1. Support from WordPress experts around the clock
  2. Secure your site with solid security measures
  3. Loading times have been decreased by optimizing servers
  4. Customers have access to detailed site performance reports
  5. Site backups are performed daily

While WP Engine is a high-priced managed WordPress hosting service, I believe their service will be suitable for a number of WordPress users regardless of the high price.

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When to use WP Engine

If you are looking for a reliable platform that is both secure and robust to host your business or professional website, then WP Engine is the best choice for you. 

The service from WP Engine is probably overkill for small sites, so you might do better elsewhere if your budget is more limited.

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Top Recommendation



Top Rated

WPX Hosting 

  • World's fastest hosting for WordPress

  • Under 30 seconds quick support

  • Free email hosting unlike WP Engine

  • Free WPX Cloud CDN with each plan

  • They also allow domain registration 

    Allow 5 websites at economic prices



Runner Up


  • Entry plan support one domain

  • Google Cloud Data centers with SSDs

  • Intuitive MyKinsta dashboard

  • WP-CLI with SSH access

  • Entire SSD powered infrastructure

    Free SSL and CDN

  • 30-Days money back guarantee

    Free SSL and CDN

Top 5 Affordable WP Engine Alternatives

You already have some ideas about which are the best affordable WP Alternatives. Now I will discuss which web hosting can ensure you what kind of web hosting service and why this web hosting is considered the top affordable WP Engine Alternatives.

1. Kinsta: Affordable WP Engine Alternatives  

Affordable WP Engine Alternatives
Kinsta WordPress hosting

Kinsta is a popular managed WordPress host that recently slashed its prices. Our list of affordable WP Engine alternatives has expanded to include Kinsta, whose new plans start at just $30 per month.

There are many reasons why you should consider using Kinsta, starting with its customizable hosting dashboard, which lets you take advantage of functions such as automatic updates and one-click staging sites.

The dashboard of Kinsta does not contain all of the aspects of performance optimization.

The Google Cloud will host your site on the premium tier Google’s products are powered by Platform, the same infrastructure the company uses in its own operations. 

A number of other performance-orientated technologies are included as well, such as NGINX and server-level caching. 

Even better, Amazon Route 53 gives you a free premium DNS service, and KeyCDN provides a free CDN service.

Though the price of this hosting is pretty high, I have kept this hosting on the affordable WP Engine Alternative list for its amazing hosting service.

We recently surveyed Kinsta’s hosting performance and it received excellent feedback that made it one of the best affordable WP Engine alternatives. As follows:

  • With a 4.8/5 rating, they came out on top (WP Engine received a 4.4).
  • Among all hosts, it had the highest overall support rating at 4,9 as well as the best WP-specific support rating at 4.9
  • Highest reliability score matched by WP Engine at 4.8

Pricing: A monthly subscription starts at $30 and goes up into the hundreds, based on your needs.

Read more about Kinsta Pricing Plans.


  • An easy-to-use hosting dashboard.
  • You can quickly and easily set up staging sites for WordPress.
  • Backups and restores are automatically performed each day.
  • Google Cloud Platform premium tier is used.
  • You’ll receive a free SSL certificate, premium DNS service, and CDN.

When to use Kinsta:

The best alternative to WP Engine isn’t the cheapest, but it is more affordable than the cheapest plan of WP Engine. 

All these WP Engine alternatives are compared in terms of performance and user-friendliness.

As such, if performance and ease of use are of significance to you (instead of just cheap prices), then Kinsta is the option for you.

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2. HostGator: Cheapest WP Engine Alternatives  

Affordable WP Engine Alternatives

With over nine million domains and over 400,000 customers, HostGator is one of the most well-known hosting companies and one of the top affordable WP Engine alternatives.

They are a popular managed hosting for WordPress hosting providers due to their low prices, which start at as low as $5.95 per month for their WordPress Cloud Hosting Starter plan.

The results of our survey, however, showed HostGator’s scores to be average across the board, so it’s ultimately up to you whether or not their cheap packages make sense for your needs.

Pricing: $5.95, $7.95, $9.95 per month.

Features: Check the amazing features that are competing with other web hosting providers to become the most affordable WP Engine Alternatives.

  • Depending on which plan you choose, they claim that their most basic package can handle up to 100,000  visitors per month
  • Support is available 24 hours a day via phone, live chat, and email
  • The migration service is free
  • WordPress experts teach a tutorial session to beginners on the Standard and Business plans
  • Certificate shared for free
  • Service for free to distribute content via Content Delivery Network (CDN)

When To Use HostGator

HostGator is a great choice if you’re new to WordPress and would benefit from its simple panel, low pricing, and one-on-one tutorials.

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3. DreamHost: WP Engine Alternatives  

Affordable WP Engine Alternatives

One of the most well-known WordPress hosting companies is DreamHost. The company has been in business since 1996, and its customers are highly satisfied – 94% of respondents said they would renew their subscriptions.

I have added this web hosting to the affordable WP Engine alternatives because this web hosting has been recommended by WordPress for the last 15 years and has a good customer base with a positive response.

Providing customers with knowledgeable support is one of DreamHost’s most competitive features, as they are one of the fastest-loading providers.

It offers a managed WordPress hosting plan called DreamPress, which includes automatic software updates and robust security features typical of managed hosting plans.

Pricing: $16.95, $24.95, $71.95 per month.

Features: The key features that made it a top Affordable WP Engine Alternative.

  • Fast speeds are achieved by caching multiple layers to deal with traffic spikes
  • Plugins can be updated and multisite installations configured using the WP-CLI tool, which is pre-installed
  • One-click SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Support from a knowledgeable team around the clock

When To Use DreamHost:

Considering DreamHost is a solid choice if you are seeking a WordPress host that is committed to security and performance.

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4. FlyWheel: Not A Cheap Alternative 

Affordable WP Engine Alternatives
Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

Web designers and developers can get finely tuned and speed-optimized hosting from FlyWheel, one of the most recommended hosts. It was founded in 2012 by a few guys, now handling over 70k users and employing over 100 people.

In addition to WP CMS, web design, web development, and marketing, their experienced team can help you develop your infrastructure.

Dedicated WordPress hosting is the sole focus of the company, and it provides quality as well as blazingly fast web solutions for WordPress sites. That is a perfect and affordable WP Engine Alternative.

Pricing: Starts at $13 per month.


  • Staging sites are available on all plans
  • Free site migrations
  • Free CDN (content delivery network)
  • Auto-healing technology provides instant fixes
  • Nightly backups
  • Ability to white label  services
  • Blueprints, which package commonly used themes and plugins
  • Ability to close current sites
  • Speedy sites
  • Free malware clean-up
  • Collaboration tools
  • Designed for WordPress specifically

When you should use Flywheel?

Flywheel offers a solid managed hosting experience at an affordable price. Flywheel is not the cheapest option out there, but it is the most reliable one when it comes to service quality.

Flywheel is definitely a choice worth considering if you’re a WordPress user with a limited budget. Their tinny hosting plan is considered as one of the top Affordable WP Engine alternatives.

5. WPX Hosting: Most Affordable WP Engine Alternatives 

Affordable WP Engine Alternatives
WPX Managed WordPress Hosting

When it comes to rock-solid and robust managed hosting, WPX Hosting can deliver more than its competitors, but at a lower price. As a Web hosting provider, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line WordPress-optimized hosting services for all sized websites.

If you are looking for my recommendations, WPX is the most affordable WP Engine alternative.

The company is equipped with its own servers that can handle traffic surges. Since WPX maintains performance by not overloading servers with hundreds of customers, many companies adhere to the same policy.

If you’re a user who prefers an easy-to-use control panel and a clutter-free user interface, then WPXHosting is a great choice for you. You can set up things with a few clicks in their simple and minimalist control centre.

You can easily enable an SSL certificate by going to the required option and activating it.

They offer email account storage as well as WP Engine does. Almost all of the managed WordPress hosting services don’t allow branded email addresses. However, WPX’s SSL certificates are free.

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Pricing: Starts at $20.83 per month.

Features: These are the main features that have made this web hosting the most affordable WP Engine alternative.

  • 30-Second Average Live Chat Response
  • High-Speed Custom CDN With 26 Global Edge Locations
  • Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX
  • Unlimited SSLs 
  • Staging Areas
  • Email Hosting
  • Manual Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  •  Free Malware Scanning & Removal 
  • PHP 7. X 
  • 30 Day Money-Back 
  • 28-Day Automatic Backups
  • 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations 
  • The USA + the UK + Australian Hosting Locations

When To use WPX Hosting:

Using WPX Hosting is very easy since it provides a fast web host. WPX Hosting is a great choice for upgrading your website’s hosting provisions or for starting a new project.

With three pricing plans to choose from, starting a WordPress website has never been easier. People with existing WordPress websites hosted elsewhere will find the migration service useful.

However, if you are ready to upgrade, WPX Hosting is one of the more cost-effective choices, with prices starting at $24.99 per month, which includes hosting for up to five WordPress websites.

That made it the most Affordable WP Enginee alternative that costs only $5/month for each site.

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FAQs: Affordable WP Engine Alternatives

Let’s check some FAQs related to affordable WP Engine alternatives-

1. Who are WP Engine’s competitors?

Kinsta, HostGator, DreamHost, FlyWheel and WPX hosting are the most affordable WP Engine Alternatives.

2. How much does WP Engine cost?

The startup plan (1 site) includes 25K visits, 10GB storage, and 50GB bandwidth for $25 / month. For Growth (10 sites), the cost is $96 for 100K visits, 20GB storage, and 200GB bandwidth. For the Scale Plan, It costs $272 per site (30 sites), for 400K visits, 50GB storage, and 500GB bandwidth.

3. Who founded WP Engine?

Jason Cohen has more than 20 years of experience in business and software development and is CEO and CTO of WP Engine, where he develops and refines the company’s technology and product roadmap. With over $1 million in revenue from four technology startups, Jason is a serial entrepreneur.

4. Does WP Engine use cPanel?

There is no standard control panel provided by WP Engine since it only provides managed WordPress hosting. Rather than using a standard control panel, they use their own. Clean and intuitive, the interface is easy to navigate.

5. What servers does WP Engine use?

In terms of web server software, Apache and NGINX are the most popular choices. NGINX provides better performance for high-traffic websites even though they are similar in many ways. Its documentation is also more extensive than that of Apache.

6. Which is the most affordable WP Engine alternative?

WPX Hosting is the most affordable WP Engine alternative. You can host up to 5 websites on their starter plan only at $25/Month which means $5 per website.

7. What are the best WP Engine Alternatives?

Kinsta is the best WP Engine alternative. It costs pretty higher but comes with high-quality WordPress hosting services.

Conclusions: Affordable WP Engine Alternatives  

In the world of dedicated hosting for WordPress, WP Engine is one of the market leaders, but its service is expensive.

The good news is that WordPress users can still find plenty of Affordable WP Engine Alternatives that offer similar services.

Choosing a host depends on what features your website needs. Analyzing your competition is all that’s needed.

Which host is right for you? Let’s recap:

  1. Kinsta: provides a high level of performance at an affordable price. Compared to WP Engine, it’s not so much cheaper, but it’s more flexible While you could save a few dollars per month (according to our hosting survey), you can still host your site with the best WordPress host.
  2. DreamHost: For power users and beginners who don’t mind paying for their hosting annually. is also one of the few companies that openly recommend them.
  3. HostGator: Suitable for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive knowledge base.
  4. FlyWheel: For designers or websites with heavy loads. The tinny plan of this web hosting is the most affordable WP Engine Alternatives.
  5. WPX Hosting: WPX Hosting is a great choice if you are looking to upgrade web hosting for your website or to start a new project, This is hosting is the best affordable WP Engine Alternatives.

I hope now you know which hosting should choose. If you love this post, please share it with your friends and let your friends know who is using WP Engine and now looking for affordable WP Engine alternatives.

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